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From Tony Ortega:

"Narconon Ojai is reopening after fire damage required renovation, and they’re using the occasion to do some ‘safepointing’ with local law enforcement. Narconon Ojai’s actual caption: “With Narconon of Ojai being re-opened, we have been extending our friendships out into the community to help those in our area find a rehab program that helps them in #overcomingaddiction for good! The Chief and Commander of Police came for a tour and we are excited to team up with them to create a better world!”"


I wrote in the comments: Santa Paula City Police Chief on the right is Steve McClean. On the left is Commander Scott Varner, also of Santa Paula Police.

I sent the Santa Paula Police and The Ventura County Star news an email advising them of the Scientology Narconon con.