Need to take a Survey to Date a Scientologist?


I want to keep this kinda under the radar...??

I was talking to a friend the other night...this friend knows I'm an Ex-Scien....and is fascinated by all that...

Anyway, this friend told me that an acquaintance had mentioned that she was dating a guy that was a Scientologist...

My friend told me that the acquaintance told her that the guy's MOTHER insisted that she fill out an 18 page survey....before she could date her son.

The Mother and Father of this guy she is dating are some sort of well established long time Cult members...

The son was born into the Cult.

Anyway, my jaw kinda dropped!

An 18 page survey! ( or any survey at all...!!) to date.

I'm trying to get my hands on a copy of this survey...and will keep you all posted about this.

Anyone heard of this before?

I know the Cult is big on signing legal documents and such these days....but this seems rather ridiculous...


Oh, a wise guy,eh?
A Joberg? At least it would seem that long.

An 18 page survey should give him a clue: run the other way!



Perhaps the mother got ahold of the Cult’s dating / wife search for Tom Cruise eligibility survey?

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Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie
Having had a mother-in-law from hell the survey is a heads up. RUN... RUN FAST... RUN FAR... JUST RUN!

There are more issues in that family than just sciobot-dom.