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New Independent Scientology Milestone Two newsletter: Community Connect


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New Independent Scientology Milestone Two newsletter: Community Connect. Become an Independent Scientology Milestone Two Reporter!

Milestone Two: Building our network

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Dear Milestone Two Community,

My name is Richard Lloyd-Roberts, a Scientologist since 1995, mostly in the LA area. I worked at AOLA for a few years in Division Six and have a love for that area.

I have volunteered my services to Milestone Two to create a monthly newsletter called Community Connect. The purpose of this newsletter is to disseminate field news, successes, field auditor information, general news from the Milestone Two Community and any other communications that relate to our expansion. You can see details about the Community Connect newsletter here, and can subscribe easily here.

The newsletter will be once a month and I have a goal to get it out on the first of each month. As this is a living document, feedback is always welcome and of course your contributions are needed and wanted.

It would be great to have regional correspondents/reporters, who become part of the team in opening and expanding communication lines and sharing of news/information. You can read more about this here.

Our goal is to get our first newsletter out by the 1st of November.

The purpose for me is is to help this group grow organically and to send out relevant communication in an effort to spread good news and encourage field auditing. News such as success stories, expansion, completions, auditor wins etc are more than welcome

Should you wish to advertise your practice or promote in anyway your auditing services we will do our best to enable that. We will promote all auditors that are following LRH’s campaign for ethical auditors (see the earlier article on this here.)

Milestone Two recently did a survey as part of the Non-Existence formula of this newsletter.

I’ll extend that by inviting all of you to send your needs and wants to the email address below.

I can be contacted at [email protected].

Richard Lloyd-Roberts

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Become an Independent Scientology Milestone Two Reporter

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Milestone Two’s community loves to know what is happening in the field around the world.

They are interested in local events, activities, training and auditing.

They are wanting to know about successful dissemination actions and always keen to hear of wins using and applying LRH Tech.

Let’s include real information and news, including births, deaths and marriages, celebrations, new field auditors and groups, social activities, you name it.

Send in information for the Community Connect monthly newsletter! Help put your location/region on the map and to inspire others.

Become a Milestone Two reporter by writing to our newsletter editor at [email protected]

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