My story bumping into an Ex Scientologist in Hollywood today

Hello, this is my first time posting here - long time lurker who has been researching all aspects of Scientology for many years, never a member, always interested in the inner workings, abuses, beliefs, etc., and have read plenty of great books by ex-members and critics, as well as Hubbard's stuff, to get a better idea of the topic of Scientology.

In any case, I work in Hollywood around 11am on any given day, I'll head to Starbucks for a coffee. This specific Starbucks is off of Hollywood Blvd. near the Celebrity Centre on Franklin. So as I was getting my coffee, I noticed a glossy eyed young woman, possibly in her mid to late 20's, glaring at me while I was drinking my coffee and leaning on my car outside of the Starbucks. She was frantically pacing and talking to the security guard who works in the parking lot, pleading for someone to help her "get out of this mess" (her exact words that I could hear). At this point, I was close to them and could see her visibly shaking and crying, and the security guard at that point walked away and she said "God bless you sir, God bless you for helping those who need help" (she was being sarcastic as the security guard probably figured she was just a bit crazy).

So she put her head in her hands and started bawling, I went up to her and asked her what was wrong? She says, "They're following me, they won't leave me alone!" I asked who, who was following you? She responded, "My church, they're from my church". I very sensitively asked if she was referring to the Church of Scientology and she said yes.

I then asked her specifically who was following her. She was shaken and I felt like I was imposing a bit too much at that point, and she just couldn't stop crying. She was afraid, you could see it in her eyes. She told me that she ran off and somebody wasn't letting her go. I thought ok, what can I do at this point? I asked her if she needed transportation anywhere, she said she didn't have anywhere to go, her family, nobody was talking to her. She had a phone but couldn't reach anybody, nobody who she was close to was speaking to her. So I told her I would give her a ride to wherever she'd like, and she asked me to take her to an old friends house down near Santa Monica blvd. I said no problem and had her hop in my car.

I won't lie, I was a little freaked out, I didn't know if I was being followed or what was going on. At one point, I felt like I had a tail, a Prius, but I couldn't verify it. It could have just been someone going the same route as I was. I asked her if the place I'm taking her was safe, she said yes but hadn't seen them in 5 years so she wasn't sure if they still lived there. She told me that it was an ex member who used to be good friends with her but was declared an SP and they had to cut her out. I mean, at this point, I couldn't believe this was all happening. I had never imagined such a situation no less being right in the middle of it. I took her, waited outside, she came back and said they no longer lived there.

I didn't know what to do, I didn't know who to call, where to send her, I was dumb founded. I asked her if she knew anyone else and she said she did, but out of state and she had no money to fly no less take a cab. I have a girlfriend who lives with me and I love dearly, so I knew that wouldn't fly with her as my gf isn't really educated on the whole Scientology front, so I called one of my good friends whose a civil rights advocate and attorney and she was willing to take her off my hands and help her reprogram for the time being until further notice.

So I just spoke to my friend and she said that this girl (I won't release her name and she probably wouldn't be happy if I did without her permission) has been crying all day, wouldn't stop, and that she just can't seem to figure her out or get through to her. She said she was allowing her to stay overnight until they figure out, I told her that I appreciate it.

Anyways, that's pretty much that, I'll update you guys but for the time being, just wanted to share this awkward yet chilling story. It's a blessing that she's ok, but for how long? I'm worried they're going to track her down and make a big fuss out of this, I hope they don't, I mean, she's a very pretty girl who seems like she just needs a new start. At this point in her life, that's all she can ask for.