My full story date....including fair gaming...

I spent I bit of time trying to track down this "Ann Dixon" in LA and either she doesn't exhist or it's a fake name.

Anyone with ANY bit of legal knowlege puts EVERTYTHING in writing. Notices of hearings, etc. My attys kill a ton of trees in my PI case with the mail they send me. Half the time, I'm like " why do I need this"?


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We have also discovered that you personally removed information from your P/C file at the Church of Scientology _________________. All information contained in this file is the sole property of the Church of Scientology International.

It is? Not even the local corporation but CSI? That seems odd, although it may be true--I don't know.

I wonder if they have done this to anyone else? Is this a "fake" message, i.e. not directly traceable back to anyone in the CofS? This would have had to come from OSA, either OSA WUS or OSA Int, and if they deny a real person there by that name then it would appear to be from their dirty tricks department. The call may have come from a PI's hireling.

If Ann Dixon or anyone else would like to contact me, and knows my mailing or email address, then they can. I prefer all communications in writing, thank you. They will get an answer, most likely from an attorney.


The core issue is one of 'expectation of privacy'. That's why recording in public is almost always legal, and why, even in 'both party rule' states, where both parties must be aware of recording, things like 'voicemail' messages would be legal.

Think about it; does a person leaving a voicemail message *know* it's being recorded? Huh?


Exactly Zinji. And to say showing others e-mail sent to you is illegal is stupid as well. In fact the whole letter was idiotic.


If Ann Dixon or anyone else would like to contact me, and knows my mailing or email address, then they can. I prefer all communications in writing, thank you. They will get an answer, most likely from an attorney.


That's good. Just keep taping all their dumb calls and keep a journal of any weird crap that goes on.

These people are just so stupid. :angry:
Warning might be TL;OT…

I have been very busy with the authorities, that's mainly why I haven't posted here, but have on enturb.... I might have left somethings out, so forgive me if I did. There is a point, I promise....


In regards to my personal injury lawsuit.. and going to the authorities…

Many people PM me, or ask on the boards, so I thought I’d just post what’s going on.

Late yesterday I got a call from my attorney (one of them) telling me that the other side requested a mediation in 12 days (11 now). Remember they purposely provoked a mistrial and were fined by the judge in the first trial, in June. They made an offer, to which I refused, hours before they provoked the mistrial. Immediately afterwards, I wanted to kick myself for not taking the offer, as dismal as it was. Well, to the average person, it was a lot of money, but remember I’m screwed up for life! I have to figure in cost of medication (yes! The ex-scion is taking meds and seeing a real DR! Many of them to be exact!), the cost of doctors, never being able to get insurance (pre-existing condition), and loss of income. Unless the Judge makes an off the wall order, I must go back to FL for the mediation… Otherwise, I look like the bad guy, not willing to even discuss settlement. The trial (2nd one) is set for Sept.

Ok, now that that part is out of the way… after the first trial, it came out that I was indeed a Scientologist for years. This is something I never told my lawyers, and the other side didn’t discover during the discovery process (how I’ll never know!). My own lawyers thought this was a HUGE win for the other side. They didn’t understand how someone like me, educated, having good employment, a mother and what appeared to be a normal person could get caught up in a cult. To this day, neither of my attys want to even mention Scientology. I try to tell them what is going on, as I see it as being relevant, but they think that part of my life is in my past. One of the lawyers I have known for 12 years.

They are afraid that a jury might not understand Scientology, and my involvement. I think it’s because unless you were in, or have researched the subject, you find the claims hard to believe.

I have thought about getting new council, that might be more open to the whole discussion, since I will have to explain the subject matter to a jury, but it’s too far into the process to make such changes at this point. I’m not making this decision on my own, I have talked to several firms, both knowledgeable in Scn and not.

I finally sent an email to both attorneys outlining what I have done, coming out against the CoS, talking to the FEDS and that I am giving a taped affidavit next week, on the record and I WILL have to testify, when and if they ever make a case. The response I got back was not want I wanted to hear. I wanted their support. I know they are concerned about their own case, but I went this far with the authorities, and I feel very strongly about following through with my claims. I will give the statement under oath, and it WILL hurt my PI case! It’s the right thing to do.

This means that I MUST settle this claim ASAP, in order not to have to explain this to a jury. They will not understand fair gaming, and what my own family (as well as many others) are going through. When I contacted the Authorities, I wasn’t sure if I did anything that could have given me jail time. As it turns out, I was not in the hot seat, just stupid. The cost to me will be high. If my case went to trial, the verdict could be HUGE, but in mediation, it will be greatly reduced. As my lawyer tells me, a good settlement is where both sides feel they got screwed.

I could have held off on going to the FEDS. I could have not turned anything over to them at all, but that wouldn’t have been the right thing to do. This whole process with the authorities has not been fun at all. It covers 2 jurisdictions, and 2 agencies. I was already at the point of not being able to pay rent, food, electricity, gas, and the Feds put demands on me to do this, do that, all at my own cost. Things like change phone #, get a new cell phone with a different carrier, etc. I ask for protection due to fair gaming, but none is given. I’m not playing the victim, but telling you that it came with a cost.

I’m hoping the Judge allows a telephone mediation, but not counting on anything. I lost everything in the fire that disabled me, and that’s not including the physical damage to myself. We left with the pajamas on our backs that night.

When I moved here, everything we owned fit in out 2, 9+ year old cars, one of which doesn’t run anymore. We are being evicted from out 3 room + bathroom and kitchen apartment. This is obviously too small for my family, but you do what you got to do. Shit, I wonder how did I go from living in a 6 bedroom home in an upscale neighborhood in LA, and a 5 bedroom home in FL to this?! Then the fire, no insurance, and here we are.

