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Jeff Carlson Talks About The Murder of Eli Perkins.

MIke Rinder: Jeff Carlson Talks About Elli Perkins

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Something a bit different, but newsworthy and interesting.

Aaron Smith-Levin has just interviewed Jeff Carlson, the former ED of Buffalo Org and son-in-law of Elli Perkins who was murdered by her son. Though there has been extensive media coverage about this murder and how scientology contributed to the tragedy, Jeff has not spoken publicly about it before now. He decided to speak after watching The Aftermath.

Aaron provides an introduction to the video:
On Scientology & the Aftermath, Mike and Leah have consistently expressed their desire to not attack the beliefs of Scientology but rather the abuses and destructive behaviour within Scientology.
Something which I believe has become more and more clear throughout Season 2 of the show is that in many areas it is difficult to distinguish between the beliefs & the abuse; they are inextricably linked.
Arguably one of the most glaring examples of this is Scientology’s beliefs regarding psychiatry and the field of mental health in general.
Scientologists believe that psychiatry is the sole cause for any societal decline; the driving force behind all negative conditions we see in the world. Scientologists see psychiatry as nothing more than a tool to enslave and control populations.
As a direct result of such beliefs, Scientologists are expressly forbidden from seeking out any mental health treatment outside of the remedies available to them within Scientology. Those “remedies” are not based on any science or actual research. They are based on a blind faith that everything LRH ever wrote about the mind and spirit is true.
By definition, medical treatment for mental illness is completely out of reach for anyone within Scientology.
So what happens when people in Scientology develop mental illness? Numerous examples have shown us that terrible things happen.
Jeff Carlson agreed to speak with me about one of these terrible examples that occurred within his own family. He decided to speak out about this after watching the Aftermath episode featuring Elizabeth Gale discussing the suicide of her brother, Jeremy Gale, who had been born into Scientology and was denied treatment that would have likely saved his life.
Jeff’s family experienced a remarkably similar tragedy. What happened in Jeff’s family was reported in the media in 2003, but Jeff was still in Scientology back then and has never publicly discussed these events before. That is what we do here.

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