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My Life Story in $cientology


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Edit: ^^^ this heading just added; sorry to all for causing confusion, this is not my story, but one I thought valuable to share here.


Hey everybody. here's my story. In a clamshell... :D

I was born into Scientology, and raised as such. Never really had a choice, and never knew differently. I went to Delphi Academy in (at the time) La Canada, California. Not a Scientology school my ass. I guess they could argue that 'the study technology' isn't Scientology, but being forced to do 'ethics conditions' when you were in trouble definitely is. And doing TRs? Right. No Scientology here folks, move along.

So, I was constantly in trouble in school, for generally breaking the rules, blah blah.Kicked out once, suspended a few times. When I was 16 I was recruited by Bridge. I hated being in school. Having been brainwashed my entire life, I thought that joining the Sea Org would be the best thing I could do with my life. I would be helping people! Yippiee!! It disgusts me now thinking back to how my parents would let me do that. No 16 year-old fully understands the seriousness a decision like that carries. A bajillion year contract? Sure! Where do I sign? Feed me more BS please, the brainwashing of Delphi has obviously worked.

I left school, got my GED, and began my short Sea Org life. I was recrutied by BPI, but ended up, at first, working for the 'Events' part of CLO/WUS (Continental Liason Office, Western United States). I then was moved over to BPI. Me and willhaven720 knew eachother back then. We weren't best friends or anything, but we knew eachother. Different circles. He was the book sales master, and I was the 'Deputy Shipping Officer', which meant I put books into boxes and called UPS to pick them up. You see, I ended up working out in BPI's warehouse in the city of Commerce, California. I shipped the books that Will sold. lol.

I loved it out there. there were only like 5-6 of us, we could listen to music all day, and it was honestly fun. I got to drive forklifts around corners as fast as I could go, etc. That part was awesome. other than that, my life sucked.

I ended up 'dating' (if you could even call it that. you don't really date in the Sea Org ). Then, bum bum bum buuuuummmm....we 'went out 2D'. We knew we'd be kicked out or RPF'ed, of course. Subconsiously, I think that was pretty much the plan. An 'easy' way out. Long story short, i chose to get the boot rather than be a mindless slave on the RPF. I don't need to go into the details, you've all heard them before from other people. typical guilt trips, you suck, 10billion questions, etc.

So, I went back to live at home. My parents were totally cool about it from what I remember. I would go to Delphi afterwards to hang out with my friends when they got out of school. Lol. The Sea Org didn't like that. The daughter of the lady in charge of delphi at the time was in the Sea Org. I think she was in CMO. She told her mom, the headmaster of Delphi, that I was an SP and a DB, and under no circumstances should I be allowed on Delphi's campus. See, they didn't want to send their recruiters there after school (which is how they got me) if there was a 'freeloading ex-SO member there'. lol. This was back when my mom actually understood the value of family over the Co$. Not the same now, which you'll read about soon enough.

That was 11 years ago.

Now I'm all growed up, and no longer blind. That being said, I am in a pretty interesting situation. lol. I'm no longer a Scilon, of course, BUT I do work at a company where maybe 1/3 of the people are. Well, they SAY they are (not to the 'normal' employees though), but only 1 or 2 of them are actually active/on course. A few of us are ex-SO, but i'm pretty much the only anti. My sister and her husband work here, and both call themselves scientologists, even though they don't do any courses or anything. Nobody here really feels the way I do though, so i never bring anything up. I don't need any fucking drama in the workplace. Most people here are cool, and i really don't have anything against them. Scientologists or not, they are my friends. I've known some of then since we were little kids. What's funny to me is that scientologists in general don't bother me. i just feel sorry for them. I fucking hate the Co$, but the 'regular' members are just blind, harmless sheep.

Ok now, here's the nitty gritty. My dad, an OT7, was declared an SP a few years ago. I haven't seen or heard from him in about a year and a half. Allegedly, he was doing 'squirrely' shit, by auditing himself when he wasn't supposed to or something. He also supposedly cheated on my mom. Then, the rumor I heard from my wife, who heard it from my cousin, is that he also supposedly brought a hooker back to the house when my mom was at work, or something like that? I don't know. I know my dad, and that seems a little out there. Seems like some fairy tale shit to me. you know....like black pr/fair game bs. Pretty sure none of that really constitutes labeling someone as completey evil, worthless, piece of dirt.

Here's how that situation went down...

A few years ago, my mom calls me to tell me she needs to have dinner with me and my sister, it's important, blah blah. At the time, my dad was at Flag, spending God only knows how much money. i think he had been there for a few months, doing a 6 month check or something. I dunno. Ok, so we go to dinner.

