Never to Be Posted As An Executive Again


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Yes Sheila.

This was *secretly* posted in their Ethics File without the person being informed.

I recall a specifically sad case of a girl who worked her butt off, even when longer hours were not mandatory. She *Slaved* for the CULT and could never get promoted.

When she was 11 years old she stroked the penis of her German Shepherd. It was a one time thing done more out curiousity than anything.


The furious notes in her folder from CMO, Guardian's office and god knows who else had sentences that she practices BESTIALITY ! That she was sexual pervert and should never EVER be promoted. Rah Rah Rah,

Happy for this girl she left the CULT some 25 years ago. She never ever knew the horrific accusations and utter nonsense in her folder with an inside cover note


So embarassing :blush:

That was me! I stroked the penis of my dog too when I was 5 - it turned red and it was gross.

I fspent a couple days and a shit ton of $$$ for that overt and with hold....that I got off during my FPRD.

I went HOLE TRACK and come to find out I used to fuck dinosaurs back when I was a cave man/woman.

Once I got to "basic basic" on that chain - I puked and was crystal clear I made the whole thing up.

That explains why I never got asked to join the Sea mORGue.

Thanks Karen. I love "as ising" Scientology.


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What a horrible indictment of Scientology that it is hard to tell if the previous post is a joke or not.



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What a horrible indictment of Scientology that it is hard to tell if the previous post is a joke or not.


I don't have one shred of doubt that it is true. Some sexually repressed SO robot probably freaked out at a completely innocent event in a child's life and condemned the now adult as a pervert.

Don't forget kids are old thetans in little bodies and know what bestiality is even at 5 years old.

This is NOT OK !!!!

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I remember seeing Debbie Cook's issue from (I think) when she was first assigned to the RPF in the '80s which said "Tiger - never to be posted as an executive."

Then she "graduated" the RPF and replaced Shawn Quirino as Senior Interne Sup and the rest as they say is history.

Harvey Jacques was declared a tiger, but eventually wound up as the Captain FSO! :omg: