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As announced on Marty's blog:

Safe | July 31, 2012 at 3:36 pm | Reply

Marty, what you’ve done for the independent Scientology movement is likely more appreciated by many more people than you’ll ever know.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to help create a safe environment for all to independently practice Scientology. You are one of the guys “wearing a white hat” who inspired me, and helped me feel safe enough from the beast to recently start my own forum at http://www.ScientologyOpinions.com.

Because of this, more good from many different directions is on its way, much faster. Thanks much to you and many others! You’re leading a legacy, and we’re all leaving a positive legacy in Scientology history. Ron would be proud that he finally got a large core team of Beings who are taking responsibility, and truly thinking for themselves with good judgement.

We’re participants of this revolution in the field of education by pointing out the black operation of the Church of Scientology’s “Golden Age of Tech” fraud that’s stolen the soul of many Scientologists’ initiative and expansion. Though this black operation is much, much wider in scope than just in the “church”. However, the “church” doing this (the opposite of what Hubbard intended) is tragically criminal.

“In other words, simply implanting the recall and then pulling back out again, while it has been defined as education, is nothing but a black operation, nothing but. To do this to little kids is to do away with their initiative. Therefore a time for revolution in the field of education is definitely at hand.”

“Education: Point of Agreement”, Lecture given by Ron on 30 October 1956 (One of the missing Study Tapes in David Miscavige’s regime, no surprise there. I highly recommend this lecture, though basic, it’s foundational to real education, something Miscavige is clearly not promoting.)