Narconon: Misleading antidrug program back in California public schools


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Narconon: Misleading antidrug program back in California public schools

SF Gate: Narconon: Misleading antidrug program back in public schools

Narconon is back in California public schools.

The Scientology-linked antidrug program visited classrooms freely for years until 2005, when medical experts and the state Department of Education determined it was promoting bogus science. The alarm went up a decade ago after The Chronicle revealed that Narconon's antidrug messages to students were based not on medical evidence, according to the experts, but on the practices of Scientology.

Narconon officials say the program is secular and that a firewall exists between it and the Church of Scientology.
In fact, the connection to the religion was not readily apparent, a public school teacher told The Chronicle.

"I'm not in the business of miseducation, so if I know something is wrong I'm not going to keep teaching it," said Heather Rottenborn, who teaches biology and anatomy at Ann Sobrato High in Morgan Hill and was surprised to learn of Narconon's connection to Scientology. Her school has hosted a Narconon lecturer in several classes since at least 2011.
Online resources

-- California Department of Education's cover letter and review of Narconon:

-- California Healthy Kids Resource Center, a free lending library of state-approved health education materials:

-- State-authorized programs: and

Previous Chronicle stories about Narconon: narconon/

-- Read a statement from Clark Carr, president of Narconon International, at

Narconon in public schools

At least 28 California public schools have hosted Narconon lectures since 2007.

Alameda County

Fremont Unified School District:

-- Mission San Jose High
-- Irvington High

Contra Costa County

San Ramon Valley Unified:

-- California High

El Dorado County

Lake Tahoe Unified:

-- South Tahoe High

Monterey County

Gonzales Unified School District:

-- Gonzales High

North Monterey County Unified School District:

-- North Monterey County High

Salinas Union High School District:

-- Alisal High
-- El Sausal Middle School
-- Harden Middle School
-- La Paz Middle School
-- North Salinas High
-- Salinas High
-- Washington Middle School

Soledad Unified School District:

-- Soledad Community Education Center

Sacramento County

Galt Joint Union High School District:

-- Galt High

San Benito County

Aromas/San Juan Unified School District:

-- Anzar High

Santa Clara County

Campbell Union School District:

-- Monroe Middle School

East Side Union High School District:

-- Andrew P. Hill High
-- Escuela Popular Charter High
-- Mt. Pleasant High

Morgan Hill Unified School District:

-- Ann Sobrato High
Santa Clara Unified:

-- Santa Clara High

San Jose Unified:

-- Gunderson Plus Continuation High
-- Willow Glen High

Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District:

-- Los Altos High

Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz City High School District:

-- Santa Cruz High
-- Harbor High
-- Sonoma County

Santa Rosa High School District:

-- Santa Rosa High


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Jonathan Turley has blogged the story:

Report: Scientology Back In California Schools Teaching “Narconon” Anti-Drug Theories

What is interesting about this controversy however is that the underlying theories have been debunked by experts. However, the free program clearly appeals to cash-strapped school districts.

NBC Bay Area also has the story:

Bay Area Schools Hoodwinked by Scientology-Related Anti-Drug Program

Religion is banned in public schools, but some Bay Area students may have been exposed to Scientology -- and in an unexpected way.

Enter anti-drug education.

An anti-drug program called Narconon relies on teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard for some of its scientific tenets -- which have been debunked, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Recent Narconon presentations were given at schools in Fremont, Los Altos, Morgan Hill, San Jose, San Ramon, Santa Clara and Santa Rosa, the newspaper reported.

Narconon teachers say that drugs reside in body fat "for years," the newspaper reported, and "cause people to feel high during times of stress."

That's been found to be scientifically unsound by the state, which has warned schools but cannot place an outright ban on Narconon presentations.


Bitter defrocked apostate

With Narconon, Scientology sank to new depths. Are there any vulnerable people this cult won't target?
Scientology: pseudoreligious bottom-feeders.


