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My story: staff 2004-2011 at Jo'burg and Flag

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Thanks Paul - like I said, that was my assumption when I first read it. It still bothers me that I never made sure... It also doesn't feel right that the '54 version is the one they decided on using, when you compare it to the later, more comprehensive code.

I was part of the group of supervisors who were trained at Flag to deliver the "new" HQS course in 2010, and we were told that it wasn't actually a "new" version of the course but the original 1956 course that had been lost and was now found (thanks to COB, of course). So... that is why all of the materials included in the course are are the 1956 versions. It's sort of like the 1956 course has been preserved in amber.

In fact, when we were doing the course, they removed all of the red HCOB volumes from the courseroom so we couldn't look up any of the current versions of the references. So all of us Class IV sups had to "unlearn" tech in order to supervise this course correctly (which of course, includes auditing several Objective processes). We were told that our coursepack was our only reference.

Bonus tidbit: When the HQS co-audit courseroom was set up in Div 6 in my org, they put up a poster of the Auditor's Code. Unfortunately, the poster they put up was the 1973(?) version, not the one the students actually studied in the course. :duh: