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More Stolen Valor

Here we go again. On Memorial Day I wrote a post about this subject — Stolen Valor: Ron the War Hero And now they are at it once more. If you are planning to attend this event, or know someone who is, please be aware that this is ONLY a “PR opportunity” for “safepointing” scientology […]

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Patron Meritorious
I always wondered about these events. I mean, just how many people came because they really wanted to as opposed to those who came because some pushy staff member "informed" them of this event. I wonder how many of those who were "regged" to attend came out of an exhausted sense of resignation and came because it was easier than arguing with the staffer or because they just didn't want to upset the OSA.

I remember once when a Guardian Office executive gave me a dirty look when told them I wasn't interested in joining the Guardian's Office. You would think I just told them I wanted a refund.