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While updating my knowledge on NarCONon Netherlands, I discovered that the staff of this center is actively fundraising for a NarCONon center in Pula, Croatia.:ohmy:

Croatia has a serious heroin addiction problem since the Communist regime fell and the Balkan war ruined the country in the nineties.
Many veterans with PTSD got hooked on drugs. High unemployment rates, not much perspective for the future of the young, poverty, lack of law enforcement, high corruption levels and a powerful organized crime left the country factually powerless to fight the rise in substance abuse among young people.

In comes Narconon. Somehow Narconon Holland got involved with Croatia, probably through Dutch tourists who saw the severity of the problem. Pula is a coastal resort that lives of tourism.

With help of a Dutch cable TV channel, money was raised to start a center in Pula. According to an Anon source in this part of the world they have started or are on the verge of starting. All the money comes from Western Europe, particularly from the Netherlands.

For those who are interested in the insiduous ways Narconon pulls the cash out of the pockets of people who just want to help, I copy the piece I wrote for OCMB here, but let's start with the first hand observations of the local source:

Don_carlo wrote:

Scientology Mission of Zagreb
Blozekova 1
10 000 Zagreb
E-mail: [email protected]

look like they have a place nearby pula in istria ;there is a problem with narcotic and drug addicts very well spotted on the adriatic coast , I 've seen since the liberation war a lot of drug addicts in city of split but also in zagreb ,former involved in military operations but also civilians , zorro uvijek ovdje i gotovo ,
que la farce soit avec nous

in the city of pula it seems to be a narconon center
I'll check it out soon
I 'll keep in touch
vidimo se
hajde bog !!
zorro :hattip:
zip zip zip

I connected this info with the story I'd read on the Dutch Narconon site:
For those who read Dutch:

More interesting is the peronal site of the general director;

Unfortunately, again only in Dutch. So I translated the important parts in English, which I will copy here:

Narconon Pula is an offshoot of Narconon Zutphen, the Netherlands. I've translated this from the website of the general director of Narconon Netherlands. Everything in brackets is my own text, everything else is literally translated.

This is the original url, the story is in Dutch and the computer-generated translation was totally incomprehensible, so I translated the relevant parts.

This is one of those "Meet a Scientologist"-sites. First we get a shallow introduction of our general director. Very shallow, but at least she doesn't make a secret of her personal religion

My name is Joanna Kluessien and I am general manager of Stichting Narconon Nederland (Narconon Foundation in the Netherlands), a drug rehab center based on certain works of mister L.Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology. Here some reactions of ex-clients of our program:

" I am 36 en was a drug-addict for 18 years. I've been in almost every rehab in the Netherlands.

When my boyfriend died I attempted suicide. Now I have a normal life. I have a new boyfriend, different friends, my own home and a job as a volunteer. Narconon Netherlands has saved me from prostitution, cocaine and alcohol. In short, I lived like no dog has to live.:bigcry:

Addiction can happen to everyone. That's why I started warning people against drugs, through the media and through education-campaigns at schools. I did two radio-interviews, two interviews with newspapers and a TV-program with the Dutch cable-network SBS-6. Thanks to this TV-program there will be a Narconon in Croatia too.

(And thank the lord Xenu for that.... Now we get a grateful local)

I am from Pula, Croatia. In 1992 I lived together with Tanja. We had a little girl, seven months old. In that period I met some of Tanja's friends and we visited them regularly. I was under severe pressure then. During the two years before I'd fought in the war against the Serbs. I'd seen people die, children crying, houses burning down, soldiers murdering people, animals laying on the streets without eyes or legs.....

I love my country and I had to protect it from Serbian attacks. It was my duty. It broke my heart to see what happened to my poor Croatia. I couldn't take it any longer and started to take tranquilizers to keep my head cool.

In 1992 I left the police, and I didn't have another job. My friend used drugs, and I started to use heroin. I was 25 years old and I knew it was wrong. I knew that I would lose control. I told Tanja that it was wrong, that I didn't want it anymore, but she didn't listen to me and she kept bringing heroin home every day. At first it was no problem to buy heroin every day because I still had some money in the bank. I kept telling Tanja and our friends we would get in trouble, we'd become addicted, but they just laughed and said it was easy to stop with a little methadone.

One morning I woke up feeling sick. I felt I was addicted and really needed heroin. That morning there was no money and I had to borrow some from a friend. I was scared of the withdrawal and flatly refused to think about going into rehab. There were no problems when we had money...Tanja was going to town to get some heroin. She'd be home in half an hour. I didn't know who the dealers were, how much to pay for the stuff, where to get a syringe. I didn't know how to get any drugs.:confused2:

(Boy, were you one lousy cop!)