As soon as we order, my mom says something along the lines of "ok, there's no easy way to say this, so i'll just say it". i'm thinking, ok, bankruptcy. had to be that. my parent's marriage had been great (to my knowledge). My sister and i look at eachother in wonder.

"Your father and I are getting a divorce. He's being declared an SP.."

Huh? What the fuck? MY dad? No, that can't be. At this time our food shows up. Perfect. Not fucking hungry now.

So, I don't say anything at first. My sister starts asking questions, etc. My mom tells us that he cheated on her, it's not important who with, and he was doing some sort of unauthorized self auditing, etc. After her making excuses for why the Co$ was right, she asks me if i want to say/ask anything. "No. You really don't want to hear what I have to say, Mom. Trust me."

So, as the months go by, there is no declare yet. I think the total time it took was like 3-7 months. My memory regarding time really sucks so I'm really not sure, but i think it was something like that. My mom and dad are 'working things out'. She says she loves him, blah blah blah, and that since there is nothing in writing, they aren't disconnecting yet. She wants to stay married, etc. He finds his own place to live, which is literally 2 streets away from her place. He knows the order is coming, so he's not waiting until the last minute. Still, they both want to work things out. So my mom says. During all this, I'm not worried, cause i'm not a Scilon anymore, and the declare won't effect me at all. lol. Right.

Ok, so finally, after months of waiting, the order comes. Honestly, I really don't understand why it's taken so long. It's a fucking piece of paper, not a book. Whatever. So my mom, and sister and I go down to PAC to read the declare. Let me tell you, after years of being out, walking into that place is fucking weird as hell. Seeing all the plastered on smiles and empty eyes. Creepy to say the least.

So we're waiting, and finally some dude, Julian something or another, comes up and says he's ready for us. at that exact moment, my dad calls my mom on her cell. he has no idea we are there, and what we are about to read. remember, he has his own place now, so he's out of the loop. my mom, in the bitchiest voice she can muster up, says 'i can't talk to you anymore. ever. bye.' and hangs up. I look at her with a raised eyebrow "really mom? was that necessary? you could have just muted the ringer". No response.

So we sit down in 'Julian's' office. I read the order, which is just a generalized order, saying he was out 2d and somthing about doing squirrel shit. Julian asks if we have any questions.

'Ok julian, so my dad, who's spent his ENTIRE LIFE as a $cientologist, since he was 5 or so, is now an SP. Cool. Can you explain to me how him cheating on my mom and 'auditing himself without permission' makes him a complete piece of garbage, evil person? How does that work out? I mean, he's not a murderer or anything".

As expected, no good answer. It doesn't really matter to me though, i'm not going to 'disconnect'.

"Nothing wrong with me not disconnecting, is there? I mean, you guys aren't going to declare me and make the rest of my family disconnect from me too, are you? Oh, yeah. I'm not a scientologist. Never will be again."

"No, we can't tell you what to do, you aren't a member" blah blah. Typical 'tell you what you want to hear' BS.

So, a few months go by, and I am still in contact with my dad. I don't tell my mom how he's doing, or anything about him, because i don't want to do anything malicious or anything. whatever. That's when the fun starts.

She tells me that I need to disconnect from him. I say 'No, I don't. Your church can't tell me what to do'. Long story short, she says the reason is that I'm family, and an ex-Scio. Even though her neighbors were still having dinner with my dad and talk to him all the time, as does she, since i'm family and a previously brainwashed Scilon, it's different. Riiiiight. I tell her, "sorry, doesn't make sense. I'm not following some dumb rule that your church puts out".

Her response? "Well then i'll need to disconnect from you, and so will your sister. And I don't know how that will affect your job". You know, since I work with some $cientologists (my sister and her husband included).

"Ok mom. Now you are going to threaten my job, which in turn fucks with my whole life? That's fucked up. What is my boss going to do, fire me? He'd be facing a huge lawsuit, you know that. Tell your church I said to fuck off. Sorry.'

A Couple of weeks go by.

"You need to disconnect from your dad, because if I'm in contact with you, and you with him, then i can't go up the bridge" she tells me.

"Well mom, that's just shitty for you. Have fun not talking to me then, because I'm not going to disconnect from dad. He fucked up. I get that. What, am I supposed to now just ignore him and leave him alone? He has nobody. NOBODY. All of his friends were $cientologists. He has nobody now. only the people he works with. That's it. If you need to disconnect, then do it. your loss. I find it pretty fucking twisted that you put more value on your church than you do on your own son, not to mention your grandkids and YOUR HUSBAND OF 26 YEARS."

