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New CNN Story


A friend sent this to me.
"Here is info on an upcoming week of shows on Scientology abuses on Anderson Cooper 360. Those of you in the Non US will be able to see it on CNN International:
I spoke to CNN last night and here is the lastest schedule for the upcoming special on Anderson Cooper 360:

Between August 24th - 28th, for 5 nights in a row there will be two 3-4 minute stories. These stories will air during their 10pm show and repeat in the 11pm show. On Friday the 28th, they may do a 1 hour special to recap the whole story.

(Times will vary for different areas, so check your local listings)... Stay tuned. Should be very interesting!"


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Thank you for the info, Honduras. Rumours of Anderson doing this had been swirling around and I have not been able to find anything about it. I will tune in on those dates.


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BFG brought that up a few days ago. I wrote to Anderson Cooper to encourage him. Please do the same.

There was going to be an ABC news special about Gold Base 3-4 months ago, but it looks like the CoS got it canceled. It's important to encourage the medias and tell them it's now safe to cover scientology.


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Thanks for the info, honduras! I can't wait to see these reports.

Mark your calendars, everybody. Hopefully it will alll be captured for youtube purposes as well. :coolwink: