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My new approach to mail (I think it worked!)

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The best suggestion I've seen on the thread is to put two Aftermath Foundation cards in each return envelope, them put them in the mail.

Some staff members somewhere are going to open those envelopes and read what's on those cards. Some of them will quietly pocket one of the two cards, then route the other one (along with the original envelope) to the proper recipient in the org.

Always insert two cards, so that any staff member who opens it, has one to keep and one to 'report'. If enough people do this, the word will eventually get around to all staff that there's an organization ready and willing to help them walk away from the cult.
Even better. I'm in the midst of going through recently being out, within the last few years, and wanting to strike a blow vs. wanting to forget about the stupidity inside. Remembering about how stupid and planned it all is, it's all beginning to seem more stupid as I go on!!

Dotey OT

Cyclops Duck of the North - BEWARE
Off they go. Eleven envelopes, a few orgs, CLO of this cont, Flag, AO's around the world, SH, IAS offices. Hoping, praying, wishing...

I can do this for almost eleven more weeks!!

What should my spacing be like? Dates, orgs, etc?


Maybe I could mail directly to specific terminals, but I recall the CF Off or someone down there in CF opening first, and routing. I spent some time in CF's around the country. Ugh.

Dotey OT

Cyclops Duck of the North - BEWARE
Oh, and stoned btw. And listening to Traffic "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys." Pure absolute genius. Makes one happy to be alive.


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That is probably one of the areas where stats are defined in a way to disregard the true state of affairs. Call center people probably get stats for calls attempted, calls answered and returned calls. So if they get their calls attempted stats up but there are no answered or returned calls then they still get libs every two weeks.

Stats are supposed to compel production but in a world where it is impossible to increase actual productivity then management would be forced to ultimately jerry-rig the stats to keep people on post - or, in other words, an inversion of Hubbard's stat system into tacit resignation of failure.

If the only thing a letter reg can control is letters out and no letters are coming in then you still need to give them libs if letters out is up or they will never ever get libs...well, for the possible exception of Steven.
I know this is super old, but I had to comment.
I can PROMISE there are no libs occurring every two weeks. When I was in, before it was even as bad as it is now, libs about 3-4 times a YEAR was the norm. Even then, the planets had to align just right to get that csw approved. When 5 or so people all had to agree that you deserved a day off, it was more likely to be denied.