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Chilling...very Waco-esque. It's like an alter-ego you put on to get through life and just keep your head above water.
That's the twisted manipulative nature of $cientology remolding a person's personality and core values into cultist idealistic fanaticism believing the end justifies the means.


Maybe we should be asking the clear cog and the OT levels?
(with a hint for ex-members that aren't aware: they are available online. "Just google it")
That way any OSA-bots would have to google them and be exposed.


Chilling...very Waco-esque. It's like an alter-ego you put on to get through life and just keep your head above water.

I've lurked here for YEARS and post regularly at Tony Ortega's blog & occasionally at Mike Rinder's. My backstory was primary my husband & I being recruited (long shocking story) but we're happily never-ins. That said, my "bonus son" and my eldest's best friend since he was 9 (they're 21 now) who was a hard-core Christian began dating a girl from a very similar background to what you're describing. They began to date at about 18yrs old an his girlfriend was never really into the whome
Scientology thing" as that was more what her family was into.

Well, this young man who was a near-daily part of my life for the past 12 years is now fully disconnected with us. He keeps conversations with his own parents (friends of ours) limited to "fair weather..." surface level. PLEASE take heed of all these warnings! He told me repeatedly he KNEW what it was all about and would never be sucked in! He's a very smart young man and I'd shown him evidence, stories, blogs and he was always into making a bunch of money to have a nice car, etc. and not relying on his parents. He had a strong faith and thought the whole Scio thing was laughable. He's now been in and done his Purif (he'd been on ADHD meds when he was an adolescent), no longer believes in psychiatry and thinks his parents were abusive for "allowing" his younger sibling to be diagnosed as on the autism spectrum since "it doesn't exist."

Id have sworn to you up and down it could NEVER happen to him and he's in, even now with all this info available. So PLEASE protect your daughter however you can! In years here I've never felt compelled
tompost because so many amazing people here have said everything I could think far better than I... but your story gave me chills because I could have written it (& so could his non-Scio mom & dad - who're in fear of disconnection every single day) just 18 mos ago!

You & yours will be in my prayers and please listen to the people that post here - most have been in the trenches! Much love to you & good for you for not taking it lightly and coming here!