New York’s Common Core-Aligned Lessons Use Scientology Videos to Teach Students


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NY’s Common Core-Aligned Lessons Use Scientology Videos to Teach Students They Have Right to Food, Housing, Clothing, Medicine, Even a Job

A parent in upstate New York is claiming there is some disturbing information being taught to his child as a result of a Common Core-aligned lesson on government and human rights. (Common Core is the controversial standardized curriculum program being advocated for by the federal government.)
According to this right, the government would be expected to provide just about anything a person needs from cradle to grave.

The videos’ curious origins

As we researched the videos featured on the U.N.’s website and part of the homework assignment from Common Core, we noticed a couple of unusual things.

The producer of these videos was the Church of Scientology.
The clips have been online since 2008, most of them were uploaded on April 3 of that year.

The non-profit Church of Scientology posted the following statement under one of the clips:

Central to our beliefs in Scientology is a conviction that all humankind is entitled to inalienable rights. So it is for more than 50 years, Scientologists have championed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Today, the Church of Scientology sponsors the largest non-governmental information campaign to make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights known the world over. To date, the Church has brought its campaign to more than 600 million.

When you watch the clips via Scientology’s YouTube channel, the church has disabled the commenting section under the videos, slightly considering rights No. 18 and No. 19 — freedom of thought and freedom of expression.



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This, coming from a church that feeds it's staff rice and beans .... among other things.

Thanks for alerting us this. Very disturbing.