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News too juicy not to share-Debbie Cook blows Scientology


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I can't wait to use this juicy tidbit at the next protest - especially on the SO members. Now I can say:

Mike Rinder Blew!
Marty Rathbun Blew!
Jan Jentschz Blew!
Jenna Miscavige Blew!
Debbie Cook Blew!

Also I think it's ok to mention now that Kendrick Moxon's son Brian and his wife Eva have both blown. The word is that management was pressuring Eva to have an abortion but she wasn't having it and they both blew.

A crushing blow to Rick Moxon's morale (heehee! :happydance: )

Sorry if I require proof that Rick Moxon's kid has left.


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They are such OLD photos I can't believe it - looks pre-1987 before she was Intern sup at FSO.:ohmy:

There were a lot of later photos of her in Source mags when she was CO there - I have no idea how one would get hold of them as I have no stack of mags handy these days. :p


Debbie Cook Dec 2004 Source Magazine Issue 162



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I had heard rumor of this months ago. She was a very understanding leader and when she went off the lines at Flag, it became the most cruel I had seen it-no sleep for staff due to sales quotas, including the NOTS auditors-i wondered how they audited like that! She was always a person you could petition to and she would give an understanding ear. When she moved up and left the post of Captain, things just went insane-no awards, hardly any libs for anyone, not even cleaning time in the morning-it was all Call-In, sales, pressure, yelling, obsenities, staff falling asleep at meters (my ex-husband was one of them), sometimes not even a meal break-most of the times for call-iners. This was the state of things when I decided I was living in an In-humane Society, with wild violations of Human Rights and that is when I decided to leave. That was Sept 2007.

I do hope Debbie and Wayne are doing well. Wayne was very cool.
Where have all the good guys gone?!

I remember Debbie and I am glad she has gotten out. I think there are some incredibly intelligent and able people in Scientology that are really genuinely nice people. The other one I really like is the captain of the FSSO. Don't know if she is still around as it has been a while since I have had anything to do with the Freewinds.
I think the good guys hang out as long as they possibly can but there are only so many times you can turn a blind eye to things that you know are completely contrary to church policy and the general well being of others. It becomes like a huge weight on your shoulders that you have to get out and almost "cleanse" yourself of Scientology. Boy does it take many years to cleanse! I feel sorriest for those who were in very high levels of management as the damage caused to others is far greater and really wears on your conscience. I hope Debbie and all the others are getting on with their lives and realise that they are great people who just got caught up with the wrong crowd. :yes:

:happydance: I hope wherever they are they are safe, warm, well-fed, rested, and on their way to be with family and/or friends. I do hope they will both begin reading and posting here.
ARC, Sweet


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DM influence

The influence of DM has permeated all Sea Org activity. It has become NO FUN at all, all of the time. His hatred leaves no room for liberty, decent schedules, good food, Bridge progress. Good luck to Debbie and Wayne, wherever they settle.


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Brian Moxon got out?

I knew him when I was out at PAC doing training. He and I were in the same room when he first got there. He didn't like me much. One time I was in the room alone and saw a fly crawling around on an apple he had on his bed. Since he wasn't there I put the apple under his covers to keep the fly off. Somehow this was the wrong thing to do and he got all bent out of shape over it.

Strange what one remembers 15 years later.

The more people free themselves from this UFO mind control death cult the happier I'll be.


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I just heard some news from a couple of my people. It's almost impossible for me to confirm on my own but it came from two different people so it seems credible to me. Maybe you more connected EX-FSO folks could find out.

The news is that Debra Cook and her husband Wayne have blown the SO. When I was there last she was the Captain FSO. I heard that there was the whole restructure where Harvey Jaqcues became the captain FSO and Debbie Cook became the CO FLB or some such post.

If anyone knows anything else about this feel free to elaborate.


Xcore, I've known for a few weeks that Debbie Cook blew and thought it was general knowledge to us lot here. I remember reading it somewhere but can't remember exactly where. :unsure:


Debbie Cook blew? She was my auditor many moons ago, did a good job too.

Has she spoken out?


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Debbi Cook out?

Well, like Mike Rinder, Marty Rathburn, me, and pretty much anyone who has made out of that nuthouse, she will have a long road to travel to reaclimatise with the real world and to face up to damage she has done in the name of the cult and in the expediency of executing her fiduciary duty to GET STATS UP at all costs. Takes some living to get over how easy it is to beat down your own sense of humaity in order to forward the 'greater good' of an organisation. Some fellows in Nurenburg said something similar a few years ago.

I hope that Debbie does well, and that she does take a stance agains the madness, maybe help some people she was responsible for messing up. Maybe not, may be just being a human again will suffice.

Good luck Debbie.


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It might take her a while to find her normal personality. It would be nice if she emerged with an attitude like Aaron Saxton, where she fought Scn hard, saying it was bad what she did and the church must be stopped.

Debbie, read the book The Lucifer Effect, or find a video from the author entited "Philip Zimbardo: Why ordinary people do evil". It's a shocking video, but it shows how decent people can be persuaded to do the most terrible things to others while in a bad environment and under bad influence. It also shows how some people came to their senses and put a stop to the terrible real-life events going on.


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If Debbie Cook to leave Scn then in my mind, the reason would be because she's been hammered to shit because all of the VFPs of FSO are now committing overts and attacks against Scn. There are many OT-7s and OT-8s "in the field" now and their ranks grow with each passing day.


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The "official" explanation given to me by a staff member that had been shown the "original" document was that Debbie Cook had health issues that made her no longer qualed for the SO and now lives in Texas handling her problem. Anything that I may have heard or read contrary to that is an obvious LIE. What normal person would have to apply the doubt formula on that explanation?:melodramatic:


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In Texas yet. Couldn't be near Marty, since he'd have listed her on his blog by now...
or, wait...

maybe there's a reason she's not being mentioned...