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Narconon Anti-drug group linked to Scientology back in school – for a day

Los Altos Town Crier: Anti-drug group linked to Scientology back in school – for a day

An anti-drug program tied to Scientology reappeared in Bay Area classrooms this school year – including at Los Altos High School – after a decade-long absence.

Free classroom talks by Narconon made their way back into public high schools throughout the state almost a decade after the state Department of Education rejected the program for promoting phony science. Los Altos High hosted a Narconon presentation during the fall semester for a health class mostly serving 10th-graders.

According to Barry Groves, Mountain View Los Altos High School District Superintendent, a health teacher received a recommendation for Narconon’s free presentations and invited the group to speak to her class. Groves said that an assistant principal at the high school familiar with the program informed teachers that they shouldn’t invite Narconon back after learning of the talk.

Groves said the district follows a state-adopted health curriculum. Health courses cover illegal drug use, and teachers are given the freedom to invite speakers of their choice to cover the material.

Groves said that as of now, Narconon is banned from the district and will remain so unless the program receives clearance from the state. “When the state of California sends an advisory against it, I listen to the state,” he said.

Narconon claims its curriculum has been “carefully revised” over the past decade, according to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle this week. However, the Chronicle – which has covered the school program in depth since 2004 – still found scientific inaccuracies in the current information Narcanon presents to students. One example: That its sauna treatment removes drug residue from body fat.

For more on this story, see the June 4 print edition of the Town Crier


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LAHS hosts discredited Scientology Narconon anti-drug program

Mountain View Voice: LAHS hosts discredited anti-drug program

An anti-drug program discredited by the state for inaccurate and misleading information continues to make presentations in schools in the Bay Area, including at Los Altos High School last semester.

Despite being discredited by the California Department of Education in 2005, the Narconon program made a brief appearance at Los Altos High School last semester when a health teacher invited a speaker from Narconon to present to students.

LAHS Principal Wynne Satterwhite said she and the vice principal later found the report by the state education department characterizing Narconon's information as misleading and inaccurate. Satterwhite said the school has since discontinued any presentations from Narconon.


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Mister Mom Radio - Scientology at Ann Sobrato High

Morgan Hill Times: Mister Mom Radio - Scientology at Ann Sobrato High

Sunday, July 6
1:00 - 3:00 PM

KSCO 1080 AM, or listen live on a computer or smartphone at

Why are Scientologists conducting anti drug courses in Bay area public schools, including Ann Sobrato High School?

In 2005, after an expose by the San Francisco Chronicle, medical professionals and the California Department of Education declined to endorse Narconon school antidrug programs.

But since then, Narconon programs have been at Santa Cruz High School, Harbor High, and high schools in San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell, Fremont, Morgan Hill, Monterey County, Salinas, and Hollister. Why?

Well, the programs are free, but wait! Are they effective? Is there a hidden agenda?

Guest #1: Dave Touretzky, a professor in the Computer Science Department and the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition at Carnegie Mellon University. He's not a fan of Narconon or Scientology.

Guest #2: Nanette Asimov is the San Francisco Chronicle education reporter who broke the story in 2005, leading to Scientology being banned from San Francisco and Los Angeles public schools. Her May, 2014 story broke the news again... She's also written stories that led to changes in charter school laws and exposed cheating and censorship in testing.


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What is the Church of Scientology Teaching in Our Schools? | Alternet

A drug education program associated with the Church of Scientology has visited dozens of New York City schools, making medically unfounded statements about drugs.

By Robert Martin Wolfe, July 7, 2014

By its own estimate, Foundation for a Drug Free World, an education non-profit, has visited at least 20 percent of New York City's schools, public and private. That's over 14,000 children, it says, mainly in disadvantaged schools in outer boroughs. Drug Free World has won accolades from the City Council and the state Senate and been featured by over a dozen local publications, including the Daily News.

But in two recent presentations witnessed by a City Limits reporter, the organization—which is connected to the Church of Scientology—presented information on the dangers of drug abuse that had little basis in fact and could be traced to the works of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Continued at