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I'm a new member. I'm looking for Arnie Alpert. I don't know if he is still in or any news about him.
Best, Sharky


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Welcome to the board Sharky!

Sorry don't know your friend - but you never know on here, someone might.



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Did you ever post to a.r.s?

Just wondering...thought I recognized your nick but I could be wrong.

The local OSA troll on de.soc.weltanschauung.scientology (the German equivalent of a.r.s) uses the nic "sharky" and he occasionally (cross-)posted on a.r.s, too. So, I think that's why the nic might sound familiar to you.

I'm not giving away any secrets here, when I say that that "sharky"s real name is Gerhard Waterkamp, a Church-Scientologist, who left Germany because of alleged "religious persecution" and now trolls d.s.w.s. from somewhere in Florida (Clearwater?)

I don't think, however, that this Sharky is Gerhard Waterkamp.

Anyways, welcome, Sharky.


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Are you thinking of Peter Alvet?

There were a couple of Alpert brothers in the SO at one time. Larry and Ludwig.

Thanks Lulu. I was thinking of Peter Albert. I remember the name Peeter Alvet, as he was the father of Liisa Alvet, a pretty girl in Bridge who was one of my students, and both had an extra vowel in their names.