Navigating ESMB - "Todays Posts"/"New Posts" vs home page and searching forums.


I'm just gonna do a "mother hen" on this issue. Take it or leave it :p

A few of my mates around the shop here, use the ESMB home page to navigate ESMB and I've noticed that there's a lot they miss out on that they would be interested in, because they do so.

- The home page only shows the latest 10 threads which have been posted to, and it doesn't show the whole title, nor the first couple of sentences of the thread when ya put your cursor over it (like it does when you're on "Today's Posts" or "New Posts" - ya don't get to see what it's about).

- Many choose an inappropriate sub-forum for a new thread and sometimes the mods may take a while to move it to the appropriate sub-forum (that is if they get to spot it and move it at all). So going to a sub-forum, isn't going to necessarily show you all that is around on that topic, and, regardless of where threads are originally posted, they often take a turn and get into something that you'd normally find on a different sub-forum anyway.

- Sometimes there is news of one of our own, as in someone here. It can be/could be in any sub-forum, and ya won't see it necessarily on the latest posts on the home page, nor in the sub-forums that you choose to search.

- Often, one or two will post a new thread about some "breaking news article" within a few hours, or maybe more, of another or others already having posted a thread about the very same thing. Usually the mods seem to get to those and merge them, but I've seen it happen often, and often wondered why the second and third member here, posting yet another thread about the same thing, didn't see the existing thread or threads on the issue, already being posted to throughout the day.

If you go to "Today's Posts" or "New Posts" on the home page, on the bars above the chatbox, then you'll see all that's going on, or at least have the option to.

If ya use "Today's Posts" you'll see all the threads that have been posted to in the last 24 hours. Those threads with posts you haven't already opened to view will be in "bold".

If ya use "New Posts", it will only show threads which have been posted to since you last viewed or opened the thread.

So often I get from friends, "where was that" or "where is that"? (they missed something and wondered why). These guys spend more time looking at the board than others who who didn't miss it. Why? - 'Cause they stick to the home page and look at "Latest Posts" and then search sub-forums rather than scan over and/or look at "Today's Posts" or "New Posts".

A lot who navigate ESMB through the home page, won't see this thread, but at least next time when one of my mates says "Oh, I didn't see that, where is it?", I'll have something to direct them to so hopefully there won't be a 'next time'.

Leave it with ya! :coolwink:


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That's a good point. Personally, I usually only have a little bit of time each day to allocate to visiting ESMB. When I log in I click on "New Posts" and check out what's happening. If I really don't even have enough time to log in and visit, I just hit "Today's Posts". They are very useful functions and pretty much the only way I operate here.
When I have some time to spend, that's when I browse the individual forum categories, but the two functions that you mention allow me to keep up on what's happening at the moment.


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And, of course, the real clever people just click on 'Carmel's' avatar and go to 'find all posts by Carmel' :)