Nation of Islam MGT & GCC and Scientology Processing Sister


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Nation of Islam MGT & GCC and Scientology Processing Sister.


Nation of Islam Muhammad Mosque No. 27: "To every MGT and GCC and Processing Sister going to class today and every Saturday."

MGT = Nation of Islam Muslim Girls Training.

GCC = Nation of Islam General Civilization Class.

"Processing" is the same thing as Scientology auditing. Thus, it is clear that in the Nation of Islam being a Scientology "Processing Sister" is equal in status to doing Nation of Islam Muslim Girls Training (MGT) and taking the Nation of Islam General Civilization Class (GCC).


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I would do anything to hear the details/conversation between Farakhan and Miscavige on how they hammered out this deal to integrate the NOI into CoS, and how much exactly Louis is going to make from the deal.

As a rule NOI members are not in higher income brackets, nor have disposable income for the cult to leech and this is why Org staff have been instructed NOT to reg NOI members when they come in to the Org. However, money was not what DM needed, he needed BIS so badly he was willing to make a deal with a equally small cult just to pump up the people and activity levels in the CoS's withering ideal orgs. From statistics it appears membership wise that NOI is smaller than CoS, but then again how many of the 20,000 or less CoS members are active is of considerable debate. I've never bought that DM cares about reaching out to minority communities, but think he knows its good for PR purposes and fundraising with some of his whales.

I know Louis gets a FSM cut of any NOI members buying services, but I don't think that would amount to much since most NOI members will not have the money to pay for the bridge or take expensive courses. So for that reason I think besides a percentage cut that Louis got a nice lump sum, or income stream, for his continuing push of NOI people into CoS.

DM must have at least liked the idea of a population of people who have already had much of their critical thinking skills turned off, already used to believing very outlandish things without question and are already used to an authoritarian cult atmosphere. Like having an employee with a experience and pre-trained for the job of "cult member." Good and pliable. DM must also realize he must find another source of cheap labor for all these ideal orgs due to SO and staff numbers decreasing markedly. I know he imports some from South America and Asia, but the language barrier causes some real issues for front of the house staffing and most orgs outside of Flag, NYC and LA would not be equipped to handle immigrant staff - so NOI is a way to cultivate native speaking staff within their own communities.

However, DM in might be in for a shock. Even though these people might have been brainwashed by the NOI, most of them will not tolerate working terrible hours for NO money. That shit will backfire fast if the cult tries it. Unlike some of the more affluent children of whales on staff the NOI members usually don't have money and daddy paying rent and living expenses and will not stick around when they realize Wal-Mart pays a kings ransom compared to CoS. As for the SO, the prospects are equally bad. I think NOI members will quickly chafe at the discipline and ridiculous work house demanded. The NOI isn't real fond of white devils, so I can't imagine they will be ok with a white guy in a fake navy uniform barking orders at them and telling them what to do 16 hours a day for $50 a month. Whitey can go screw himself for that kind of chump change.