New Independent Scientology Organization: Observation Mountain Academy


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New Independent Scientology Organization: Observation Mountain Academy.

Or at least new to me. I am posting this because today I saw a Success Story from Observation Mountain Academy on Milestone Two, which both brought the Academy to my attention and provided evidence that it is, in fact, functioning.

Observation Mountain Academy

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We are definitely NOT affiliated with the Church of Scientology, but we are fans of the writings of L. Ron Hubbard. An awful lot of what he wrote is just, in our opinion, common sense. It's also been grossly and widely misunderstood and misrepresented, misinterpreted and misapplied, misquoted and even re-written. All we're doing is trying to present a few of the very basic tools Hubbard came up with, taken from some of his original writings that we're pretty sure no one has altered, tools that each of us here at our humble "academy" have used in our own lives and have found to be quite helpful. None of us claims to be an expert in any of this. We're just sharing a few things we've found workable.

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Observation Mountain Academy

"If there are any words you do not understand on our website please email us for clarification.
Click Here ([email protected]). Your email will be kept confidential."
Call the Course Sup at 250-442-3668

or the

Auditing, Ethics and Integrity Division at 250-443-1416

Observation Mountain overlooks the town of Grand Forks, B.C. It was officially named in 1860 by Boundary Commission surveyors as they used the site to set up their survey instruments. This area is called Boundary country because it runs along the border between Canada and the United States. Grand Forks is within minutes of two border crossings.

Observation Mountain Academy is here to help people handle life's problems through Training and Counselling all based on the works of L Ron Hubbard

Standard application of Hubbard's technologies will make an individual more able, more self determined, and happier.

Our Staff

Doug Davidson - Counselor (Auditor)

Contact Doug [[email protected]]

I am a Grad V Auditor and Case Supervisor and have been an auditor for over 40 years. I have audited over 30,000 hours and have audited and Case Supervised for:

The Vancouver Org and Mission
The Victoria Mission
The Toronto Continental Organization
The Las Vegas Organization and Celebrity Center
AOLA (Silver Cert) and ASHO
The New York Organization and Celebrity Center

I have done several internships and have worked under numerous Senior Case Supervisors and am also a Primary Rundown and KTL graduate

I am experienced in delivering (prior to GAT):

Book One
All of the Grades,
KTL and Pro TRs Repair (including Clay Table),
Purification Rundown,
The DCSI and CCRD,
Happiness Rundown

I am an expert case cracker and am especially familiar with straightening out the upsets and tangles of preclears who have been suffering from:

Years of out tech
Wrong indications
Bridge arbitraries
And being booted out for reasons best known to God or registrars

I am now in the Independent field and a member of the Observation Mountain Academy.

My mission is to be of service to preclears by granting them beingness and seeing to it that they are properly programmed and audited using standard LRH tech; while ensuring that they are serviced on the basis of what is best for them, their dynamics and their future.

Dave Soroka - Course Supervisor

Contact Dave [[email protected]]

I did my MCSC in Toronto under Marc Vallier in 1981, and I sup’d the VanF Academy for a couple of years. I was the first sup in the history of VanF to actually make a Class 4 auditor, and I made several. I also sup’d the ASHO Day Qual Internship for a few months, took it from Non-E to Affluence, then left and went into the Crusade as a “celeb”.

If there’s a “secret” to supervising, well I’d say it’s just caring about the student in front of you. I mean, your intention has to be to see your students win. I mean, sup the students in front of you and don’t worry about those who aren’t. If you run a proper course, the courseroom will fill up by itself. Like magic. Only my opinion, but backed, I believe, by the old man, who did the research.

Nora Curiston

Contact Nora [[email protected]]

Nora Curiston trained as a course supervisor in the early 1970’s and spent several years as Basic Courses Sup which, back then, meant suping the HAS (Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist) and the HQS (Hubbard Qualified Scientologist) courses. These two courses are magic. They contain basic information and drills that graduates can use daily in their lives. They are also a wonderful introduction to auditing – both giving and receiving.

Nora is currently holding the hat of ‘jack of all trades’ at Observation Mountain Academy and has earned the nickname “Miss Bossy Pants”.

Her philosophy is that if the pants fit, she’ll wear them!

As a newly independent Scientologist Nora is interested in helping others achieve Bridge progress in the field. The wins out here are wonderful and the air fragrant with the knowledge that the Bridge is here for all who desire it.

Annette Davidson

I have over 40 years experience as trained Counselor and am also trained as a Data Evaluator

I am now in the Independent field and a member of the Observation Mountain Academy and my goal is to be of service to you by:

1. Helping you to accurately spot out-points and correct situations
2. Assisting you to locate your goals and move you toward your ideal scene
3. Proficiently use 1 & 2 (above) to aid you in the fields of administration and business

I have enjoyed many years of success by helping people to sort themselves out via:

Personality assessments
One-on-one counselling
The location and eradication of stress
The repair and enhancement of organizational and business operations

And l invite you to feel free to contact me if you need assistance in any of these areas.

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As an editorial aside, I will note that they have the best and most effective Ethics Officer I've ever seen associated with a Scientology Organization, Independent or otherwise.

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Coyote - Our Honorary Ethics Officer

Contact Coyote [[email protected]] He has a Great Ethics Program


He might seem a little unorthdox but he really likes working with people.

His Bio

This guy had a rough start to life and was rescued from death row at the age of only 10 months. He learned his most important lessons on the subject of Ethics out on the water, floating the Kettle River on a rubber dinghy as a young dog, observing the survival dynamics of groups large and small, and taking careful note of what it took to get from launch to landing with everybody safe and happy. Now, in his golden years, he is our guide, our survival guru here at the Academy. This is a guy you want to see when the “sailing gets rough”.

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Gold Meritorious Patron
where's this one canada?

It's in Grand Forks, British Columbia.

Interestingly, this success story was by Jess Derouin, who is friends on facebook with Nora Curiston, one of the C/Ss.

Strange that Jess is doing the TRs, but by the sound of her language, she has already been well indoctrinated.

edit: additional

She is also friends with Dave Soroka, another CS. Both Jess and Dave are musicians. Jess Derouin is an artist.