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The Pearlman family is one to emulate. A beautiful mixture of love, loyalty, insouciance and understanding makes them a joy to be around and associate with. Now you all get to experience them.

We would be proud to come out as Independent Scientologists on your site. We have no Kool-Aid drinking family members. So we Murray and Exilda Pearlman do hereby declare ourselves Independent Scientologists and formally resign from the Church of Scientology as run by David Miscavige.

Exilda and I do have some track. She is a Permanent Class VIII C/S interned and certified by LRH. She got in Scientology in 1964-did the BC at Saint Hill and the 8 course at AOLA in 1970-71. She interned at Flag for a year in 1973-74 and – LRH C/Sed quite a few of her folders. She interacted with LRH quite a bit. He was a playful bloke back then. She was on staff from 1966 until late 1979 at the LA org as an auditor, Qual Sec and Senior C/S when she left staff. She did OT VIII in 1994 and went back on OT VII about 2 yrs ago.

I got on staff at the LA org in 1968 and went Clear in Dec of 1969. I went to Flag and did the OEC-FEBC course and also had both L-10 and L-12 in 1971. LRH was my C/S on L-12, it was than called L-10MX as it was experimental- It certainly was one of the best experiences of my life. You could tell LRH was having fun with developing L-12. I held many posts during my tenure at the LA org through 1975 and when I left Flag was personally appointed by LRH as the HCO AS (Area Secretary) L A org. I than worked with the GO for a couple of years doing Social type things including CCHR through 1977 and than did Cl 5 of the Briefing course which was all material through 1971. I finished OT V in 1995 & had routed onto OTVI- I got some set ups at Flag about two years ago. The auditing during LRH’s time was definitely better than the Golden Age of Tech auditing.

Exilda and Murray, back in the day

Why we are Independent Scientologists now has been written on your Web site over and over. The gross out tech including ethics and admin by Flag and the Orgs because of David Miscavige setting himself up as a Dictator. The Golden Age was when LRH was alive and his tech should be followed. You know when someone comes up with some wild story I always say "does this person think I am an Idiot". One of the idiot out-points was the Basic Book thing. That is a Classic "do I look like an idiot". Or better yet does LRH look like an idiot, which he attempts to make LRH look like. Oh yes LRH had these books on his desk and knew they were filled with out tech for years. The Blind leading the Blind. Give me a break. The gross injustice and ethics cycle with my son which is a story for another time. The watching of the tech being perverted starting with the Golden Age of Tech. The greed of money for money sake. The Church is now the true definition of a Squirrel Group.

We look forward to the time when the tech is restored and the organization is back set up as LRH intended. Our friends are those Scientologists and others that are looking for the truth and finding it for themselves.

Murray & Exilda Pearlman

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Well, I am at glad that they are out. It's a start. Murray posted here that he was out. He's the nic The Pearl in Oct 2009

Anyone who leaves CoS is on the path to recovery. It takes time, for some , alot of time. I say we give them a break both and send messages of congratulations.


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Currently Marty's 'mission' seems to be to convince escapees from the Cult not to escape too far; not to try to use 'wog' justice to right wrongs; not to abandon Ron, although He abandoned them to Davey and lied to them from the get go.

No, Marty wants escapees to embrace 'ghandiism' in the sense of doing nothing about the malicious Cult but ignore it. Pretty much what David Miscavige would want. No lawsuits; no prosecutions, just 'independents' going their way quietly, until....

...the danger of legal/criminal action against the 'Church' of scientology and its officers is gone and it's safe to creep back out from under whatever current rock they hide and Marty can reach rapprochement with the Mother Church/ship and, possibly even lead his own little flock back into the fold.


(p.s. - Ron would have considered Ghandi a wimp)

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It's all in a viewpoint..... and it's how the Pearlmans are viewing things... so it is what it is.

To publicly come out is just something... another hit to the Church's management. It gets the :thumbsup: from me....

It's going to be a great 2010 aye...:yes::yes:


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Still drinking the kool-aid, only in a different location.

Not even close Pooks. I know them personally. Lot's of shift in viewpoint occurs before one is willing to re-evaluate the whole picture. Just because they still have success/had success with the tech does not mean it's Kool Aid. Kool Aid (to me anyway) is the phenomenha of being stuck in the cult mindset. That's my way of looking at it anyway. Your mileage may vary.