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New Independent Scientologist: Pierre Robillard


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New Independent Scientologist: Pierre Robillard

Robillards Declare Independence


Robillards Declare Independence

Posted on October 22, 2012 by martyrathbun09 | 133 Comments


My name is Pierre Robillard, and I’ve been a scientologist since 1968. I was on staff from 1969-1993, with the exception of three years in the mid eighties,holding mainly key posts like ED and OES.


I joined staff in Toronto in 1969. My first post was CF I/C. I also held the posts of test evaluator, basic courses supervisor, FBO, Class IV intern and intern super. In july 1974, I was parachuted to Montreal and held the ED MTL post until 1978. I went back to Toronto to do AG training. (predecessor of OSA), acted as AG Toronto, went back to Montreal in 1980 as AG MTL and ended up from 81 to 83 as OES/Senior C/S. Then there were turbulent times and I ended up as ED kitchener in 1984. I wanted to go back to Montreal. It was refused so I routed off. In 1985, the MTL org was doing very badly and OSA asked me to help as the Investigation officer. In 1988, I re-signed my contract, did the OT levels up to OT 111 and spent the next 5 years as OES and cumulating the C/S post off and on.


I’m a graduate class 1V auditor, NED auditor; I did at Flag the C/S series in clay and I’m a fully trained Intern super. I was also fully trained in 1971 in LA as an FBO. There’s an amusing story on this subject. While I was interning in one of the SO buildings, I was agressed (my shirt ripped) by a man named Wendall Reynolds. I got so mad that they had to call an HCO bring order on me. Finally, my FBO org officer, Pat Broeker sent me to apologize to Reynolds.

After I finished my last staff contract july 1993, I eventually ended up C/sing in the field, my plan was to C/S at night, send money to Saint-Hill for the briefing course and eventually phase out of my wog job. Well, GAT came upon us. I submitted a plan to continue C/Sing and go train on GAT at Saint-Hill a month a year. This was refused. I was not enthused by this situation. I was losing my right to C/S, my past production was invalidated for what? added drills.


I’ve been fortunate to work twice in a booming org. The first time was in Toronto, early seventies. As I wore, at different times, various posts, I was able to get a concept of a productive org. I worked in div 6 and was part on occasion of the book unit. The org sold at times more than 500 DMSMH books a week. I was not the best book seller but it did raise my confront ( plus as a bonus that’s where I met my wife to be, Heather. I was the FBO toronto in 1972 when Ron sent a telex validating Boston org and Toronto org for financially supporting the INT Management. As an auditor doing my internship in the HGC, I was part of a team auditing 400 hours or more of WDAHs a week (by the way,the HGC was located on top of an old funeral parlor’s garage and the cabins were made of cheap styrofoam). In 1974, I became the Intern Super and I was part of a huge qual that included 2 word clearers, 2 cram offs , a qual receptionist, staff staff auditors, staff staff C/S etc. There was more than 100 people on staff.

The hatting was very important. Besides my FBO training, I was fully hatted as a div 6 personnel, fully hatted as an intern super. The org had OEC/FEBCs trained on the flag ship. Part of the success can be attributed to the great basic courses, especially the HQS course.



It was in 1980, when I was privy to a boom. I was still AG MTL when the ED MTL, Marc Vidril came to see me. There was a DMSMH Radio Ads programs originating from L.A. and the ED wanted to implant it in Montreal. By this time I was the OES again. The Org had no money to pay for it. I got my friend Jacques Emond to organize and gather funds from the org public. They found french speaking scientologists in L.A. to translate and perform the ads and voila. The ads started in Montreal. Very soon we were selling more than 200
DMSMH books a week. Book One groups were being established everywhere.

The Survival rundown was being delivered, and like the HQS in 72, was making hatted scientologists,and consequently a lot of staff.The org had more than 100 staff members, 20 people in the Tech Training Corps WDHs reached 400 a week. PD comps was in affluence and GI reached $40,000 And most of all, there was a buzz in and around the org.


Of course, being a staff member in a Class V org, especially if you’re full time, was never easy. Also, there always been a reality gap between management and class V org, especially if there is a language barrier or one doesn’t robotically obey to orders. For that reason in 1976, folo east US wanted me out as the ED. They recruited a heavy druggie to replace me. I persuaded FOLO to send my wife instead as my replacement. She did the PRO TRS and The ED Hat at Flag and eventually replaced me.


My observation is that it got much harder to be a causative staff past 1982 (by 1982 Ron was no longer on the lines and New management had taken over) I described above how Montreal Org was booming early eighties. There were many management attacks to undermine it. For instance, a Mr Woodruff, Sea Org member started an off the rail Flag regging unit.They would reg MTL public for any services. One of the Unit members told me that the public should get a taste of Flag. Eventually, it was dismantled and a few Unit members were declared SP. But the damage was done.


The second attack and the most vicious was an attempt to squash all the veteran staff members. Lots of them, including my wife, Heather Robillard, did not re-sign. I re-signed march 1983 and took over the HES MTL post and had in a month the GI stat in affluence ( around $40,000) but I was sent to Toronto and FLag as I was deemed a criminal because I had worked in the GO. I was given many SRAs ( severe reality adjustment), many sec-checks and repeatly told that I did not follow command intention. I ended up in 1984 in Kitchener as the ED KIT (which was an illegal posting). The Management did not want me back in Motreal because “I would sabotage the command intention”. I routed off
and tended to my dying mother.What was bound to happen, happened: Montreal Org crashed in 1985. There were heavy entheta articles in newspapers, with front pages photos of masked ex-scientologists. My friend Jacques Emond and myself were recruited to help. I ended up in charge of the OSA Investigative section as a volunteer (an ironic situation as 2 years before I had been labelled a criminal because I had been in the GO).

For nearly 2 years we ( jacques and I) worked really hard,setting up all the various files, helping in the handling of the many refunds claims (the Sea Org reserves paid them). Eventually, OSA INT realized we were not staff members and tried to recruit us,to no avail. And that was the end of that chapter.


I lost 3 good friends in Scientology because I sided with management. Zoltan Rona was a long time tennis buddy and I had him come to Toronto early seventies to do a few scientology courses. By early eighty, he was OT V. His wife Sharon was a CC Toronto staff member. One day, he told me about a big meeting at Flag with Mission holders and Management. He sided with the mission holders. Unfortunately, Management had already published ethics orders on Mayo and squirreling missions (like the ding-a ling process). I sincerely thought that LRH was in agreement with this handling so I wrote a disconnection letter to Zoltan. I wish I had known the truth.

I first met Jacques Emond mid 75 as he joined staff. I mentioned before that he was a key factor in the ads campaign and that he helped me in OSA in 87. We were good friends and he had been my confident on many occasions. When he refused to join OSA MTl, Folo Can wrote a Public enemy condition on him. There were other run-ins which led him up to ask for a repayment from Flag in 1998. He got the repayment. I was then a public and I did not want to be involved in any situation. So that was the end of our relationship.

Alfred Calver is a MTL Org public which I befriended mid seventies. As a friend and a volunteer, he has been thoughout the years a very supportive individual on many aspects including financial support. In 1989, Impact magazine published a totally unreal and fallacious article about the Montreal Org. Alfred took exception to this. He wrote KRS and he was subsequently attacked.

When Jacques got his repayment, Alfred (rightly) took his side and I did not want to hear about it. So I wrote him an ultimatum letter which ended our friendship.

SINCE 1993

Since 1993, my presence in the Montreal org has been limited. In 1994, I went to help my selectee on the Metering course drills. The scene was very chaotic, many execs would pass by and give their opinions, nobody completed the course. In fact, students had to go to Quebec Org to complete. My selectee was routed to the PTS course and never completed the metering course.

At one point, I was putting regularly money on my training A/C at Saint Hill for the Briefing course but then a Saint Hill tech terminal, in a D of P started to reg me for my materials , and stupidly, I let him transfer most of my training A/C money to books and CDs.


In the last 20 years, I have not done much, disillusioned, thinking I was too old (I’m 65). I disagreed to the extreme regging of IAS. Never attended events. In 92-93 as OES I used to fight to stop my future Completions to be regged till 3 am.. When IAS first started, the stress was saving Scientology from being taken over by SPs. I believed it was true for a long time. In 1990, the stress was on promotion and we were promised many campaigns which never came true. Now, its a barrage of programs around the world that will supposedly clear the planet. Every day, I get magazines like Scientology news, impacts etc that claim to show we are winning. But in real life, its the opposite. Read the news, the web, talk to people, 99.9 % of the news about Scientology is bad. There used to be purif centers around Montreal.. No more. There used to be a Narconon in Three Rivers, Quebec. No more.


There used to be an attempt to get the orgs Saint-Hill sized and get the staff audited. Now its The Ideal Org program which totally misrepresents the essence of the policy and violates basic finance policies like the Building Fund P/l. The future Montreal Org is a gutted building bought 5 years ago by local scientologists. There was times when The Sea Org Reserves paid for buildings. In 1979, I was the AG Tor and the Sea Org sent an order to buy a building. Brian Mcpherson was in charge of finding a building. As the AG Tor, I dealt with the org lawyer for all the paperwork. I dealt with the Toronto Fire
Chief on the various building codes. I am the one who received the $ 1.9 million for the Diamond building (actual location of the Toronto org). I also received money for the renovation. Part of the plan was to continue to sublet more than half of the building to various companies and to eventually increase the org space if there was expansion.


