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New Milestone Two Independent Scientology Third Dynamic Engrams Blog.

Milestone Two Independent Scientology Third Dynamic Engrams Blog

Announcement on the primary Milestone Two Blog:

Group engrams


Posted by Lana M.
November 24, 2014

By Milestone Two crew

Over time we have found that there are group engrams that surface in blog articles and commentary, and there is much therapeutic value to gathering information on what occurred at the time, from people that were there and can give first hand accounts and details.

Group Dianetics is a valid and applicable technology that we can and should use in the field, to clear away the enturbulated theta that is caused by group incidents (and we certainly have had plenty of them over time).

This MS2 blog is not a satisfactory platform for these discussions, as the articles and particularly the commentary, get buried and cannot be found by new people visiting, or by subscribers who were part of the conversations. Further, our system of tagging and categorisation for 3D engrams has not made finding the details easy.

So, we have set up a permanent “3D engrams blog” on the Milestone Two website, which permits commentary and contribution of information, and will keep this data easily available and not buried under other text and articles. Our tagging and categories will help to make searching easy, and these articles will become key archives that are accessible and continually updated with new information as it surfaces.

It will help us to keep existing MS2 blog threads on topic and also make all data available through the two platforms. You can see the new blog here.

We will inform you each time a new 3D engram post is made, and you are welcome to visit it routinely to see what has been contributed to it. And of course we welcome articles by any and all, that specifically take up 3D group engrams. Just some that we want to cover are: LRH’s passing, the 1980's Mission Holder Conference (and mass declares), the Guardian’s Office, and more.

Please send any articles of this nature to [email protected].

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they delete my comments so I'll have to post them here

they create 3rd party engrams just read their articles it's so obvious
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their particular stink smells a lot like either osa, or a group infiltrated by osa
I don´t think so - I think they are simply "Hubbardites" (that´s someone who still believes in the shit El Con Hubbard wrote and adjusts his life to it).