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Nevada's Republican Legislature: Now With More Scientology!


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Crooks and Liars: Nevada's Republican Legislature: Now With More Scientology!

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Brent Jones, representing the southwest area of Nevada in District 35 is not just a Teabagger, he's a Scientologist


The election of Brent Jones as Assemblyman from Nevada's 35th district is noteworthy for a few reasons, the greatest being his faith. Las Vegas is heavily populated with folks from all religious convictions, especially Mormons, as both of Nevada's U.S. Senators are LDS church members. However, Jones is not LDS, he's a Scientologist, with a less than savory past.

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Tony Ortega: Scientologist (and Tea Partier) Brent Jones is elected to Nevada’s legislature

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Our old friend Nathan Baca sent us a hot tip last night: He pointed out that Brent Jones had defeated incumbent Democrat James Healey in Nevada’s 35th Assembly district in Tuesday’s election, and no one had really noticed that it meant a Scientologist had managed to get himself elected to public office.

There’s precedence for Scientologists to get elected. Sonny Bono, who served as a US Representative from 1994 until his death in a skiing accident in 1998, took Scientology courses, though he was careful to put “Roman Catholic” on official documents.

Brent Jones was also cautious. He makes no mention of Scientology in his official campaign bio. But there’s no hiding his extensive involvement with the organization.

Baca reminded us that our old colleague at New Times Los Angeles, Ron Russell, featured Jones in one of our favorite Scientology stories of all time.

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Brent Jones is a Clear Patron of the Church of Scientology.

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No entries were found in my Scientology Statistics Project Clear List database for this person.

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Brent Jones has a Scientologist Online cookie-cutter web site:
Brent Jones - Scientologist Online site
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Brent Jones appears in a recent WISE directory:
2004 WISE Directory:Category: Health Products

Brent Jones
Affinity Life Styles.com, Inc.
408 Bryant Cr., Ste. Q

Ojai, CA 93023
United States
Tel +1 805-646-9224
Fax +1 805-646-9223
Email: [email protected][provider].com


Gold Meritorious SP
Brent re-married in 2012 & has a newborn, photos which can be found on their Facebook pages. I found one photo of Brent wearing his company shirt "Real Water" next to Mel B. (former Spice Girls' singer) on a TV show.


Mel B. has partnered with Brent on a campaign promoting cancer research.


https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007456895027 (Brent's personal FB)


https://www.facebook.com/aimee.shelton.5 (wife)
He used to be involved with the Republican Party in Pinellas County when he lived here.

Many local Clearwater Scientologists considered him their opinion leader.

I thought he was kind of stupid.

He was very contemptuous of the poor if I remember correctly.

The Anabaptist Jacques


Gold Meritorious SP
This is when the doofus was running for a State Senate seat 2 years ago.. he lost.


He sued a fellow candidate when she called attention to his Scientology/ostrich egg scam during the campaign. He sued her for defamation, later dismissing the lawsuit (it was meritless) less than 2 months after it was filed and she won the campaign.


He later moved to a smaller district & ran for the Nevada Assembly & he won. Observe the huge turnout that showed up for his BBQ.



Squirrel Extraordinaire
Fractional-reserve ostriches. That's a new one.


Real water with added electrons? When I lived in LA I actually bought a $500 Jupiter alkaline water ionizer (not from a Scientologist), that produced water with a pH of 8 (or 9 or even 10). I used it for a couple of years. Lovely stuff. Such water does taste different, much more fuller-bodied so to speak.

A few weeks back when reading about the effects of large doses (over 10 grams) of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) someone said that in such huge doses the relevant health factor was not so much the Vitamin C but all the extra free electrons that very rapidly neutralise the disease-causing free radicals in the body. When I read that I immediately thought of the health claims of the alkaline water industry, i.e. that the alkalinity promotes health.

I'm not endorsing either claim, merely pointing out the similarities. :)



I have always felt that Scientology wanted to move on from religion without losing the benefits to become a political party with clout. This appears to me to be a move in that direction.

As regards Paul's post...

There was a similar warning about B12 in the news this week and its affects on the brain as being negative. I have heard many reports by the media of the dangers of vitamins, minerals, etc. but never about pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals just don't seem to newsworthy unless being touted as the next miracle.

The right spin and left spin of molecules in food known as anionic and cationic is the reason why fruit sugars are OK and processed sugar is bad. Don't ask for docs, look it up.