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Featured My story

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Bea Kiddo, Jan 23, 2007.

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    Time for a :bump2:
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    :bump2: - A must read thread.
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    So true.
    Bea's story is some of the inspiration for me to finally join here rather than just lurk.
    This is what happens.
    Thank you for sharing Bea.
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    Hi, Bea Kiddo, I Remember those kids Seth Price and his brother(?), there was a kid who would always say "run along and get your smarties" they would say it hilariously over and over again, was that him?
    I would break dance all the time
    I remember the other kids also, but vaguely, I was there for a short time, less than a year. These are just names in here i grabbed that sounded familiar.
    Travis Mcarthy
    Ben Shulman David O'Malley
    Cassavius Tabayoyan, Kim Fries, Sandy Fries, David and Andrew Harris, Melanie
    Chin Dao, Mettayya, Sayadina,Seth Price. Does anyone remember "Fudgy" a big black kid? he was so nice.
    I think one day at lunch with all the boys, we made a dare to Able schwarts( I think), we mixed a bowl full of galley left overs and offered $5 to drink a cup of it, they did!
    I lived in the wilcox dorm and Fountain bldg. went to "school"(a joke) at the ATA.
    Its unbeleivable but arond the age of 9/10, my scientologist mother put me on a plane alone to PAC base to join gold (i later learned why the sudden shipout possibly, very deep). I arrived at LA, just a kid, and no one was expecting me, The first several nights I slept on my suitcase in the bottom floor outside the gold offices in th hallway waiting for "Andy" to make his decision what to do with me. while there I ran around wild and broke my toe and was never sent to the hospital, but just put on crutches some crutches laying around. I hopped all around PAC in pain for quite a while.
    At that time we would play on the roof of big blue quite a lot
    i got sick once, and was sent across from PAC to the smaller Medical officer building for treatment. the medical officer handed me a handful of niacin and sent me back to work. I took the overdose of niacin and became flush and hot, went inside a walk in cooler and fainted and vomited.

    also since the roof was the kids playground a lot, one time i met Arthur Hubbard(probably 20 or so maybe?) up there( an art space?). it was very strange, i said hello like a normal kid, and he just stared at me surprised said a shy hi and just kept staring.
    I would run widly around hollywood blvd at a time when it was the punk era, lots of mohawks and colored spikey hair.
    When we would get paid, i think i was like $2 a week or something, we would go to thrifty for a a cylinder shaped scoop icecream for a quarter.
    Eventually with my broken toe and all my bad experiences i convinced my parent to western union me the money for a plane ticket back home.As A kid went to hollywood blvd western union on my own to collect several hundred dollars cash and go buy a return plane ticket. The rest is history.
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    I just wanted to put a note on this thread that I have not authorized Children of Scientology to link to or feature this story thread on their site, for my own reasons. In fact, I have specifically requested that they NOT link to it. Christy Gordon, the originator of the site, has agreed in writing to me not to link to it, but could not prevent others from linking to it.

    Who the hell knows when that project will ever finish anyway, but that's an entirely different story.

    I don't really want my story associated with that website and group. Since this board is closing up, I thought I would leave this here as well.
  10. Warrior

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    Casavius Tabayoyon - son of Andre and Mary Tabayoyon
    Chin Dao Wright - }
    Sayadina Wright - } three children of Craig and Suzanne Wright
    Metteyya Wright - }
    Abel Schwartz

    My family knew them all and many more, too.
  11. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    Craig Wright was the step-dad. I think he was actually the father of Dharma and Lachai, the two youngest. When I knew the family (Mettaya was my best friend back then), their last name was Waltzer. I don't actually know who the father was for all of them, but I'm just commenting that Craig was not the father of all of them.
  12. Warrior

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    Well, my apologies if my information is incorrect. In my defense, all I can say is that I have copies of support bills sent to the PAC orgs by the Cadet Org's Director of Income. These bills list the names of all of the children in the Cadet Org, and they also list their parents and the org that the parents were posted to. The reason I have these bills is that as Treasury Secretary and Financial Planning Chairman ASHO Day, it was part of my post duties to ensure that financial support -- at that time, $65/week per child -- was paid to the Cadet Org. I paid these bills on behalf of ASHO Day, ASHO Fdn, Pubs Org US, as well as the PAC GO (since I was their Financial Planning Activation Officer).

    On the bills I have, Craig Wright (tech staff in the SO at ASHO) and Suzanne Glasgow Wright (admin staff in the SO at Pubs) were listed as the parents. So I have always thought the Wrights were parents of all the children who had Wright as their last name.

    A minor point, but that's what my documents show. It's okay for me to be corrected. :)

    Thanks, Bea.
  13. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    No biggie, I was just saying that he was the step dad. I’m sure his org was billed for their daycare.

    It was common for the children to change their name to whoever the parent married. Many Sea Org kids did that.
  14. Warrior

    Warrior Patron with Honors

    My oldest son was in the Cadet Org off and on between 1977 and 1981.
    In 1981, prior to his 7th birthday, he used to sneak out of the ATA and
    hop on a So. Cal. RTD bus and ride around LA for hours all by himself.

    His nanny at the time was either Joanne Byrd or Terry Hamie. The Cadet
    Org was so undermanned, and their staff seemed to be constantly "in
    overwhelm" that they weren't able to keep track of all the children in
    their charge.

    Another time in 1980, I received a call from the LA Hollywood PD. An
    officer told me that my son had been found wandering around Hollywood
    Boulevard by himself, at night (after dark) during the annual Halloween
    craziness. I had to go to the police station and pick up my son who was
    not quite 6 years old at the time!

    I'm curious as to whether you have ever read Aides Order 203-71 "Cadet
    Org / Cadet Estates Org Establishment Eval". It talks about a lot of the
    craziness, criminal activity, degraded conditions, unqualified nannies,
    sexual abuses, etc. that was occurring during that time.

    Here are the first ten pages of the 16-page issue.

  15. Warrior

    Warrior Patron with Honors

    Pages 11-16 of Aides Order 203-71 "Cadet Org / Cadet Estates Org Establishment Eval.
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  16. I told you I was trouble

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    Thank you so much for posting the above 'eval' ... I hadn't seen it or anything like it before, it's truly shocking and demonstrates very clearly to anyone reading it all they need to know about scientology, hubbard and his cult.

    The only reason children are no longer allowed in the SO is because of potential PR/legal 'flaps' ... we all know that but this document pretty much proves it.
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  17. Warrior

    Warrior Patron with Honors

    You're very welcome. I have a collection of documents pertaining to the Cadet Org, children, the SO Parents Hat, the 2-D, etc.
    I burned the entire collection to a CD. It's 681 MBs of information, which is the largest collection in the world outside of Scientology. This particular Aides Order is the single most damning document I have, in my opinion. I'm really glad you've been able to read it! :love8:
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  18. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    That is amazing ... I had no idea anyone managed to get info like that out and certainly not to that extent.

    I would love to see it made available for all at the new ESMB if you are comfortable doing so.
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  19. Warrior

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    I'll make that happen.