New SP Times article on abortions in the SO.

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From WWP:

This is nice. From the rotating front page image at Catholic Online. Go see for yourself and smile.

Catholic Online


Front page headline/link

If you had told me Anon would ever be on the front page of Catholic Online, I'd have called you a bigoted moonbat. Don't let anyone ever tell you we are not making a difference.

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My seekrit spias tell me a yet another new article is coming out tomorrow, that's Sunday in the USA, and this one is about abortions in the Sea Orc. And then again Monday.

You have been warned.


The Sea Orc is a rather nasty creature that carries a battle axe and has green skin. Beware...


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If you had told me Anon would ever be on the front page of Catholic Online, I'd have called you a bigoted moonbat. Don't ever let anyone tell you we're not making a difference!

Soooooooooo True, so very true.

Once more, thank you to Laura, Claire, and Sunny, and the St. Petersburg

Times! You all deserve many of these: :bighug::rose::grouphug:

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It was so sad to listen to these brave women and my love goes out to all.

This is why its so important we all take responsibility and write our submissions.

So come on people we have 3 days here in ANZO and 2 days for the Northern Hemisphere.... get writing and make it known...

It is time to 'put up or shut up'


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June 14, 2010 2:24PM
Women Say Scientology Forced Them to Have Abortions
Lawsuits in federal court also allege labor law violations.

Trevor Persaud

The St. Petersburg Times reports that two former members of the Church of Scientology’s elite Sea Organization leadership group have filed lawsuits in federal court, alleging that the church violated labor laws and forced them to abort two children.
Claire and Marc Headley filed separate actions in January 2009. In addition to the abortions, the Headleys allege that the Church created a working environment that constituted forced labor and violated human trafficking laws.
According to the Times, Claire Headley testified in a May 28 court filing that the church threatened her with “heavy manual labor and … interrogation” if she did not have an abortion after finding out she was pregnant in 1994. In 1996, she became pregnant again, and she alleges that she was not even allowed to contact her husband before having an abortion.
She told the paper, “I'd already promised myself the first time that I would never, ever go through with that again,” but with the church pressuring her and her husband cut off from contact, she felt that a second abortion was “inevitable.”
"I don't remember saying, 'I will' or 'I will not,'” she said. “It was more like the apathetic path of least resistance. I know I never said, 'I want an abortion,' because I did not have the strength to say that.”
The Times report includes video interviews with Headley and other women who say they went through the same thing. Sunshine “Sunny” Pereira, a former Sea Org staffer who says she handled pregnancy cases as part of her job, says she had two abortions of her own in 1994 and 2001.
In her video interview, she told the Times that the church made pregnant Sea Org staffers feel that their work was too important to abandon for a child.
"They put you in this position where you're weighing the lives of all these people you're supposed to be saving against this one little tiny speck of nuisance that's growing inside of you, and make it seem so unimportant," Pereira said.
The Church of Scientology denies that they have ever forced anyone to have an abortion.
Church spokesman Tommy Davis told the Times that people who want to have children “receive assistance from the church, including immediate prenatal care, medical care, financial assistance and even help in finding housing and employment upon departure from the Sea Org.”
Davis released sworn statements from ten women who said Scientology leaders supported them during their pregnancies.
The Church has moved to dismiss the Headley lawsuits. A hearing on the motions is scheduled for July 26.

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Big Hollywood - Former Scientologists: Hollywood’s Favorite ‘Religion’ Forced Women to Have Abortions:
St. Petersburg Times:

A St. Petersburg Times investigation found their experiences were not unique. More than a dozen women said the culture in the Sea Org pushed them or women they knew to have abortions, in many cases, abortions they did not want.

Some said colleagues and supervisors pressured them to abort their pregnancies and remain productive workers without the distraction of raising children. Terminating a pregnancy and staying on the job affirmed one’s commitment to the all-important work of saving the planet.

“You just have a way of thinking,” said Sunny Pereira, who was 15 when she entered the order. ”It all has to do with the Sea Org and what we’re trying to accomplish. Everything that is a distraction is scorned.”

According to those speaking out, women who didn’t schedule abortions were shunned by fellow Sea Org members, called “degraded beings” and taunted for being “out ethics,” straying from the order’s ethical code.

Some were isolated, assigned manual labor and interrogated until they agreed to abortions, said church defectors, including men whose wives got abortions.

The church denied all their accounts.

Full story here.

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These articles, videos and morsels of knowledge will continue to reach across the world and shine the bright light of truth down upon the Cult of Scientology.

Good bye human rights abuses within that group! Your days are numbered. Can I get an AMEN?
Laura, Claire, Sunny and anyone else who is lurking that was subject to this organized criminal filth. If I had the insight, bridge, path, est. such as the con men like Hubbard and the rest of the megalomaniacs of his ilk which claim to have. I'd give you a free pass to where ever it is we are trying to get to. Unfortunately we all know this place does not exist.

When it comes to abortion, as a male I've always been pro-choice, this does not mean I approve of abortion, it means that I believe the government has no business dictating how an intimate circumstance such as pregnancy which will affect the future of the two people involved should be handled.

I believe this is a decision which needs to be made by the two people involved, with the female having the final say, and her decision being absolute and non-negotiable.

Now that I've finished by rant and stepped off by soapbox,

I'll like to say, that when defending my views on abortion to conservative followers of the Abrahamic religions, I've always been able to unequivocally claim that no one is pro-abortion, pro-choice simply meant the two people involved are allowed to make this difficult decision on their own. It's a situation which the outcome would be decided privately by the two people involved and only them.

It never even crossed my mind that pro-choice would involve a woman fighting to keep her child, I am ashamed of my ignorance, and I am equally disgusted that an organization such as The Church of Scientology is allowed to operate as a legitimate business and be recognized as a religion in a country which claims to be the Land of the Free Home of the Brave, which is allowed to take this intimate and difficult decision away from the people involved and force their will solely based on maximizing revenue

Laura, Claire, Sunny you have no idea how much I respect you for coming forward and publicly telling your stories so other people this cult is preying on can be warned of their true intentions ... which are nothing but unchallenged power and insatiable greed