Nancy Rodes passed on Saturday, 10 August 2013


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Posting for the readers who remember Nancy Rodes (Dincalci) from Scientology and beyond.

Gerry Armstrong said:
Nancy died Saturday, the 10th. She had an inoperable brain tumor. It could be that others have already reported this. I’ll add some thoughts.

We met in 1978 at the La Quinta base. She was an auditor, and during that period I was on a number of posts in Cine, the Sea Org unit making movies with L. Ron Hubbard. Nancy might even have audited me. I think I got to know her because she had married Jim Dincalci just before I arrived at La Quinta. I’d known Jim in the early 1970’s on the “Apollo,” we both had the Hubbard experience, we both had been busted and done our time, and when I’d first arrived at the base, we worked together building sets.

At some point, because of the way Ron worked, the auditors also got posted to Cine, and Nancy was made Make-up I/C, or some such post title. I’m sure she commented about how little she knew about make-up tech, but I couldn’t recall it with any certainty. Regardless, in the Sea Org there is a universal assumption that everyone has done everything on the whole track so anyone can do anything on any post he or she is assigned to. For a brief breath in eternity, Nancy was L. Ron Hubbard’s Make-Up Artist.

I think she had fun making up the crew who got ordered to act in Ron’s movies, because Nancy was able to have fun or make fun in just about any circumstance. Even in our last call, as she was slipping in and out of consciousness, she joked, and laughed at my jokes. Hubbard busted her from make-up after a flap shooting a sequence where Nancy had to turn some of Hubbard’s very white messenger babes into very dark native girls. The day in the California desert was scorching, the brown color made the messengers even hotter, and Nancy had used cocoa butter to spread on the nativeness. It could have been she had followed Ron the Director’s order for the cocoa butter, but it didn’t matter. The actors cooked, the make-up ran, Hubbard was fried, and Nancy was toast.

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Re: Nancy Rodes passed on Saturday, 9 August 2013

Gerry received incorrect information about the date. Nancy passed away Friday evening, August 9. Sorry to everyone.


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Rest In Peace, Nancy.