My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprisonment


Danielle Chamberlin
...medical malpractice, espionage within the family, taking away human rights.

Today I will start to tell the complete horror story of my family in and in contact with the Church of Scientology which is going on since more than 35 years now with no end in sight.

I will dedicate this story to my mother.

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My mum when she was still full of dreams and her first baby Uwe
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She had to suffer the most under the crimes of this so called "Church" although they presented themselves not as a church when we were lured in around 1976 – religion was not popular at all then, so the people who contacted my father in Munich were telling him that it was a "modern science of mental health" then suddenly they called it "applied religious philosophy" to change it into a "Church" some years later. But in fact it is simply a fraudulent money making organization.

I will dedicate this to you Mama because you had to watch helpless when this criminal organization robbed your son Uwe 16 years young in 1979 and convinced him to join the Sea Org by telling him countless lies, because your beloved eldest son disappeared into a black hole then, because they told you a thousand lies about the circumstances of his life, because you had to watch powerless when you finally found out in 2002 that he was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, because they did not give you a chance to help him with proper medicine. It broke your heart one last time in your life so inconceivable hard to watch Uwe how he perished in the RPF with his illness without being able to help him.
You died in March 2004 - 18 months after you were informed about Uwes bad condition and his illness. The fact that Uwe was suffering since 1988 was hidden from you. I had to travel to California in 2010 in order to get hold of Uwes medical files to find out that fact. So they lied to you until the last days of your much too short life.
The written orders of L. Ron Hubbard caused these insane brainwashed people at the international headquarters of the Church of Scientology near Hemet and in Los Angeles to lie and hide the facts from you. Hubbard created these orders with the obvious intention to enslave his followers and he found a mean and criminal way to even hack their souls with brainwashing methods.

A stormy sunny spring day at the Lake of Constance with Uwe in 1970 – I’m learning to climb.

Mama I have never told you how Uwe and I loved to climb up that tall birch trees near the harbour of Friedrichshafen.
I’m sure you would have been full of worry if you would have known that we were sitting there about 7 meters above the ground at the top of these wonderful trees looking out to the lake towards the Swiss and Austrian Alps on this sunny but stormy day in spring 1970. From up there the world was lying underneath our feet and we were watching the big ferries and the large passenger steamers how they came in and went away. There was a scent of rain and algae in the air, very pleasant and typical for early springtime in our hometown. The sun was hiding behind a big cloud and the shafts of light were falling onto the mountains in the distance and created a marvellous scenery. Despite the cloudy sky it was not cold and I still can feel the warm steady strong wind on my skin. Behind the harbour we saw the centre of the city of Friedrichshafen, the city that grew and became rich and famous through a dream.
The dream of Graf Zeppelin, the dream of being able to fly – no wait this is not right- it was the dream of travelling in ships through the air. We were dreaming too - what would the future bring – would we become a pilot, a captain on one of these huge ships on the lake, an engine driver or would we even guide one of the marvellous zeppelins towards America one day?

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Markus and Uwe in 1969 / Uwe in 1969 / Mum at the harbour of Friedrichshafen / LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin - this foto was shot by my uncle around 1930

Uwe was seven years old I was almost six, but Uwe was at least ten times braver than me then. So he had to persuade me to climb at one of the smaller trees and he had to help me with a “Räuberleiter” (robber ladder) -as we called it- to even reach the lowest knot and then I finally managed to climb on it. On this wonderful spring day in 1970 I only dared to climb up this smaller tree and only half way up but it was the day when Uwe showed me how to climb a tree and he helped me to overcome fear probably the first time in my short life.
Some days later I managed to reach the top of one of the biggest birch trees there and I can say without exaggeration that up there was one of the most beautiful places where I have ever been in my life.

Mama you granted us the freedom to make this wonderful experience – I thank you so much.

Nine years later you were forced to allow Uwe to join the elite Organization of the Church of Scientology – the Sea Org and with that you lost him for ever and ever. I know how much you loved him – your eldest brave son. I will never forget our conversations about Uwe when you already knew that you had only left some more weeks, then only some more days to live. When you realized that you never ever will be able to hug him again before you had to leave us for good you were telling me how much you are hurt by this cruel fact and I was sitting by your side on your bed in the hospital hugging you and we cried and cried.
You tried to help him with his illness and they hindered you to do this. They destroyed one of the greatest dreams of your life – to be happy with all your children including Uwe, to see him once in a while and have him happy around you.

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My mum in 2001 with a friend of the family

It was the greatest fun for you to make people happy, to spoil your children and grandchildren in a very charming way and simply having us around you in your house and your wonderful garden. This dream was completely smashed by the criminal, crazy ideas of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard and all this horror started 1976 in Munich during a time when you and dad were very susceptible for these ideas because of the sudden death of your youngest son Jürgen in summer 1975.

Thank you for your story.