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Featured New post from blownforgood - MUSICAL CHAIRS INT BASE STYLE

Discussion in 'Staff "War Stories"' started by Lulu Belle, Sep 28, 2007.

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    The problem is that some of you are using logic to try to work out a solution. That aint gonna happen, no matter how "logical" it seems.

    They're crazy as Hell.
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    This is a must read.

    Then one can decide for himself it:

    This is a "minority religion"?
    This is a pope?
    These are "religious beliefs" at work?
    Sea orgers are ecclesiasts?
    These are religious rituals?
    Those staff are treated with dignity?

    Or is this a damaging cult disguised as a fake religion???

    Read the thousand(s) testimonies off people who finally escaped, blew, quietly vanished and those who remains under the radar for fear they will be "fair gamed" and\or applied the "disconnection" policy!

    All those people who succeeded to free themselves from int base\Miscavitch abuses and are taking risks while speaking deserve much respect and gratitude. It must be extremely difficult to replay those events, and get it out of the chest.

    Thank you to all of them who spilled the beans to enlighten us about the vicious deep abuses going on at the top level of Scientology.

    So when those who have been in and know about that, while still avoiding to acknowledge the abuses and want you to agree it is a minority religion and they hold religious beliefs, questionned them, their sayings and their true motive.

    When it is about Scientology, we must remain vigilant about all forwarded agendas, cover up and lies.

    There are many testimonies available on you tube of people who have suffered deep abuses: kids and adults, while under LRH orders as well as Miscavitch, being involved as Public, staff as well as Sea Orgers.

    I've been there (Sea Org at Flag compound) and witnessed such abuses and this is why I escaped, facing a recovery blow drill on me and threats to be declared.
    I recall this brief encounter I had with Marc , when he was just a teen. I had never forgot this beautiful teen, his blue? eyes reflecting the beautiful kind and gentle soul he was. I wouldn't never have thought then I would read, 30 years later he had been encountering such abuse as well as his colleagues at int base.

    Glad life had another beautiful life awaiting for him and Claire.
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