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Hi Claire:

Thank you very much for posting this. I think that it is a great website and it is well designed to inform people about Scientology and it helps them decide for themselves wether to stay or go.

I love the critics actually, but regarding this website they are doing and saying exactly what they hate it done on them.

Live and let live...paraaaaaa raaaammmmmm raaaaammmmm:happydance:

(Ominous sound like in the song):happydance:

Yeah, I love the critics (many many of them), too, believe it or not. (She said to a chorus of "ORLYs" and raised eyebrows). I just thought it was unfortunate that some stuff went down as it did. But I can't ignore my own part in fucking things up there, too, and hope that creating this thread will help a bit. So my apologies to Terril about that, and yes, I do think that the discussion on this thread has been relevant. Nexus' and Veda's comments are interesting and thoughtful, and provide the counterpoint to the original op and posts supporting it.


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I had fun in Scientology. It was a secretive cult and I was very naive. Ignorance is bliss.

Here's a tiny sampling - or reminder - of the "good old days" - of 1965, the same year that the Fair Game Law, 'KSW' and the SP Doctrine were formulated:

However, it didn't start in 1965:

"...the whole room regressed to being a pack of teenagers..."

Good Lord.

Naivete is not a virtue. Cluelessness is not an ability. Ignorance is not really bliss.

And Glee is not a 'good indicator'.


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I don't believe that anyone "hung out" at the NY Org, except people who were regarded as pests. That wasn't the "vibe." It was busy. People were doing stuff. The work was more enjoyable than fun, and much more enjoyable then "hanging out."

Somewhere along the way there's a mental short circuit, which translates into "people hung out at the NY Org."

That would refer to an Org event, or occasional "Poetry by Candlelight," across the street, etc, after the Org closed for the day.

I hope this is not a trend: feeble minded Scientologists reminiscing.

If it is, put on your bell bottom pants and try to get your college roommate to read that copy of Dianetics you gave him. Oh wait a minute. It's not 1968 anymore.

I'm British and have never even visited New York, never mind NY Org, so I have to take what people tell me about it on trust. I was also 10 in 1968 so the only "pants" I'd have worn then would have been short ones.

Certainly Pilot may have had a rosy view of Scn in the 60's (he claims he had a big win then, for one thing, and that's bound to colour your memories). However, I believe that when he said what he did about people hanging out at the org back then, Amanda Ambrose playing the piano, Leonard Cohen writing "Bird on a Wire" etc., he was telling the truth. I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree.
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"...the whole room regressed to being a pack of teenagers..."

Mark A. Baker

This subject has been covered before.

Warning: Exercise caution when encountering a room that is "regressing to being a pack of teenagers." :)

I have seen this trend. :ohmy: Now that I am in my early 50s I see it even more. Youth in charge. HORMONES!. Like the video games which are all about making the other person bite the dust.....a confirmation of ones own power.
For 35 years I worked as lounge management in the Disney area. Some of the nicest Hiltons and Embassy Suites. In the early 90s there was this trend to hire 20 somethings just out of college to take over the entire Food and Bev depts. Catering etc. It was a govt subsidized youth management in training program. Lots of college kids came from other countries to train and live for a year. The U.S. 20 somethings were unbearable. :nervous: I never saw so much ego or cruelty and injustice in my entire life! They should never have been left in charge of other people's lives. Especially on the pm shifts when the real management left two hrs after they came on duty.
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