She tells me shes not choosing the church, but choosing her own spiritual freedom. I laughed.

"Spiritual freedom? Show me one $cientologist that is free! How many OT's do you know that died from cancer? i can name almost 10! " etc. etc.

Another week or 2.

"Your dad can't do his steps he needs to do in order to get back in with the church if he is in contact with you" is the latest. Even though he talks to his brother, who is an ex-scientologist. their mom, is an OT5 or 6, in her 80's, is a founding member of the church. she doesn't talk to my dad, but she talks to her other son (my dad's brother) who in turn, is talking to him. Essentially the same type of connection, right? I think i made that make sense. lol.

So now, this is the tactic they use against my dad. He can't do what he needs to do if he is in contact with me. He, of course, wants to get back in with them, since it's all he knows. It's also the only way he sees now to be able to be in contact with us in the future. This includes my 2 sisters, all of his grandkids, my mom, and all of his former friends. So, of course, he breaks ties with me. I haven't seen or heard from him at all since then.

That all went down just before Christmas a few years ago. On Christmas Eve, being the good, loving family that we are, my wife and I bought a little mini xmas tree, and decorated it. We cooked up a big Christmas dinner, and brought that with the tree, presents and cards over to the house he was living in. Now, this house had a gate at the bottom of the driveway, so i couldn't bring it up to him. we set it all up just outside the gate. I blocked my number and called him. when he answered and found out it was me, he said he couldn't talk, and he's really sorry. Before he could hang up, I said "I know dad. I know. Just do this one thing. go to the bottom of your driveway and get your Christmas present. I won't be there or anything. don't worry. Just get it before somebody steals it. I love you, dad. merry Christmas." and I hung up.

We sat in my car just around the corner, and watched him come down the driveway. We watched him read the cards that we left him, and the look at the pictures my kids drew for him. He stood there for a few minutes just holding them. All alone.

He has since moved, and I don't know where too. All I have is his email address. He doesn't answer emails I send. He's scared that will fuck up his chances with the Co$. No answer at all. Not even to the "Hey dad, it's me. Jjust letting you know me, the wife and kids are ok. Let me know if you are doing ok. Even if your reply is just a smiley face, or a 'all is good' email. We love you". No responses. I'm assuming I would know if something happened to him. I do know I'm listed as an emergency contact, etc. at his office, and wherever else.

So much for Tommy Davis' public denial of Scientology having/enforcing a disconnection policy. Fuck you tommy davis. lying bastard. I've seen the policy. i don't remember what HCO/PL it was in, but it's the most general fucking vague thing I've read. And if my memory serves me right, it's only like a paragraph i think.

Needless to say, I am still in contact with my mom, every now and then. I have kids, and I'm not going to keep them from seeing their grandmother. I don't believe in tearing families apart.

Last time she was over at my house, she mentioned trying to have the church clear up my freeloader debt. Hahah. Yea right. "You mean the money they say I owe them for the courses i was REQUIRED to take? Oh, not to mention the fact that i was a minor. Doesn't effect me any, either way, mom. Have fun". Pretty sure she only wants to do it because they are telling her to. 'it will help her move up the bridge'. Meh.

Oh yea, I remember one time i was talking to her and she brought up wanting me to get back into Scientology. Fucking $cientologists. Jesus. Really? After all this? lol. I tell her "No, never going to happen. Why would you try to even talk to me about that?"

Her response is "You're an EMT. If you told one of your patients that you could save them if they'd let you do a certain procedure, or give them a medicine, and they still said no, you would still try to convince them, right? I mean, you'd seen it work. you know it works. that's how i feel right now. Scientology works".

"Mom, don't even compare the two. That's ridiculous. Comparing emergency medicine and lifesaving techniques to a fucking 'religion' that you honestly can't show me any proof of actually doing anything is seriously stupid. I'm not even having this conversation.'

Sigh. Anyways, that's part/most of my story. Thanks for reading. :) I'll try to add more as it comes to me.

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Gawd, what a mess!! - Scientology in a family is like a stinkin' drunk elephant in a china store.. Albeit the cost of getting a 12 ton elephant drunk in scotch does not compare to the cost of doing scientology anyway..

Too typical and it makes me damn angry!

Thank's fro telling anyhow..


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Thanks for your story Anonycat. I'm sorry about your Dad being disconnected from you. You can always hope that things will get better someday. Hang in there.

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What a tale!

:duh: I defy anyone to make this kind of scenario up! It is beyond reason and rationality! :duh:

I commend you for the way you have dealt with it. :clap:



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That disconnection policy has caused more grief for more people.....it's just so absolutely evil. It destroys families of Scientology, it plunges it's followers into a situation where they do absolutely evil things to people closest to them out of some sort of deluded idea that their salvation depends on it. Just unbelievable.

