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New book about Scientology: Ron the War Hero

Discussion in 'Books and Essays About Scientology' started by ChrisO, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Gold Meritorious Patron

    Ron and Sara had quite a row didn't they?

    But the game of boy and girl is played in a "No Blood - No Foul League" LD

    Pull yer haidbone out of your lower alimentary orifice and have a look around the world in which will live. Methinks ye might find far more worthy provocations of outrage than a meaningless lover's quarrel some seven decades in the past
  2. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    You should explain that to Alexis, and the many other people who have essentially had their existence made null and void by Scientology's disconnection policies. I, as far as I know, if actions speak louder than words, no longer exist to my offspring still in the SO.

    I doubt, by your cavalier posts, you have been of the receiving end of Hubbard's toxic policies. The very policies that seemed to make sense to me when I was a true believer ( it's an ethics gradient that will make them see the error in their ways and rejoin the crusade to clear the planet ) when in reality they are no more or less than cruel policies to A) punish those who leave, B) dissuade those who remain from leaving, C) and prevent interaction (communication) from those gullible souls still in and those who would burst their bubbles. Money was Hubbard's god, and it superseded all other considerations he might have had about fair play.

    No, Clay Pidgeon, devaluing the toxic-ness of Hubbard's personal and organizational behavior is reprehensible. It is not a mere boy-girl game. While it is not in the same league as murder, it is nonetheless destructive.

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  3. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Gold Meritorious Patron

    Mimsey, I am bitterly and tragically on the receiving end of the dark side of policy.

    I have not seen my sons since 1980.

    My first born son was dead four years before I was told of it

    After the wretched divorce in 1980 I decamped to the left coast and my comm line to them was severed from the other end. In 1986 I traveled east seeking my sons and failed to get in touch. I returned west and knowing only my ex-mate's mother as a person who knew the whereabouts of my sons (my own mother knew and would not admit it) I sent her cards and letters asking where they were.

    Then one day out in Seattle a note with a Los Angeles postmark and no return address arrived in Seattle ordering me to "stop harrassing Mary Wihere" and signed only with a squiggle which I recognized as the monogram of Greg Wilhere's initials being well familiar with his hand from doing folder study of PC's he audited.

    No return address.

    Not the least bit of respect or common decency.

    And as I later learned this happened when my son was being treated for leukemia



    But I am still an auditor. I learned things training and practicing auditing which have been of surpassing value in the course of my life

    Moreover I have personal substantial experience of what is termed "OT"


    My father's life was shortened for having twice receiving ECT and I was twice railroaded into psychiatric facilities where I wqs incarcerated w/o warrant and subjected to malpractice in extremis


    Residence in institutions for the criminally insane is reserved for those who actually cut children into pieces not those who in a fit of pique claim to have done so.

    And I'm gonna tell ya something else...

    The divorce thrust upon me was so ROTTEN I had moments when I was so vastly engulfed by hot black impotent rage I...

    I'm a proud man Mimsey, but not so proud I can't confess this in public...

    wanted to murder my own children.

    I could not honorably condemn Ron for his wrath.
  4. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    Thank you for sharing - but without any background such as the above, what was I supposed to think? I apologize that my comments were insensitive to your situation.


  5. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Gold Meritorious Patron

    No need for apology Mims, you've long been one of my favorite posters.

    I mentioned Greg Wilhere as a person culpable for the wrongful death of my firstborn son in my first post on this board back in 2010 and have several times promised I would give the details but this is the first time I've expanded on the statement

    But far more guilty is his step father

    And I think many posters here will be unsettled where they learn of the vile deeds of a man who so thoroughly and passionately HATES Scientology

    I've kind to my foils here Mimsey.


    I'm gonna expose the lethal nature of vicious bigotry espoused by many of the people gathered here
  6. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    You did it, CP. :hug:

    You finally talked about it here. :heartflower:

    No anvil is going to fall on you.

    I am so sorry you went through all that, and that your sons did, as well. You know how I feel about that.

    I'm proud of you for facing this now. Please don't take it out on all the exes, though, k?
  7. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Gold Meritorious Patron

    I'm not usually the vindictive sort JS. Like all but the greatest of saints I can get cranky now and then but I hardly ever kill anyone.

    My former wife's old boyfriend is guilty of what he did. No matter how closely he might agree with some members of this board, no matter how closely some members might agree with him, he did what he did and no one here is guilty of his bad conduct.

    Good to know you have your ears on JS and will pay attention to the tale I tell.

    Even though I'm not vindictive nor accusatory it is a tale which will likely discomfort some posters