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Need help in the Gloria Lopez affair (France)

Discussion in 'France and Belgium' started by Albion, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Albion

    Albion Patron with Honors

    Good afternoon all,

    Up now at Tony Ortega's Underground Bunker is my first story in a series on the 2006 suicide in France of Scientologist Gloria Lopez. I'll be running more stories over at Infinite Complacency in the coming weeks. We are starting by asking for information on three witnesses in the affair, all Scientologists, who had dealings with Gloria Lopez in the final months of her life.

    As you'll see in the story, French investigators have been unable to locate them for interview and Scientology executives say they don't know where they are. They are:

    Juliette Wagner-Quercia, who introduced Lopez to Scientology and who, according to family and friends was a strong influence on her during her first years inside the movement. She was working at Scientology's Copenhagen base in 2006 and was Lopez's point of contact there;

    Elisabeth Haley, Lopez's auditor at Copenhagen. Haley wrote twice to Lopez in the months that followed, trying to get her to return for further auditing. The contents of her letters make it clear she knew that Lopez was in difficulty;

    Danielle Ambert: a high-level Scientologist (OT VIII and a former mission holder in France), she acted as Lopez's financial adviser at a time when she came into a substantial sum of money – most of which she subsequently spent on Scientology.

    I think Wagner-Quercia and Ambert are both French women in their 60s. I'm not sure about Haley.

    We are trying to find out what happened to them following the suicide of Gloria Lopez in December 2006 -- in particular, if they had any dealings with Scientology. We would also be interested to know who the key executives were in July 2006 in Copenhagen, when Gloria Lopez visited. You can post here, DM me or contact me by email (the address is top-right at Infinite Complacency).

    Even if, as looks likely, the investigating judge drops the case, new information in the case could still get it reponed if provided soon enough.

    Read the story and spread the word. Hope you can help


    Jonny Jacobsen
    Infinite Complacency
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  2. koki

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    hope , someone will help you!
  3. Little David

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