We had more time to be at home with our kid or to go out and have fun. But things went the wrong way when we started spending all our money on drugs.I tried to get Tanja to stop using together, but she just laughed and said we could quit whenever we wanted. Just take some methadone and our problem would be solved.

We were both unemployed and without any money, so I had to do something. I found both of us a job and we had plenty of money to use heroin again.

(In a war-torn post-communist country a lousy ex-cop finds two jobs that pay enough for two heroin addictions? Wow, the boy is learning. He'll make detective soon. Many of his compatriots came to Western Europe for illegal menial labour because there was no work.)

The dream of quitting heroin didn't come true. (Should've stayed poor, sucker!) We kept using for a year and didn't have enough money. (But you just said you had.)

We started spending money our parents had given us. They gave us money every month for new furniture, clothes, diapers and food for the baby.
(Why, for Xenu's sake, you both had good jobs?)

After several months our parents saw no improvement. The baby was sick a lot, the house was dirty, I've lost weight. They asked what the problem was, but we always had our excuses ready. We couldn't tell them about the drugs. After six months our parents heard that some of our friends looked strange and had bad reputations. One night they decided to confront us. It was no use to hide the truth any longer, and we told them we were heroin-addicts. We showed them our arms that were scarred from shooting up.
(Why would you want to show your parents such a shocking sight? Wasn't just telling hurtful enough?) They were surprised we had hidden our addiction for two years.

We promised we would detox at home, at her parents' place. We didn't want other people to know about our problem. It was a big mistake, we just kept using heroin daily. I told Tanja we shouldn't stay together, we had a bad influence on each other. I moved to my parents' house. We made arrangements for our daughter to be with Tanja for one week and the other week she would stay with me. That was how I broke up with the mother of my child.
(Doesn't the kid have a name?)

After a couple of months with my parents I realized it wouldn't work this way, so I went to a counseling center in Pula and they advised me to do the detox in the psychiatric ward of the local hospital. Withdrawal was one of the worst things that happened in my life, seven days of horrible pain and cramps.

(The worst? What about losing your daughter, friends killed in action, those burning houses and all the other shit that happened in that gruesome war? Wussy!)

RIght after Detox I went to Slovenia to live with my biological father. Every now and then I got drunk there. I didn't think about heroin that much and thought my problem was solved. After two months I went back to Pula. I was all alone, my daughter was with my mother and stepfather, I lost all my friends, didn't have a job, I was bored, all alone and had no more reason to live.

Two days later I met a guy who sold heroin.:coolwink: He offered me some, I took it. Within weeks I knew every dealer and addict in Pula. I tried to keep it under control this time. I used heroin once a day and drank a lot of alcohol. Soon it ran out of control again and I thought I would never get rid of my addiction.

Some weeks later I met Vildana. She knew all about my addiction and wanted to help me. I really wanted a committed relationship with her. But the heroin got back to me and again I was a disappointment to everyone who cared about me. I went back to the center to get methadone, but it didn't work.
I sold the methadone to buy heroin.

Four months after I met Vildana, my aunt from Holland came to visit. She told me about some program in Zutphen that gets people off drugs. I didn't want to go, I feared it would take too much time. But my mother, stepfather and Vildana all said I had to go. I decided to try it out for one month.

I didn't speak any language but Croatian, so Vildana decided to come along to help me. We came to Narconon in september 1997. I didn't know anything about Narconon. I didn't know what to expect. Most people from my town went to Italy or Spain to quit using drugs. The stories they told were bad and I could see that they weren't truly clean. I was not optimistic when I came to Narconon.

But when I entered Narconon I only saw friendly faces. I could see that everybody was very dedicated towards Narconon and that they were real experts. (LMHO, experts! In what? LRH?)
I started believing there was a solution for my addiction. I saw how the program had the same effect on everybody. It didn't matter how long someone had used drugs, how old someone was. (In a good program these facts do matter, if only medically) or what nationality he had. I was busy all day, made a a lot of real good friends. We were all like brothers and sisters. (But what language did you speak to them?)

At first I was being helped through detox, quickly and without pain. After that my body was detoxified in the sauna. The next phase of the program learned me to see the wrong choices I've made in my life. It taught me to face past failure and future obstacles.
The courses taught me to be happy without heroin, the sessions helped me to see the beauty and the meaning in life and made me reach a higher level of consciousness. (You can get the thetan out of the wussy, but you'll never get the wussy out of the thetan!) I learned how to live with good people, with love, friends, peace in my head, nature, my family, how to enjoy life without heroin.

I could reach all this because all the staff members were totally devoted to helping me. When I was sad, they made me laugh and when I was upset they knew how to calm me down. (Again, in what language?)
When I got homesick, the people who were almost brothers and sisters to me gave me warmth. (Where's Vildana gone?) The other clients helped me through the program in a great way. I was far away from home, had many personal problems, but only had to look around me to realize that there was no better place on earth than Narconon. (Oh, come on! I could name a few...) I felt good, I felt safe, I felt as if I entered paradise. (He really says that, I swear I didn't make this one up!) :cloud9:I can only say the very best about Narconon and want to advise all drug-addicts and alcoholics to go to Narconon because they are THE BEST. (his capitalization) I will always support Narconon and never let them down.

After I'd finished the program I came back to Pula. I decided to live with my parents for a while. I didn't have a job, so I went to the "center against addiction" to see if I could help there. I went there every day. I spoke a lot former addicts who went to Spain or Italy for months, sometimes for years, and kept trying to quit their habit. Some of them did, but there are still a lot of young people who need help. In Pula, and in all of Croatian Istria, drug addiction has become a huge problem.

During the war this problem exploded. The Croatian people never expected this to become such a problem in our country nor did they realize how fast it would expand among the youth. People were not prepared, we had no means to fight this problem. There are some rehab-programs in Croatia now, but not enough to help all the addicts. People still have to go abroad to get clean.
I realized something had to be done. I spoke with counselors at the center, with addicts and with their parents. I told them about Narconon. People were surprised, they'd never heard of a program like that. Parents were used to sending their children to places where they had to work all day and weren't allowed to call their family.

Counselors, addicts and their parents were keenly interested to open a Narconon in Pula. I've told this to the staff-members of Narconon Zutphen and we all work together to open up a Narconon in Croatia. We are working on it, day and night. We've found a good house, and some people willing to work at Narconon. I will persevere, I've fought in a war to save my Croatia, and I will fight again.

(Still no sign of Vildana, and what about the daughter?):whistling:


Apart from that, I just don't buy the story. It sounds fake, details don't add up, too much misery, too little real emotion. Just another tearjerker invented to beg for even more donations. There probably is a serious drug problem in Croatia, but NaCONon is not the solution, it just adds a creepy cult to the scene.
It would be a tough choice, Pula psych ward or NarConon. In that case it probably is best to go to Spain or Italy after all. Poor Croatians, I feel sorry for them.


These East European countries are virgin territory for predatory cults. There is just enough freedom to give them room, and an emerging middle class with enough money to pay for helping their troubled children.
And they haven't had the same access to critical media we've had in the West.
So, anybody living there, or going there for work or holiday, warn the people of former Yugoslavia against the dangers of NarCONon.
And warn the media in the West that these fundraising actions only benefit Co$, and not the Croatian drug addicts.

I hope this information has been useful. Thanks for reading, Sekh


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I'll see what I can find out. The address of the place:

Drug Rehabilitation Center
Dalmatinska 126
52208 Rakay-Krnica, Croatia

Phone & Fax: (38) 552-574707
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Deleted. i believe in this group's cause and do not wish to be a hinderence
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Hi and welcome to ESMB, Escapee. (Curious as to what you escaped from, exactly?) :)

I do hear ya on the fact that Narconon had/has some great parts to it and that's actually great that you experienced great benefit from it :yes:

I also had LOTS of wins with Scientology, personally.

Thanks for your views. Just try to understand here, though, that Narconon is part of Scientology Technology, and sure, even though it appears to have many great 'parts' to it, make no mistake as to all the ABUSE rampant going on behind the scenes to DELIVER all that 'great stuff' to you and others.

If this stuff is all so great, WHY does there need to be such ABUSE to ensure it's being delivered to its publics? Huh? I'll tell you why. ONE of THE 'main' reasons? TO LINE DM's POCKETS (and I believe also LRH's, but you'll find those that disagree about that part).

Jes' my two cents...


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Hi Escapee,

Welcome here.:) I'll keep it short now, but if you want to hear more, I'll write the extended version for you one of these days.

You are right; I have a personal connection to Narconon Holland. I was there as a "student", longer ago than you were, lured in under false pretenses, lied to about money and succes-rates, the program, housing conditions and, worst of all, the connection to scientology. And I asked, clearly. They denied, with the well known humbug about the technology being developed by L.Ron Hubbard, who happened to be, purely by coincidence, the founder of scientology too.
But no, they swore they were totally independent, religiously neutral and all the crap. Believe me, they're not.

