New Gizmo's for the Super Power Rundown


That overgrown gyroscope IS an implant station.

It's a sad day that something like that has been built and exists in any building on our planet, unfinished or not.

I had forgotten about it until this thread was bumped.



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That overgrown gyroscope IS an implant station.

Not really. If you are in control of it, and its motion is always within your comfort zone, then it wouldn't be unpleasant or aberrative. If someone is "doing it to you" and you are protesting the action, then it would be.



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Originally posted by Dave Touretzky on ars.

This is hilarious: promo for Scientology's new Super Power rundown.
You've GOT to see the pictures of the "special rooms" and "special
equipment" used to rehabilitate all 57 perceptics. These photos look
like they could have come from the set of an episode of Star Trek: The
Next Generation! There's something that looks like a giant crystal ball;
there's the "make you spin upside-down till you puke" machine we've
seen previously; and there's stuff that looks like it could have come
from the Enterprise transporter room or brig.

Here's the text of the promo, which was published in Source issue 194,
September 2007, pages 40-41:

points to mainline Division 4 technical delivery, beginning on the 3rd
floor: over 52,000 square feet devoted exclusively to training in
volume. Here it all is, every training level of The Bridge with course
rooms like you've never seen-ideal in every detail and training like
no other, accommodating over 1,600 students. Combine that with all
other training facilities and that's how Flag will graduate thousands
upon thousands of new auditors every year.

One flight up, it's another 100,000 square feet now reserved for the
Ls and other Flag-only rundowns and Case Cracking services. In total,
the HGCs number fourteen, each with its own centralized offices for
Tech Services, Directors of Processing and Case Supervisors, not to
mention 300 auditing rooms! And each exemplify the absolute pinnacle
of Standard Tech.

Next on the org board, it's the Qualifications Division. The Mecca not
only boasts the largest and most extensive Qual Library on Earth, it's
the first Qual Division anywhere to be completely computerized- from
routing forms to full access of a searchable database of all LRH

PERCEPTIC BY PERCEPTIC To shift the creation of a new civilization
into overdrive, it's the next level: Super Power! This is the powerful
series of rundowns that will move every Scientologist, at any level of
The Bridge, into an entirely new realm of ability. It's here one will
progress through the drilling stations of the Perceptic Rundown. And
when it comes to the future, here's the likes of which has never even
been conceived of on this planet.

Inset: The Perceptic Rundown, part of Super Power, requires special
equipment and rooms for delivery, which includes drilling of all 57
perceptions to restore native thetan abilities.

Drawn from every ounce of LRH research and discovery, here are the
means of restoring all perceptics of a spiritual being.

Expanding on technology developed by NASA to train astronauts, it's
now combined with everything else they never conceived of in terms of
space. Perceptic by perceptic, it's a one-two punch-with auditing to
remove disability preventing perception and whole track drills to
restore native ability-not as a body, but by theta perception
alone. And it is the Cornerstone Members whose contributions and
dedication are making it all possible and who generations to come, we
will look upon as those who decided to make a new world. Become one of
the elite as a Cornerstone Member.

[Inset: "A Super fantastic, but confidential series of Rundowns that
can be done on anyone whether Dianetic Clear or not that puts the
person into fantastic shape unleashing the Super Power of a
Thetan. This is the means that puts Scientologists into a new realm of
ability enabling them to create the New World. It puts world Clearing
within reach in the future." - LRH Ron's journal]

The text is standard Scieno drool; you really have to see the
accompanying pictures to appreciate the cheesiness of the whole thing.

Thanks to my friends at FLAG for sending this along.

-- Dave Touretzky

In the days of leaky roofs, peeling paint, folding metal ass-buster chairs, I remember staff members who really cared and did their damndest to "sup" their courses properly. The shift in CoS priorities is obvious and represents what I consider an inevitable evolution towards what was really important to the organization - STUFF and MONEY.:angry:


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I have to admire the vision. If one can separate from all the anger and just look at the facility, well, I think it's a super slick looking place.