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This new book looks to be a GREAT read! :thumbsup:

Escape, My Lifelong War Against Cults by Paul Morantz

Paul Morantz was fighting to help families free their loved ones from Synanon's abusive Cult and drug treatment program, when their hitmen put a rattlesnake, with the rattles cut off, into his mail box. He was bitten when he reached for his mail.

Fair Use Quote from the review by Jack Neworth:
"Paul survived, but his life was forever changed. He would spend the next 30 years in a remarkable legal career battling almost every well-known cult and charlatan guru in courts throughout the state.

He documents this journey in his book “Escape: My Lifelong War Against Cults,” a thrilling read that’s also educational. It links half a century of mental manipulation, violence, and legal warfare waged by controversial totalistic movements.

Chapter after chapter details the similarities of cults and their megalomaniacal leaders. It’s revealing to see the same elements in Charles Manson’s “family,” the Symbionese Liberation Army, Synanon, Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple, Werner Erhard’s est, the Unification Church, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s commune and even Scientology.

Many of these cults have their own version of forced abortions, extreme hours with little to no pay, sleep deprivation, and constant ego-smashing abuse combined with praise and reassurance. Also common are disconnection from families, and diabolical legal strategies intended to ruin reputations and cripple outside interference.

But Paul’s heroics have come at a steep price. In 1978, his fiancé left him out of fear for her children. And then 10 years ago, Paul was diagnosed with a serious blood disorder linked to rattlesnake venom. Paul’s forced to live on bi-monthly transfusions. (He jokes, “I’ve developed simpatico with Dracula.”)

In “Escape” Morantz skillfully traces Chinese leader Mao Tse-tung’s theories of brainwashing he used on his own people and also on American POWs during the Korean War. Paul lays the groundwork for showing how many controversial groups here at home, particularly those coming out of the 1960s human potential movement, shared the same ideas, methods and, all too often, the same tragic results.

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Ooooh, this is the second edition! So it has updated information...JUICY! :drool:

The book was released last year. I've known Paul for years. He is a white knight that has sued not only Synanon (whose leader ordered him killed), but EST and some smaller cults. He also represented survivors of the Peoples Temple (Jonestown).

Ironically, the Synanon leader ordered 2 members of the cult's Imperial Marines (think Sea Org) to put the rattlesnake in Paul's mailbox, but first they removed it's rattles. One of Paul's many successes was keeping Werner Erhard & EST training out of the Los Angeles Police Department.
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