Narconon is a Death Trap for Drug Addicts.

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This article is intended for the families of the individuals who are looking for help from the Narconon staff.

"Narconon is drug rehabilitation, drug treatment, drug prevention"
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I have a first-hand knowledge of these procedures because I had undergone a milder version of the Narconon treatment called Purification Rundown.

While vast majority of the rehab programs use certain medications to suppress drug cravings, the Narconon procedures are drug-free because the Church of Scientology does not condone the use of any medication, which is in line with the completely unscientific teaching of its Founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Because of the use of scientifically unsound methods of treatment of drug addicts, the Narconon success rate is ZERO. All success stories that you see at the Narconon websites are blatant lies.

To start with, the Narconon treatment is based on the FALSE premise of abundance of “impure substances” in the human body; the substances being the residues of poor quality foods and drugs. This is a scam designed to part people from their money; any toxicologist would tell you that it takes only 48 hours for a drug to leave the body.

L. Ron Hubbard, who did not have a degree in medical science, developed his own idiotic system of beliefs according to which the “impurities” could be removed from the human body via excessive sweating in sauna-like conditions. These conditions are the foundation of the dangerous Narconon procedures.

Hubbard “saunas” are improperly designed because they do not have dehumidifiers, which are essential in creating non-life-threatening conditions. In sharp contrast to the Finnish saunas with their dry-heat conditions, Hubbard “saunas” are the places of high humidity that put extreme strain on one’s heart.

A young man undergoing Purification Rundown in a sauna adjacent to the one where I was subjected to a similar treatment had fainted. Apparently, his heart was not strong enough to withstand excessive heat and humidity. Two men, including myself, were asked to remove him from the sauna. However, the CoS staff did not call 911. Instead, they let the man lie on a bench outside the Church facilities. It took him 20 minutes to regain consciousness. After that he was taken inside the Church building and subjected to Scientology “healing” procedures called auditing in Scientology lingo.

The man was not a Scientologist, the next day when I saw him he told me that he came to CoS looking for a refund. He also told me that recently he was diagnosed with a heart condition. His friend, who was a Scientologist, recommended him Purification Rundown as a means of drastically improving his health.

The heat exhaustion is caused by the dehydration. Diane and I knew that, every 20 minutes we were stepping out of the sauna to get a drink of water from the water fountain. But the others did not know that because they did not receive instructions from the unqualified Purification Rundown staff; they were spending long hours in the sauna without replenishing their bodies with the water. They ignored Diana’s warning about getting dehydrated because “she is not a staff member”.

Laurie was feeling mighty sick that day. She walked out of the sauna and vomited several times, which was a clear sign of heat exhaustion. I told her not to come back to the sauna. But a stupid staff member, who had no medical training, ordered her to return to the sauna. When I asked him what he thinks is wrong with Laurie, he replied, “She took too many vitamins”. Obviously, the thought that Laurie, 14, could have a heat stroke did not occur to him. I call him an idiot and told him if he won’t let Laurie go home, I will smash his head against the wall. That worked. Laurie went home and never came back. The idiot was transferred to another facility after I had complained to his supervisor about the dangerous decision to send Laurie back to the sauna. I could say anything I wanted at that time because I was no longer a Sea Org member.

Diana told me that when I was not in the sauna, its door was kept locked because the staff did not want anyone to interrupt the procedure. They knew that, most likely, I would break the door if they try to keep me inside. They tolerated me because I brought my 5 non-Scientology friends to the Purification Rundown program, and promised to bring even more people. It’s all the matter of money for the Church -- if you can convince your friends to participate in non-Scientology programs, the CoS staff will take a lot of crap from you.

Almost all drug addicts are in poor health, their bodies cannot take much of a heat and high humidity. I am sure that the individuals who died at Narconon Arrowhead were forced to spend too much time in the sauna without being able to leave the hostile environment.

Sandra was rocking to and fro and saying the same phrase over and over, “I was wasted, I was wasted…”. When I tried to talk to her she was unresponsive. I knew that she had to be taken out of the sauna, but was not sure how to do it -- the sauna staff were nowhere to be found, carrying out a pretty girl in my arms could be seen as a sex harassment (I wished she were a homely and chubby girl, so there would be a little chance of being accused of sex harassment). Luckily, there were other girls in the sauna; following my advice they carried her out. It took her 5 minutes to recover. She went home that day and never returned. I still do not know what was wrong with her; I do not think she was suffering from heat exhaustion because the girls told me that she begun acting strange 10 minutes after the “treatment” begun.

Mark was a highly qualified Sea Org electrician with the USA Army training in electrical engineering (this is not BSEE, this is an equivalent of 2-yerar college degree in electrical engineering). He knew damn well that one must turn off the sauna electric equipment before repairing it. But he was given an order to repair the live equipment even though he objected. Unfortunately, a Sea Org member cannot reject an order, unless he is planning to leave Sea Org in a near future.

I was playing the game of checkers with a 9-year-old when Mark entered the sauna. There were approximately 20 people in the room. Mark told us that he is going to do a minor repair of the equipment. Next thing I remember everyone was running for the door, the room was filled with electric sparks and smoke. I grabbed my little partner and carried her to safety, I was afraid that she might be injured in the stampede.
A stoppage of equipment would cost CoS money, that is why everyone was put at risk!

A lot of recreational companies offer saunas to their clients. But this does not mean that everyone should accept the offer -- people with heart conditions should not spend even a minute in a sauna.

To protect their clients from harm, recreational company employees ask them to fill out questionnaires. This is done in order to identify customers who have heart problems.

None of this sort is done at Narconon; its unqualified staff do not even know what questions regarding the clients’ health history they should ask. As the result, some Narconon patients have heart attacks that go undetected.

Is this something that you want for your family member? Obviously, not. Then do everything you can to prevent your loved ones from using the Narconon services.

To prevent body from losing “healthy chemicals” during the sauna time, Narconon employees feed the patients with uncommonly high doses of vitamins and niacin as if they were guinea pigs. But the staff are so poorly qualified that do not know that niacin can cause allergies in some of its recipients.

“The most common symptoms of an allergic reaction to niacin are general itching, rash and shortness of breath, according to Aetna's InteliHealth”.
“Shortness of breath and other asthma-like symptoms can develop, such as the inability to breathe, wheezing and coughing. Itching can develop in the mouth, lips or throat“.

In hot and humid sauna conditions shortness of breath could be deadly, as the doctors will tell you. But the only thing the Narconon folk care about is the money, they don‘t give a damn about the patient‘s health.

Itching in the mouth makes you fill awful, although it won’t kill you. But itching in the throat can kill you because it is followed by swelling of air passages. Do not expect any help from the Narconon staff because they are not trained to identify allergic reactions. None of them has a degree higher than the high school diploma; they are a bunch of uneducated mental misfits.



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