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My project - an update - want to help??


A few weeks ago I posted several messages here asking for statements from people about their experiences with Scn. I'm preparing information to submit to a group of government officials who are interested in Scientology.

If you haven't yet sent a statement about your experiences in Scn and would like to do so, it's not too late!! The cut-off date is the end of this year - I will be presenting materials in January or possibly early Feb.

What do we need statements about?

1. Your experience as a public Scientologist.
2. Your experience on staff.
3. Your experience in SO.
4. Your experience on the RPF.
5. Your experiences as OSA. (Yes, a statement from Mike Rinder would be welcome.) :)
6. Your experiences as non-Scn family of a Scientologist.

I particularly need additonal statements describing personal experiences inside the SO and RPF and also statements from people who experienced or witnessed women in SO being pressured to have abortions.

If you have something to say, there's still time. Statements should be addressed To Whom it May Concern, signed with your real name, and faxed to me. You can reach me by PM here or at [email protected].

This project is small, and there is no guarantee of success.
However, every little bit helps.

And my thought is that out of this project can come a larger one.

What is the bottom line re CoS?
Getting tax-exempt religious status rescinded.

How can that be done?
Those with oversight of the IRS must be made aware of what this organizaiton really is and that it does not deserve religious tax-exempt status. Information on the worst of the abuses must be brought to their attention. By the time I've finished this project, there will be a small collection of data that can be the core of that process. To the stories that I'm collecting, other stories can be added... and others and others. Until there are enough.

A smiling parade of Scn celebrities will count for very little when tales of life inside the SO, the RPF, the SP Hall at Gold, the forced abortions, etc., etc. are brought to the attention of the people who can actually do something about CoS.

To those who have helped so far, thank you.
Mary Ann Bosnos
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Good luck with this project songbird. :thumbsup:

Hmmmmm....... Yeah. I partly share the same idea. But.....

In one sense, as you may have noticed, I don't always agree with my fellow freezoners. And my distrust of the CoS is greater still.

However, I respect the fact that, despite the misapplications and outright abuses, some folk still manage to get a PC into session. Auditing is precious as far as I am concerned.

Nor am I sure that my enemy's enemy is necessarily my friend.



Thank you.
BTW, your emoticons over here are exceedingly cool ~~~~!! :hifive:

Distrust of CoS -- something that we have in common. :yes: