Narconon UK advertising "Get off Drugs at Home Self-help Withdrawal Programme"


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Narconon UK advertising "Get off Drugs at Home Self-help Withdrawal Programme"

HT - Scientology Books and Media: Narconon in the UK – Part Two

This is a screen grab from Narconon UK’s Facebook page (click to see a larger version)


One entry, made on the 19th of July 2013 reads,

“Just Launched Get off Drugs at Home Self-help Withdrawal Programme new centre in Scotland

Close examination shows that this programme is not in fact provided by Narconon UK, but by another Narconon entity (Narconon Scotland) Although based in Scotland, it operates throughout the UK

I have tracked the misleadingly-named “New Centre in Scotland” down to a residential property on a Scottish housing estate. The “Self-help withdrawal programme” turns out to consist of a website squarely aimed at people who are having difficulties with drugs and alcohol, and at their families.

Incredibly, this Narconon website promises that drug dependence can be effectively treated, and withdrawal symptoms ‘handled’, with the help of family &/or friends in the patients own home . The only external support offered by Narconon is by telephone and email – and for only 30 days.

The website sells worthless (and potential dangerous) packs of ‘medicinal’ Vitamins and Minerals which are required to undertake the “free” programme. These cost £150 ($248.75) for a weeks supply – and are supplied through the mail.

It is difficult to believe that anyone would undertake such a potentially dangerous and irresponsible enterprise. Worse yet, the organisation that is offering it is registered as a charity, and receives tax concessions.

For full details, please read on…


A free programme that can help to ease the withdrawal symptoms and pain experienced in coming off drugs

It’s done in your own home with daily email or telephone support.

You will step down off drugs or alcohol at your own pace.

It will assist you to get through withdrawals with the minimum of pain and discomfort.

The programme can help with withdrawal from most types of drugs, including alcohol. It includes the use of vitamins to help overcome the physical effects of withdrawal, and a series of programme steps which are done at your own time at home with personal help and mentoring through email.



This is a drug free approach used in their withdrawal units by drug rehabilitation centres across the world that are licensed to deliver the NARCONON® drug rehabilitation programme.

My job is to show you how you can use the same method to get off drugs in your own home at your own speed, and so take the vital first step to your recovery.

When the time was right for me, I was lucky enough to find a centre that provided the Narconon programme.

My personal experience of this programme is that this technology and drug-free approach really does ease both the physical and mental pain of withdrawal.

Having thus benefitted from it myself, I am confident of its potential for helping you come off any kind of street drug.

By “street drug” I mean heroin, cocaine, crack, skunk and alcohol etc – and even methadone.



Important Note


The important role of your doctor is covered in our First Step manual but we wish to stress here that:

This Get off Drugs at Home (“First Step”) Programme is not a medical handling nor intended as a substitute for any medical handling.

All medical matters are the rightful province of a properly qualified medical doctor.

As stated in our manual, you MUST

seek the advice and guidance of a doctor before commencing this programme

receive his or her approval to do the programme

stay in good communication with your doctor throughout

and follow your doctor’s advice at all times. Additionally, it would be advantageous to seek the guidance of a medical doctor who is also well versed in the subject of nutrition, particularly as it relates to drug addiction and recovery therefrom.

Getting someone through withdrawal is a team effort and your doctor is a vital member of that team whose importance cannot be overstated.
Steps of the programme

2guysFirstly you need to know that this program is not a medical or health program. It is designed to help you learn more about the causes of alcohol and drug addiction, why you took them in the first place and give you some recovery methods that you can apply (together with a drug free and sober family member or friend) to assist you (self-help) through the withdrawal as you step down, at your own pace from the drugs or alcohol you are currently taking.

It is important that you realise that if you are going to change any regimen regarding your health, that it is your responsibility to consult your GP or physician for a medical examination prior to starting this Get Off Drugs at home program and follow the advice given to you by your medical doctor. Drugs and alcohol can mask unwanted physical conditions that might need to be handled medically and you don’t want to bump into something else whilst you are taking this very important step of kicking your habit.


This Get Off Drugs At Home program is NOT suitable for getting off any form of psychiatric medication. There are many of these medications (too many to name) but anti depressants, anti psychotic and other prescribed or purchased legally or illegally psychiatric medication are not suitable for reduction or withdrawal on this particular program. You need medical help for this one and you must take your advice from your GP or psychiatrist.

Once you have had your medical and your GP has confirmed that there is no medical reason why you can’t step down from your drugs or alcohol, you should get started right away.

Below is a brief description of what this program covers and what you will be doing.

This program is made up of three parts, each one developed by L.Ron Hubbard which have been found to be successful and helpful in many cases to get a person off drugs in a relatively pain free manner. These three components work together to help an addict successfully and as painlessly as possible withdraw from drugs or alcohol.

Step One

Nutrition, including vitamin and mineral supplements are the first component of this program and play a vital role in recovery.

It has been found that continued use of drugs can speed up the burning of reserves of vitamins in ones system and can leave the person with severe deficiencies. These lost nutrients must be replaced during withdrawal or the person will continue to experience the discomforts brought about by these deficiencies. Considerable research in the field of nutrient and vitamin supplements has found them to be of great benefit in replenishing the body of its lost nutrients vital to maintaining normal body functions and to ease the pain of withdrawal.

Nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplements can greatly reduce the pains, discomforts, cramps, anxieties and even depression associated with withdrawals. These supplements are to be taken four times a day and must be taken right after food. If in the beginning you are finding eating solid food difficult then have a good amount of yogurt prior to taking your supplements and if taking between meals you must also take a good helping of yogurt prior to taking your vitamins.

In addition you will be taking CAL-MAG. This is a drink made up from Magnesium Carbonate and Calcium Gluconate (both powders). The exact recipe for preparing this drink you will find in Book#1 and this drink you will take between 1-3 measures every day and again not on an empty stomache.

You will find much more information on the vitamins and minerals you will be taking in Book#1 “Helping Someone Get Off Drugs” on the Narconon First Step Program.

Step Two

This program also makes use of “Assists” This is an easily learnt and applied procedure, which is done by the person helping another through withdrawals, (your drug free friend or family member) and gets the addicted person to be in much better communication with his body which helps the healing process. These “Assists” help ease the cramps, muscle spasms and generally get the body in a much more relaxed state, plus other physical and mental pain usually associated with withdrawals and are a vital tool that must be applied many times a day during withdrawals.

As these “Assists” are applied frequently and the vitamins and minerals are taken regularly, as recommended, the body and mind may be more predisposed to rest and thus sleep will follow. All these components are vital for the success and well being of the person getting through withdrawals.

The full information about these Assists how they work and how to do them you will find in Book#1 “Assists, What They Are” in the Narconon First Step Program. You wiil be doing “The Nerve Assist” and “The Body Com” as many times a day as you feel you need, each separate time continuing until you feel “some” relief and feel a bit more comfortable and brighter than you felt earlier.

Step Three

This procedure we call “light objectives” and these exercises are designed to help to get the addicted person to look outward rather than inward (inside his head). It is often the case when a person goes through withdrawals, all sorts of past emotions, memories or even mental pictures can cause the person great stress and should these symptoms occur the “light objectives” help the person to be in the present rather than the past and assist him greatly to get through his withdrawal program.

More information about these “light Objectives”, what they are, what they help and how to apply them can be found in Book#1 “Light Objective Exercises”

All the above steps and techniques of this Get Off Drugs at Home Program (with support) are directly from the Narconon drug free withdrawal Program and is now available for you on line.

In order to assist you to get through your “Get Off Drugs At Home Program” please do the following:

Get the Starter Pack from our Online Shop here

Complete the Information Sheet ‘About You’ here

Agree with a relative or friend to assist you at home throughout the programme

Keep in daily contact with us using the Daily Report Form here

Visit your doctor and inform him or her that you are doing this programme and show him or her the programme book

I wish you well and look forward to hearing from you and helping you to get through your withdrawal.


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This has been around for quite some time - it was "piloted" by current COB of Narconon Melbourne (Nerida James) and another many years ago.:duh:

It failed then although the books for it are probably still being sold. IIRC there were three of them. Can't remember the names of the books right now but I'm sure it'll come to me (or someone else will remember and post it here.):biggrin:

I'm surprised that someone is trying to sneak this crap under the radar, given the amount of heat on Narconons around the globe right now.:omg:


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Anonymous gets results.
Please report this to the ASA:

What to do:

1) Identify specific claims that are untrue, e.g. that Narconon can help you give up drugs.

2) Complain that the advertiser (Narconon) doesn't have robust evidence to support that claim.

Then the ASA will investigate, Narconon will give them some bullshit report, and the ASA will identify that it's not "robust evidence" and call them on it. In public, so great press potential here.

Online advertising including the advertiser's own website, and Facebook etc, is included in the ASA's remit.

"Thank you for contacting the ASA.
Having reviewed the website in question, our conclusion is that the claims are likely to be clear breaches of our Code, as they relate to the treatment of substance addiction. I have therefore asked our Compliance team to commence new action against this advertiser, to ensure that their advertising is in line with our established guidance in this area.

As your complaint is substantially similar to that which led to the adjudication being upheld, and the Compliance team have agreed to contact the advertiser, we will not investigate your complaint further. The Compliance team will not be able to respond to you directly, but please be assured that they will look to take action if the advertiser is unwilling to bring their advertising in line with our guidance. You can read more about our Compliance process here."

I will try and get something up on NHS evidence to try and ensure healthcare professionals are aware it is not a recognised pathway and can advise accordingly.