New Org buildings


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I've had a suggestion that we start a thread to show pictures of all the new buildings being purchased. If we get enough of them I'll turn it into a forum of it's own.

If you see an article or a picture of a new building please post it here yourself or email me and I'll post it for you.

I'll start with the new Melbourne Building.


It's not a very big or good photo but it's all I have.

This was purchased around Xmas 2005 for $7 million, all of which was donated by the Melbourne field. The address is: 251 Mount Alexander Rd, Ascot Vale Victoria 3032


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New St Louis Org

These pics of the new St Louis Org were sent to me to post.

"Info about it:

It is on the corner of Lafayette and Jefferson. This area has no foot traffic whatsoever. One the side of Jefferson it is on, is a very nice area with Victorian style homes that are expensive (for this area). But when you cross over Jefferson, just crossing over that street lessens a home value of 100,000 plus.

Jefferson is a BAD area.

Plus they normally want to be near colleges and so forth. The old location (on Delmar) is in a HAPPENING area. Tons of foot traffic, the University is RIGHT across the street from them. They are moving miles and miles away from that in this new building they have.

All the pics are part of the bulding, even though it looks like two different buildings. That is how buildings are out here. They have a nice front, and the back is all weird like that."






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Does anyone have any other pics of new Orgs?

Even if you've posted them before I think it would be great to have a collection here that we can refer to.