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Need help with inflow/outflow to answer boss


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Even forewarned about the cult, if you stay working there, they'll get to know you, there iwll be subtle pressure. You may succumb to the Scilon message. They can be VERY persuasive - people don't part with $10,000s for nothing, they think they're buying something valuable. If you don't 'get' the wierd management bullshit you may recieve some 'retraining'.
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The siphon and inflow/outflow analogy are actually quite useful things to know in advertising because the cause/effect is based on the laws of physics. The reason a "siphon" works is that when you suck the substance (air, water, gasoline, energy) out of the tube, you create a vacuum in that tube. (The reason the outflow/inflow stops in the "vat" scenario is that liquid seeks its own level where pressure is equal. Also, your description is off a bit - there were not initially two vats of water -- there was one vat with water and one empty.) On this planet, the attempt is to never allow a vacuum to exist, and any substance in the area will rush in to fill up the void created by emptying the container. This is the theory behind "reach and withdraw" and "inflow/outflow" in Scientology - if you want someone to come closer to you, back up. If you want them to try to hear you, whisper. You send energy out of the company (by means of advertisements, brochures, flyers), you tend to create a vacuum where that energy used to be, and the public's energy (interest) out there will rush in -- or be pulled in -- to fill up that vacuum. So the answer to #3 is that by outflowing energy, you are creating a void, which must not exist on this planet, and other energy will immediately rush to fill in that void.


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Unfortunately, not in CA. As stated, it is an "at-will" employment environment. I feel it benefits the employer most, because all they have to say is "This isn't working." It is to the employer's benefit to *not* tell you why you were let loose, as there is nothing to defend.

On the other hand, in CA, if you are fired or quit, your agreed upon vacation is to be cashed out as unpaid wages. This is before unemployment is considered. I left a position in CA several years ago and had several weeks of vacation saved up... I didn't have to worry about another job for a while. Where I live now, this is not the case. It's a state-by-state gig.

This is still a giant troll thread, but other people than the OP can be introduced to ideas here, thus it's not worth completely abandoning.

They DO have to give a reason to Human Resources for termination.
One person I knew was terminated very abruptly when her supervisor got angry with her (actually, she deserved it for genuine non-performance). But he didn't do it right according to company policy. Then there was a whole big deal, that came out, on training supervisors about this.

Legally, what you are saying is correct.
But in how companies do this... you are not correct. It doesn't happen that way. There is ALWAYS a stated reason for the termination.