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New Frederick News-Post article re Trout Run


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Local residents seeking information about Narconon’s plans for a drug rehabilitation center near Thurmont got more than they asked for at a public meeting Tuesday.

A Facebook group, “No Narconon at Trout Run,” had 230 members as of Tuesday afternoon. Its local members organized a meeting Tuesday evening at Urbana’s public library, attended by about 20 people.

Thurmont residents and group members Kai Hagen and Mark Long spoke about a drug rehab center planned for a 40-acre site named Trout Run, off Catoctin Hollow Road near Thurmont, that Narconon wants to open.

Narconon, an organization that provides drug rehabilitation programs, uses methods developed by the Church of Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

“We do not want Narconon in our community, or any community, for that matter,” Long said.

To establish a “residential drug rehabilitation center” at Trout Run, Narconon will need the site to be added to the county’s historic register. The County Council has closed the public record and is not accepting further comments, although it has yet to make a decision on the historic designation.

“The one big issue we have is ... the community is clamoring to have an impact,” Hagen said.

Members of the “No Narconon” group invited former Narconon student and former staff member David E. Love to speak about his experience at a Narconon center in Quebec.

“It’s all deceit and a lie, it really is,” Love said.


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No Narconon at Trout Run in Maryland

May 12 - 13, 2015: Two Frederick Town meetings with concerned citizens and a visit today at Trout Run in Maryland. Scientology entity, Social Betterement Properties International called police and Sheriff cars arrived for a chat about not trespassing onto the sacred property.



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Cult scumbag Sylvia Stanard is the go-to person on the Trout Run issues..




They've paid taxes on the property for 2014 ($12,894.49) & 2015 ($12,894.49).. 12929 Catoctin Hollow Road.

Bill Year: 2015
Bill: 961855
Parcel ID: 15340851



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Scientology and private investigator dirty tricks in Frederick, Maryland


May 14, 2015: "Goon squad OSA (Scientology Intelligence - Office of Special Affairs) is working hard in Frederick, Maryland." -- "Scientology spokesperson Sylvia Stanard and Karin Pouw are trained to handle media with what this organization calls an "acceptable truth" - not necessarily the real truth." -- "This convicted criminal organization, Scientology, faces off with a very intelligent and determined community of citizens in Frederick, Maryland - a large group that is growing each and every day. This being a battle of truth versus lies, good versus evil, Robert F. Kennedy comes to mind in a famous quote."


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Is there a LRH Policy Letter on handling serpents? :biggrin:



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Is there a LRH Policy Letter on handling serpents? :biggrin:


Huh. I don't know Chuck, but I think I know some of his family.

I don't think anyone smart would believe that you could move into the countryside in the vicinity of the Potomac River watershed and not find serpents. But whatever the IQ of its members, the collective IQ of the Co$ is in the single digit range.

I grew up only a few scant miles from Trout Run. When I was about 12, I had a juvenile (~40 - 50 cm long) one of those fuckers drop on my head off of the doorframe once when I opened the door to our outbuilding. Fortunately, I was wearing a boonie hat at the time and it didn't go down my damn shirt. I screamed like a little girl, ran for my machete and chopped the shit out of the little monster. God, I hate those things.

I can only imagine how infested the Trout Run buildings, with neglected maintenance per usual Co$ operating style, will become with reptiles and their prey within a year or two if they ever get the license to operate.
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