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New Chris Shelton Video - Scientology's Organizational Madness

Discussion in 'Chris Shelton's Videos' started by Intentionally Blank, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Free Being Me

    Free Being Me Crusader

    Great video, Chris! I would love to see the dwarfenfuhrer nailed in court for being the supreme rulah of $cientology all his empty claims to the contrary (the Monique Rathbun trial comes to mind, fingers crossed) watching $cientology exposed and held accountable for the criminal mafia it is crumbling into as the $cio's say ... non-existence. The irony.
  2. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    As I commented to Chris at the Underground Bunker:

    Thank you so much for all you are doing to help bring understanding and insight to others about Scientology. You never cease to amaze me with your well thought out putting of complicated things together and your clarity of presentation. Watching and listening to this lifted yet another fog from my understanding in simplicity. I shall share it with everyone, especially the Narconon case attorneys who are trying so hard to help victims while getting the bigger picture of what Scientology is as an organization whole and where it's responsibilities lie.This really streamlines the information. Much appreciated.
  3. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    Me too, but...

    With all those attorneys present, it is highly unlikely that Miscavige will slip up and commit perjury. So, in that sense (even if he is deposed or must testify in court) the satisfaction of seeing COB get "nailed" is probably not going to happen in a sudden and satisfying manner.

    More likely, like other sociopaths and tyrants, he will methodically self-destruct like L. Ron Hubbard did. Let us take a moment of respectful silence to remember the universe's greatest Operating Thetan, supernatural powers and all, hiding inside of a little traveling motorhome--with with all the cowardice his "reactive mind" could muster. Oh yeah, let's not forget about delusionally paranoid ranting about conspiracies and BTs. From the publishing date of "Original Thesis", it took 38 years (1948-1986) for Hubbard to "nail" himself, but it was quite satisfying and worth waiting for, wasn't it? LOL

    Talking about reaching the 38 year mark, let's see--if Miscavige took over as "Chairman of the Board" of RTC in 1987, the 38-year mark would be next year, 2015.

    Personally, I am enjoying the slow-motion controlled demolition of the COS and all things Hubbard and Scientology. I actually prefer this to one single "event" because it is infinitely more thorough in destroying every vestige of repute and credibility for Scientology, the 20th century's greatest hoax.

    Take another good look at Miscavige's face of late--he doesn't look so good. The transformation is somewhat startling. Think Dorian Gray.


    And 2014.....




    If this was a movie, the director would yell out: "Cue motorhome to pull up and and BTs to start dramatizing! Action!"
  4. Intentionally Blank

    Intentionally Blank Scientology Widow

    Bahahaha. Love that story.

    dorian-gray-movie-trailer.jpg dorian_gray.jpg

    Yup.... It won't be long now.
  5. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    Thank you Chris.

    You did a very much professional and reliable video document here!
    I am certain it will be of help for many lawyers and that you ex-big boss is not at all happy with your product!

    You are a very good communicator, you make it simple, straight, and you succed to keep my interest till the end!
    Despite I have been in over a decade, a brief time in the SO management, it's the first time I have a whole picture of events, their relation and particularly, the raise of Miscavige, how he got at the top of each command structure. Not a mystery at all!

    Good job!:thumbsup:

    Since you brought all this Miscavige raise I have a question for people who witnessed it.
    It's clear now, for me, that he fired all the RTC exec to put ''his people'' there.
    I have always thought he created a group (with choosen ones) to support his raise at the top and conduct his ''mutinity'' against the command channels and top execs.
    So, how did he got agreement and support of these CMO int people ???
    What did he promessed ???? Money ???? power ???? a share in a for profit compagny set aside ????
    Why would the guys, he put in charge of RTC, would do such thing for this guy they never trusted, they knew was not trained and what his true nature was,
    and despite of such awareness, help him to raise at the top?????

    This question is never brought up - but Miscavige certainly needed their loyal support!
    Why they would work for him to bring $cientology in such a position without any substantial benefit as a compensation, an incentive????? instead of , all together, opposing and exposim him , getting him com eved and declared!
    I mean he is 5'5'' and there was a time he was not that powerfull!

    Thank you for any reply about that!
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2014
  6. Chris Shelton

    Chris Shelton Patron with Honors

    I understand the confusion. The thing you aren't factoring in is that these people were Sea Org members first.You don't have to promise Sea Org members anything, certainly not money or power or something like that. They don't operate on those principles or for those motivations.

    I mentioned in my video that DM was the line between LRH and the Scientology masses. It is only with the wonder of hindsight that we can see what he did to corrupt that line and how he took advantage of it. At the time, few people saw that for what it was. Not everyone there knew everything we know now. It was a very confused time, especially in the early 80s and then again after LRH died. COB was the guy who had the line to LRH until he died and that meant to most people that LRH fully approved of everything COB was doing, and that COB was with Command Intention. It didn't matter if LRH even knew what COB was doing, the apparency was that he had LRH's okay. It didn't matter if they didn't like him personally, they knew he was The Man and he was not someone that you want to mess with, so to speak. But most important, he was the one who laid down Command Intention.

    Also remember that Miscavige was very good at getting rid of anyone who opposed him. If someone was against him, he was masterful at executing that person through character assassination and everyone around believed that. They believed that so-and-so had gone bad, gone rogue, gone out-ethics, etc. Most of them were too damn busy trying to get their jobs done to be able to dedicate a lot of time thinking about why so-and-so went off-the-rails. It happens all the time in the Sea Org. People go to the decks or they go to the RPF and people just shrug and say "Oh, I didn't know they were up to that" and they get on with their post and their lives. It's kind of hard to explain unless you've been in the Sea Org life and culture.

    From what I've been told in the interviews I did, the people who helped Miscavige weren't doing it because they liked him, but they also had not yet identified him as a sociopathic nutcase. In the 80s, they thought he was an intense guy who was "taking responsibility" for getting the show on the road after Hubbard died. The key to understanding why they followed him, though, is understanding that they were Sea Org members obeying the directions of their senior officer. If you put it into that context, I think it might make a little more sense.

    I'm not saying this is all there is to know about it. I'm just giving you some more data as to where these people's heads were at.
  7. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    Thank you very Much Chris for this datas\viewpoint input!

    I think I get more understanding!
    Yes the command intention is a key concept to keep in mind!

    I remember the early 80's - It was a very much scary moment for missions, execs in orgs and mission, also the Mayo situation - we couldn't even pronounce the name of the pseudo biggest ever sp :duh: I remember almost all executives were at fear in the mission I was public. Most had been removed without any apparent reason I can remember!

    Then , as you mentionned, when LRH passed away, it was even worse, peolpe were like frozen, at fear, :nervous: There has been a bizzare year overcoming the loss of the guru and waiting for something to happen. Captain Miscavige then arose! :duh:

    Yes, I must take the viewpoint from that time - they didn't knew what we know now, and were executing LRH orders to help Miscavige take over the command.

    (I probably was mistaken in assuming that Rathbun knew it was a mutinity and Miscavige true intentions :unsure:) They certainly had no direct comm lime to LRH or Broker to proof any order!:confused2:

    Again, I appreciate you make it simple!
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2014
  8. mockingbird

    mockingbird Silver Meritorious Patron

    Great video and thread Chris :clap::clap::clap::hattip::hattip::hattip:

    I just saw that pic of DM , is there a DM looks like shit thread cause there needs to be one!!

    That looks like one Dying Motherfucker!!! ( due to natural causes or a life of beating his liver as much as his staff !! )

    What is the over / under on his drop dead date ??

    It should be in months !!!

    FUUUCK !!!:hysterical::hysterical::hysterical:
  9. cakemaker

    cakemaker Patron Meritorious

    Miscavige also has a quality - not unlike a snake's - where he can stare at you and literally freeze you.
    I'm not sure how to quantify it or explain it in logical terms since most of us would say, "He wouldn't have that effect on ME".
    I've met him and I've seen it happen.

    Part of the way he throws others off and gains control is his loudness, his intense stare, his rapid fire way of speaking, his ability to curse impressively and, lastly, his innate ability to create unpredictable injustices.

    Because he gained some authority early on, he leveraged it by getting others in trouble - to the point that no one would cross him lest they end up RPF'd or worse.

    He used the 'head on a pike' masterfully, even if the head was innocent.
    Actually, it was preferable that it was an injustice as the effect was even more destabilizing.

    A little madness goes a long way.

    Uncontrolled madness gives you today's COB.