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Mott v. Narconon (re Scientology rehab network)


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Mott v. Narconon (re Scientology rehab network).

Mott v. Narconon: Complaint

Tony Ortega: Ryan Hamilton adds Colorado in new lawsuits against Scientology’s rehab network

Add Colorado to the states where Las Vegas attorney Ryan Hamilton has filed federal fraud lawsuits against Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon.

Two lawsuits were filed by Hamilton this week against Narconon Colorado, which operates a ‘Narconon Fresh Start’ facility in Fort Collins it calls A Life Worth Saving (pictured).

We count these as the sixth and seventh federal lawsuits that Hamilton has filed this year, and they are very much like the detailed legal complaints that have been filed against rehab centers in California and Nevada.

In May 2012, New York resident Bryan Mott was looking for help for his daughter, Nikki. He found a website that appeared to be an independent referral service for drug treatment, and called its 800-number. (Like so many others, he had no idea that the site was a front for Narconon itself.)

Mott got the usual Narconon spiel about high success rates and the efficacy of “detoxification” through sauna use. He was told that Nikki would receive individualized drug counseling and medical supervision. So he paid $33,000 and Nikki began the program.

After an initial medical check, Nikki never saw a medical professional again. And soon, the reality that nearly everything they’d been told was a lie became obvious.
Despite Fresh Start’s representations that Nikki would receive counseling, at no point did Narconon staff ever speak to Nikki about the specifics of her life or her drug use and its causes. In fact, no one at Fresh Start ever spoke to Nikki about her substance abuse at all.
As we know all too well from so many other Narconon lawsuits, what Nikki was actually subjected to instead of drug counseling was actually low-level Scientology training, and a sauna program with no scientific evidence of its ability to “detoxify” her. Hamilton includes key evidence from previous lawsuits against Scientology’s drug rehab program, including testimony from Narconon Georgia’s own expert, who admitted that its claims were bogus.

Nikki left without getting any actual drug abuse treatment, relapsed, and “suffered psychological injuries,” according to the complaint.
We’re going to need a score sheet to keep track of all the lawsuits Hamilton has filed against Scientology’s drug rehab racket. Here are links to the previous lawsuits…

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