Narconon Australia/Melbourne trying to move into town


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Community Support Needed at Narconon VCAT hearing!


After councillors unanimously rejected the applicants in March 2014 - Narconon are now taking the decision to VCAT.
May 26, 2014 - Yes, Narconon are going to VCAT after consecutive planning recommendations against, a unanimous councillor decision against, the Warburton Police against and over 300 local resident objections against.

Latest request! Please spread the news

Community Support Needed at Narconon VCAT hearing
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Date Fri 23:48
We need as many community members to come along and support us by sitting in the gallery on day one 10th Nov (and day two if possible). This is vital as a way of showing the panel just how important this issue is for our community. We'd love 100 people there!!
So we have two 21 seat buses leaving at 8 am from the Warby Hardware car park travelling in on Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 NOV . Seats will be available on a first in best dressed basis (obviously our 20 or so presenters will be on one of them).

Sessions at VCAT (situated at 55 King Street Melbourne) run from 10 am to 4 pm so we will return to Warby each afternoon leaving at 4 pm (back about 6pm depending on traffic).
To reserve a spot on the bus shoot me an email with your contact details: [email protected]

I will collate lists and keep in touch. Anyone can come along - its a public gallery and you don't need to necessarily be an official objector, just support the cause! Thanks everyone.

Also we are looking for volunteers with Light Rigid drivers licence to drive the buses- a great way to contribute!


Say No to Narconon in Warburton
Campaign Coordinators
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SCIENTOLOGY DENIED: Australia’s only Narconon rehab center loses zoning fight

The Australian community of Warburton, in the state of Victoria east of Melbourne, has won its struggle to keep a Scientology drug rehab facility from moving into town, and now Scientology’s Narconon network finds its only Australian facility on the brink of oblivion.

Suck it!

"Oblivion" . . . sounds like a good name for a movie.


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SCIENTOLOGY DENIED: Australia’s only Narconon rehab center loses zoning fight

Suck it!

Terl posted this in the comments section of today's article that you linked to (at the Bunker):

Terl 5 hours ago

I live in the area serviced by this Narconon and when it first opened the surrounding suburbs were inundated with flyers in letterboxes. They of course didn't mention any connection to scientology but I knew. Feeling devilish, I encouraged a friend to get his partner, a mental health worker who worked in the AOD (alcohol and other drug) sector, to contact Narconon and request a staff education session on their treatment model for the local mental health service. Naturally they never returned his call and we all had a few laughs at the thought of how horrified the scientology staff must have been at this unsolicited contact by the 'enemy'. I'm a psychologist. I guess we really are evil after all.



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Kudos to the community of Warburton for their perseverance. They became educated about Narconon and organized in their efforts to prevent this facility from relocating to their town. Those efforts helped in yesterday's decision that resulted in Narconon losing on it's appeal of the town council's rejection.

Narconon have taken Yarra Ranges Council to VCAT and lost


So, thank you to all you who contributed to making this happen. :thumbsup:


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I'm not sure if there is the avenue to try it, but I'm sure the cult will try to appeal this decision somehow.

They've bought the property (at way over market value, just like their other purchases in Oz in the last few years) and will fund-raise madly to fight this if they can.

NarCONon Melbourne (now NarCONon Australia) is continuing to stagger badly. New property won't do a thing for its "money flows." The brand is pretty well smashed here in Oz but still somehow afloat.

I'm sure the 5 members of the NarCONon board who are all OT VIIIs will be getting "handlings" for their obvious lack of ability to follow Command Intention.

In the meantime, the cult will have to stagger along at the East Warburton property - gorgeous piece of real estate in the middle of the national park that the cult pays literally virtually nothing to rent. IIRC it's $1 per annum. The cult is supposed to maintain the property and grounds as part of the deal.

And we all know how much care of others' property the cult takes.


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Should be print media on it too - maybe coming out tomorrow.:coolwink:

Like the way it's the "little folk" that won against the multi-$billion, trans-national Bad Guys. It's time the cult had that "poor persecuted minority" thing ripped away.:yes::yes:

Once again, Bryan leads the way.:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

And kudos to the locals who did it - I was strictly a fringe player here. If this were a movie, my name MIGHT appear waaaaaaay down on the credits.:biggrin:


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Sydney Morning Herald: Church of Scientology rehab centre rejected in Warburton

* * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

Fresh debate over a drug and rehabilitation centre linked to the Church of Scientology has emerged after the program lost a bid to operate in central Warburton, after more than a year of intense community backlash.

A Church of Scientology offshoot, the Association for Better Living and Education, appealed to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, after a unanimous Yarra Ranges Council decision to refuse it a permit to operate its drug treatment program from a central location in Warburton.

The controversial international program, Narconon, has operated from a secluded site in East Warburton since 2002. The facility was set to move to a central site that abuts seven residential properties, and is 300 metres from a local primary school. The application drew almost 300 objections from local residents.

ABLE applied for a permit after purchasing the $1.2 million site, but the council rejected it, arguing the program would threaten the community's safety.

The Narconon program has been associated with deaths in the United States and Europe, and has been banned in Quebec. The program's non-medical practices are contentious in drug rehab circles, particularly the detoxification process, which involves weeks of five-hour-long sessions in a sauna and mega-doses of niacin and other vitamins.

The Warburton case follows a similar dispute in NSW, where the Wyong Shire Council rejected a permit application for the same treatment facility in Yarramalong Valley due to risks associated with its flood-affected site.

In a decision handed down on Thursday, VCAT members ruled the residential site was an inappropriate location for the centre, due to the program's insufficient security and management regime. It also ruled that the program was not an education centre, as ABLE proposed in the permit application, but fundamentally a drug and rehab centre.

Information obtained through freedom of information data by local objectors shows 26 police callouts to the centre since 2005, including an incident in which a student threatened staff with an axe, a psychotic offender threatening to kill and an offender detoxing off heroin and ice harassing neighbours.

The dispute in Warburton has brought into question the controversial practices of Narconon.

Local objectors, who formed the campaign "Say No to Narconon", raised concern about the lack of professionalism of the staff, the program's unscientific treatment practices, and they questioned its advertised 75 per cent success rate.

* * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *


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List of other recent media reports on the VCAT denial which may or may not have been mentioned in this thread

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Estelle Griepink, Lilydale & Yarra Valley Leader
February 06, 2015 2:45PM

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Australien: Scientology bekommt für Narconon von der Bevölkerung die Rote Karte

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