On the plus side, this policy and the fair game one and the abortion one will be the major ones that bring Scientology down.

Thank-you for writing this, Anonycat. Every story adds to the heap of evidence against Scientology.

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Yes, Anonycat, thanks for writing this.
That's some mind-bent shit your parents are throwing at you but keep loving them anyway.


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Crikey (am i doing it right?), this crap frosts my ass!

The most capable beings on Earth. Masters of the communication formula. Able to shatter suppression at will!

And they can't be anywhere near someone that might harbor a critical thought!!?!

Talk about cognitive dissonance!

So sorry that your dad bought into the idea that one achieves freedom by snapping on tighter shackles.

ps Oh, yes, that must have been AOLA MAA, Julian Schwartz.

Terril park

Condolences anonycat. One of the crazier disconnection stories
I've heard but not the craziest.

One thing I don't understand, why can't your dad do A-E if he's connected to you?


Just read the latest 1991 [ sic] version of A-E for the first time, and its gone severely draconion even compared to the earlier one. A policy that would be a joy to uphold for anyone with any anti-social tendencies.

The only section I think may apply is that the IJC on approving the mandatory amends project, on step B2 requires extensive evidence over a protracted period of time that the person ".......has created no problems for the church or any member of the church in any way on any line,..... "

There is in the new A-E steps B, B1, B2.

The original A-E didn't have this step B2.

I guess the theory goes that your dad can talk to you, you can talk
to your mum, and in theory your dad can affect your mum via you.

Guess I may have answered my own question :(

George Orwell was defficient in imagination.


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yes, what a stinking pile

Yea what a stinking mess the cos is - this family disconnect crap. I feel for you - and admire your courage and integrity, for sticking to your guns and not disconnecting. Good for you. You are a better person than the scn'ists. I hope the rest of your family gets out - someday soon, and you can all have a Christmas together.

Sheesh :omg:


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Geez Anonycat, that 's ratshit.

I got to say, and I never thought I would say this, but I bloody hate how the Cof$ has trowel through peoples lives like they're just stats. It's made me hate the whole fact they even exist.


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I agree. As far as I'm concerned for each individual that suffers as a result of disconnection (and there are many affected by a single disconnection) this so-called "church" negates any good that it does produce to a huge power.

Good luck, Anonycat. I hope reconnection occurs some time in the near future.

jenni with an eye

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Wow Anonycat,
I've just read your story.
I am really sorry to hear what the cofs has done to you
& your family.
At the same time I admire you for loving your family
that much that no matter what, you were & will always
be there for them. :clap:
I'm hoping for a happy ending with your Dad getting
in touch.


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This is not AnonyCat's story

It is mine. I am the OP from whyweprotest.

if you look at the bottom of AnonyCat's post, there is a link to the original post which, as i stated above, is mine. :)

so there ya have it.


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It is mine. I am the OP from whyweprotest.

if you look at the bottom of AnonyCat's post, there is a link to the original post which, as i stated above, is mine. :)

so there ya have it.

And you are not the same person? Well, having read someone's story, whoever's it may be, I just wanted to say, thanks for that, and it will be interesting to hear if and when your parents ever wake up. Please keep us posted.


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And you are not the same person? Well, having read someone's story, whoever's it may be, I just wanted to say, thanks for that, and it will be interesting to hear if and when your parents ever wake up. Please keep us posted.

I don't know Anonycat. It seems Anonycat found my post on whyweprotest.net, and posted it here. Totally cool with me. :) I just wanted to clear up with people that it is actually my story, and that Anonycat was simply posting a story for everyone to read. :)

Oh, and you're welcome. Thank you errebuddy for reading it. :)


It is mine. I am the OP from whyweprotest.

if you look at the bottom of AnonyCat's post, there is a link to the original post which, as i stated above, is mine. :)

so there ya have it.

MY BAD for not setting that up with the proper notes on top.

I just returned from a trip, logged on, and saw the misunderstanding I created. Pardon me all, and thank you/welcome AntiSci! I owe you one!


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Thank you for your story

It is mine. I am the OP from whyweprotest.

if you look at the bottom of AnonyCat's post, there is a link to the original post which, as i stated above, is mine. :)

so there ya have it.

Thank you ANTISCIOBOT, for your story! It was hard to read and hard to believe, but that is the type of shit that goes on with people who have been deluded by the "deadly serious game" of Scientology. More people need to stand up and say what goes on. (Thanks anonycat for posting it.)