For those who are sitting on docs, and have been a victim of the CoS please come forward. Don’t let my actions and the suffering my family went through be in vain. Now is the time to go to the FEDS, local police, or any authorities. I’m not the only one who has docs, I know there are others out there. Give em up now! Tell what you know! When you go to the grocery store or school shopping with your kids, think of those of us who can’t do that, but did the right thing anyway. If your personal goal is to bring down the CoS, then give it up!

Ok, that’s my rant. I’m sorry it’s way too long, but I had to say it.


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I have thought about getting new council, that might be more open to the whole discussion, since I will have to explain the subject matter to a jury, but it’s too far into the process to make such changes at this point. I’m not making this decision on my own, I have talked to several firms, both knowledgeable in Scn and not.

There is no question that you need to get a new attorney. If you don't feel you can trust your own attorney, you can't.

If nothing else, you can tell your current attorney that you don't feel safe with them and ask them to recommend another attorney, but, whatever happens, you need to be with someone you can trust.

Do not, under any circumstances, continue to employ an attorney you don't feel safe in communicating *anything* related to your case with.


There is nothing more important

It's 2 seperate cases..too late to chage on the personal injury suit. Already had one trial, that the other side prevoked a mistrial. The FBI stuff, I will need an atty for that.

I went to several well respected law firms to change and they all said it's too late in the game to change. Not only would it cause a long delay, but it would give the other side more time to get into my scn past.

I can't afford a dely...literally
I haven’t posted too much here, as I have been busy with the authorities, trying to be a Mom and putting my marriage back together. I might be leaving a bit out since I last posted, most of it was posted over at Enturb…anyway here goes…

It’s more of a rant, so read or don’t… I just want to let you know what I did and I’m not falling off the face of the earth, YET.

I’m putting up a post as I will most likely not be on for a while. No, I am not running back to the org. I am giving an affidavit under oath on Weds. To the authorities.

My talks and dropping of the Docs started a few weeks ago, and crossed several states, so it took a while for anything to really happen. After sitting down with them here, and a few calls from them in CA, they are flying out for a formal statement under oath. I guess it’s to back up all the paperwork I gave them.

These are my own personal problems and most self induced, but I’m trying to spend as much time with my kids, as I am going to have to have them stay with friends of theirs, so I don’t have to voluntarily place them in foster care.

My husband is going back to Florida by himself on Weds as well. He just can’t take anymore. It was too little too late for him I guess.

I got a 10 day notice from the Sheriff to pay or vacate, but that’s not the worst, I have 2 days on my utility bill.

I have a trace on my phone, but I got a call yesterday, late, from someone from the org., not here, but LA. I was so freaking mad at the entire situation, I picked it up. She went on to tell me my current problems were brought on by me being an SP and my randomness against the CoS! Fuck that! (excuse my lang.) All I’m doing is telling the truth and giving up what I had! I got in of my own accord, but they committed the crimes!

All I wanted was to be left alone. I was willing to take the hit on the money and time I spend. I just wanted to move and be left alone! That’s not the way they work. My ex-brother in law used to joke (and it’s for real) saying “there’s no escaping here”, not taking the CoS seriously. Well, he never knew how right on he was. He thought I was just a paranoid nut.

Now, The energy company here always worked with me, as long as I paid something…why not now????!!! Could it be the influence of the CoS??!! I have owed them much more before.

Ok, my life is a train wreck right now, but I hope the CoS see’s this post I WILL GIVE THE AFFIDAVIT! I WILL TESTIFY IF NEEDED AND I WILL NOT BACK DOWN!

They may have won the battle, but I will win the war!

I urge everyone else to step forward, please!


This is horrendous! All I can do from where I am is say a prayer for you and light a candle. You are in my thoughts and I hope deeply that it all works out. Just look after your body and your health, you need all the strength you can get right now. Take care, and know that we are thinking of you at this crazy time. :hug: :console:

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You are a hero because you follow your integrity. Bottom line, that is more important than anything. Sending you all the good wishes I can, please do what is best for you personally as well!


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I admire your integrity, more than I can put into words. :)

Please keep in touch, even by PM, if need be.

And to think that there are still people, even on this message board, who are insistent that the Co$ has done no wrong. Or that the critics have it all out of proportion.



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I know people who moved away from where they'd been onlines in order to escape Scn. You're very brave, and I'm sorry you woke up too late to continue the relationship with the love of your life.


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Sending you prayers and good wishes, sweetie. You keep doing what you believe to be the right thing. Years from now when you look back at this, you will have no regrets.


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I didn't see this posted anywhere, so here goes:

Anyone know this fella?

He's apparently engaging in Fair Gaming FormerlyIn. Trying to ram her with his car actually.

This thread at ENTURBULATION/Fair gaming NOT working! UPDATED! /r/ info on Scilon attempting to run over fIN

The matter IS being investigated by police.

I recognize him from somewhere.. Probably from other pictures. I don't know him.



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That certainly looks like the same guy. If it is, then he's on record once more for trying to run people over with a car!

FormerlyIn can probably say for sure..

We need his name and connection to Scn..



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This link provides information on the individual.

the dipshit Cowboy Deadman Chuck Norris. Plate is Nevada 087TUK, tags expire 08-2008. Business phone number on truck for some "Stop Forclosure" shit is 7023385999. Front plate is Nevada COWBOY, no tags. Vehicle is late 90s style Dodge RAM 1500 (Extended Cab). This man attempted murder. I need dox. Nao.

It seems they know exactly who it is. As soon as confirmation is in........


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Two fires is suspicious, though maybe just bad luck. I wonder if anyone took out life insurance policies on you or your family without your knowledge.