I'm glad you've had benefits from the program, and hope you stay clean and/or sober and happy, but Narconon didn't do anything for me, except for endangering my health with ridiculous doses of vitamins and a lot of unscientific baloney about toxins and sauna's.
I was smart enough to get the hell out of there before the indoctrination took its cause, but they ruined a good friends life by(I must admit) getting him off drugs and straight into scientology.
He was wealthy, so they took every cent away from him, and kicked him out on the street when done. He's probably dead by now. That pisses me off, truly.:angry:

The translated "win-story", from JK's website(you know who I mean), was part of a longer series on Narconon Holland, but you must agree that the story makes no sense.

Maybe my anger makes me irrational sometimes, but please, keep in mind English is not my first language, and -even when irrational- I don't lie. Which is more than can be said of some institutions. Ah, no. They don't lie, they tell acceptable truths.

Which is something completely different, isn't it? I'm truly appalled to see this scam spreading to a country in Eastern Europe that's devastated by war and poverty and the after-effects of years of communism. They don't need our Western creepy cults to rob away what is left there. They have of plenty problems of their own.

And the Dutch don't need to be framed into giving their money to scientology while thinking they are doing good for the people of Croatia.

Well, it's gotten longer than expected. To end this post;
-yeah, I'm (still)angry,
-yeah, that anger might make me irrational sometimes,:soapbox:
-yeah, despite irrationality I stand behind every word I've said, in short:

Narconon is a scam and a scientology frontgroup!

Despite all of that I suppose some people do get better there. However, statistical evidence proves that 25-30% of addicts stop without any help. So probably you would have gotten off on your own too.

Succes in the rest of your life, and stay clean! That's not sarcasm, I mean it.

In respectful disagreement, :hattip:Sekh.

EDIT:(link added) For another cute story about Narconon on this forum:

Also check out the threads started by AnonyMary and Intelligence.:yes:
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Trouble, trouble,
Puzzle, puzzle,
Wonder what you really want....:confused2:


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Escapee escaped again

It seems to me that Escapee has escaped this Message Board after making just two posts, which are deleted by now. I've got the feeling, but that's just my personal opinion, that Escapee is nobody else than Joanna K., the general director of Narconon Zutphen, who tried to fish for my identity.

Unfortunately I didn't save the posts, because I didn't expect them to be taken down so soon. What made the alarm-bells go off in this case was the difference in attitude between the two posts (post one was strongly pro-Narconon, with a few critical notes, post two was mostly critical, with a few positive points. Post one was was playing on the man, (or woman), which was retracted in post two. And there clearly was some fishing for more personal details through private messages. Why would this stranger need personal data from me?
What bothered me most was that I could not find any of the typical mistakes a Dutch-speaking person(even one who writes English very well)would make in an English letter. Several people on this board are from Dutch, Belgian-Flemish or South-African/Afrikaner decent, and for someone like me, with some training in linguistics, there are small mistakes that can be found almost all of the times. I'm sure I make them myself too. They're almost impossible to avoid totally.

Our new friend Escapee did not make these unconscious errors. That makes me believe that English is his/her first language. In any way, Dutch is not.

The general director of the Zutphen Narconon Center is an American woman who has lived in Holland for decades, and speaks Dutch excellently.
She probably married a Dutchman, her last name is Dutch. The first name is international, but spelled in a way Americans would spell it. Joanna. Dutch parents would name their daughter Johanna. Same name, slight difference.

The funny thing is that she lied about her heritage. I don't get why. There is nothing wrong with being American, and every Dutchman hears it when you have an accent. Strange. And why would an American (or-at least-native English speaking-person end up in Narconon NL, with the language barrier and all? You do need to communicate.)

Back to the thread, and Escapee. I've got a feeling someone pointed out my post to her, and she reacted. Normally newbies make am introduction, tell something about themselves, ask questions, maybe enter some discussions about topics they know something about.
Escapee made two posts in total, only in this thread. Soon as she felt I didn't trust it she was gone. Escaped, so to say. That's fine, but why delete your posts?

That's suspicious. Or am I being paranoid now? Holland is a small country, so I feel I'd better be safe than sorry. But on the other hand; I don't want to enter moonbat- and tinfoil territory, so I just forget Escapee for now and sincerely hope I'm wrong.

If I'm wrong, Escapee, please find help, there are many ways to get out of the cult now-a-days. But, I'm very sorry about it, I personally don't trust you enough to offer you my help. Following site works in Holland, and can be reached in Dutch and English. If you ever decide to want to leave, contact them:

With love, I guess,:whistling: Sekh
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