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My story in and out of Scientology by jbTrendy Ex Jean Tox !!! jblm2017


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vendredi 15 septembre 2017

My story in and out of Scientology by jbTrendy Ex Jean Tox !!! jblm


My story in and out of Scientology

by jbTrendy Ex Jean Tox !!!

Even while in the Church I was thinking of writing « The story of a scientologist » to testify about the singularity of my adventures in such a challenging and extreme environement that took me way further than I could ever have imagined in my wildest dreams and nightmares. I feel that now I’d better call it « The story of an Ex-Scientologist » as I’m definitely not with the program anymore and yet still wear the burden of having served during fifteen of my best years for the benefit of a cause that once seemed very valid and promising but has since proven dramaticaly wrong and harmful to so many that I can’t keep it to myself any longer. May this contribute to undo the fascination and magic of this deceitful cult. Thanks for reading...

It all started for me mid june 1987 in Paris when I red an article in a magazine that caught my attention with this startling title : « Le pouvoir des sectes » (The power of cults) and was the first one in a main stream medium aimed to informed the french public about the dangerosity of cults in general and Scientology in particular that made me want to know more about this strongly organised wealthy powerfull eningmatic futuristic so called Church that in this pre internet era I had never heard about and was approaching spirituality in a scientific way that seemed to match with my line of research and relegious quest of that Time.


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