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Media Release: Narconon Argentina closed today reported by Anonymous


WIRE SERVICE - March 18, 2014 by David Love: "In a lengthy, recorded Skype interview this evening, Anonymous stated that a credible source who recently left Scientology, confirmed the closure was for 'tax evasion'. A phone call to the Scientology ORG in Argentina confirmed Narconon was closed, but no details were given at this time." (...) "Today's news of Narconon Buenos Aires in Argentina being closed for tax evasion, only adds to Scientology and David Miscavige's nightmare of dwindling revenue and watching their Narconons fall in disgrace like black dominos."




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Good news. Argentina Anons have been stalwart and always keep the lulz going. Their vids are worth watching especially to see the public support growing over time. B-bye Narconon....