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New Independent Scientologist: Dave Soroka


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Mike: Dave Soroka Is Not In Doubt

This isn’t my entire Doubt write-up. This is just my announcement to both sides, having done the other steps and arrived at a decision.

Most of my friends know I’m a Scientologist. I’m an old-time Scientologist. There’s people who say Scientology doesn’t work, but they just haven’t thought it through. It’s a religion. If someone says it works for them, then you pretty much have to admit it works: it works for them. Apparently, that’s the nature of religions: different ones work for different people. Maybe Scientology doesn’t work for you, or you weren’t able to make it work, or you haven’t seen it work, but if you say it flat out doesn’t work, when I’m telling you I’ve seen it work, then you’re calling me a liar or a fool. So, that’s settled: I’m a Scientologist. That was never in doubt.
I’m an old-time Scientologist, and I hereby quit the Church of Scientology.

Dave Soroka

August 7th, 2013.

Idle Morgue

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Welcome out Dave - and good for you. I just have a little R-Factor for you though...

If you are a Scientologist Dave - better use Scientology ON Scientology and LOOK. It does not work...never did never will.

Oh, yes, we all saw the mini miracles that did not last - but that was the kool-aid and apparently you kept drinking it.

Maybe Dave will LOOK and see for himself that there are NO Clears or OT's except in Dave's mind!!

At least he is free of the Cult and maybe he will start looking!!


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I think a new religion is in order:

Doubtology = "The Science of Knowing How to Doubt."

I think it's totally, absolutely, and mindbogglingly a workable thing...because:

NO ONE, could EVER doubt that it works!

Anyone care to invest in my new little concept here?