Since 1993, I mostly worked in the wog world, did a few basic courses, attended some events (no IAS events and one Ideal Org building event). I mostly wrote music, played tennis and spent a lot of time on my second dynamic. ( I am a great-grand father). In January 2012, I came upon a message sent to Scientologists. It was written by Debbie Cook. I read it. It made sense. From this point, I embarked on an intensive study of Scientology materials. Then I read the website www.friendsoflrh.org which compares what LRH says to what COB says. I came to the conclusion that the current teachings have deviated from the original materials written by LRH.


It would not be so bad if there was any production: auditors made and preclears going up the grades. None of that. There has not been an auditor made in Montreal since 1995 (advent of GAT). The auditors made came mostly from Flag, the others were already auditors and did GAT. One hears more about the different levels achieved as an IAS member than anything else. Public complete some Basics Book courses. But that’s not auditors. If one looks at the results of Quebec Org (recent Ideal Org),their web site shows mostly Basics Book Course completions.


Researching HCOBs and studying the Church’s history especially since 1982, has been beneficial to my physical and mental health. It has allowed me to get a proper perspective on my staff timetrack, actually de-ptsing me. I understood why , even after I had attained OT 111 in 89, I did not perform as well on staff in my last contract because of the remaining by-passed charge in the eighties. It also got me a better reality of the plight of the SO executives stuck in the HOLE.


It also rekindled the various wins I had as a PC, a Tech Terminal and a staff member. In 1972, the auditing on Exchange by dynamics opened up my viewpoint and the same year, I got married and became ED Montreal. Also in 72. I received a confessional that freed me of a whole chunk of shameful thoughts. The same year, I got audited on a heavy dianetics incident, which blew away and had me floating in the clouds (this incident, rehabbed in 1979, validated me as Clear. The last one was on OT 11. the auditing itself was exciting because it was totally new to me. And then unexpectedly, a tremendous mass blowing and a brand new world opening. Despite various difficulties, I overall had a splendid time on this planet earth.


And to have an even better life, I hereby make the following decision: I must leave the C of S and join the Independants. The future is not totally certain especially on the training side. But,from what I perceived from the LRH policy I read and the Indie 500 website, the intention to follow Ron’s way is certainly on the independants side. My wife Heather,plus a few others are leaving with me. She started in 1963 in London England,She was one of the best Class V orgs reg’s, was flag trained as an ED. She’s also been a great wife, mother and a wonderful terminal as a staff member.


Gold Meritorious Patron
Pierre and his wife Heather and a few others leaving the Montreal org. hmm what is that 1/5th? 1/4? 1/3? of the Montreal scientology community waking up?

I suppose he can talk to a few of his buddies in Toronto and then the number of Scientologists in Canadian Ogres will be way below 500.

Step by step, the cult crumbles. I am pleased.:thumbsup:


Formerly Fooled - Finally Free
Pierre's been pretty much off lines since 1993... He's been working in the 'wog' world since leaving staff then. He rarely goes to events. He's obviously not been involved with auditing for many years. He allowed the orgs to use his training money set aside for for the BC to be used for books and tapes.

SINCE 1993

Since 1993, my presence in the Montreal org has been limited. In 1994, I went to help my selectee on the Metering course drills. The scene was very chaotic, many execs would pass by and give their opinions, nobody completed the course. In fact, students had to go to Quebec Org to complete. My selectee was routed to the PTS course and never completed the metering course.

At one point, I was putting regularly money on my training A/C at Saint Hill for the Briefing course but then a Saint Hill tech terminal, in a D of P started to reg me for my materials , and stupidly, I let him transfer most of my training A/C money to books and CDs.

I can understand the opening up after 20 years. It took me half that time to finally go look at the internet. It was hard. I didn't just read an article or an email and decide right there that I knew what the heck was going on. I was cautious. Took a couple of years to lurk & read a lot before I posted a word on the internet.
Figuratively speaking , I waited for shots to be fired at me each time I made a post on ars, or emailed someone, not sure who to trust.

The options are better for people now. The freedoms are better. But I don't get why after 20 years of living in distance from the cult, in a mild state of indecision about coming out, he then decides to jump onto Marty's bandwagon calling himself an independent when he's not even been living as a scientologist for 20 years. :eyeroll: