Newspaper asking for stories (Especially Norwegian or Scandinavian)


TL;DR Large Norwegian newspaper looking for your Scientology stories.
* Must be willing to speak with reporter via phone or e-mail etc.
* Norwegian or Scandinavian stories would be most excellent, but any are welcome.
* Feel free to copy the stories you have already written up.
* Private Message Oderous

Posting this here although it could be in other parts of the forum.

I see that the regained media attention towards scientology in Norway has hit these shores as well. (Wouldn't expect anything else really.) I have managed to find a way to take this from great to Epic. Currently the focus is on the book, with some mentions towards Scientology and how they were, if not instrumental, than at least partways responsible for Kaja's death. But we need a heftier focus directed at Scientology itself, and such an opening has presented itself. This is copied directly from my post on ESK. If people could spread this around, and keep in mind the reporter needs former Scientologist, anyone with Norwegian or Scandinavian experiences would be fucking brilliant. PM me with a couple of details on how far you are willing to go with your story and I'll give you the reporters e-mail address. (And if someone is wondering about an Anon connection, she doesn't seem very interested, but I will do what I can about answers and bring some here if such is required.)

Ok here's the scoop;

As a part of the conitnual story of Kaja Bordevich Ballo (the girl who committed suicide after taking a CoS personality test in France). One of the two largest Norwegian newspapers (VG, Verdens Gang) is asking for personal stories with regards to Scientology.

I have sent off an e-mail asking what type of stories they are looking for. If they have to have a Norwegian connection, if they are about meetings with scilons, being on the inside, or even just about being with anon.

Now my question is; Who here would be willing to give their stories? I don't think they would require full names, a pseudonym would probarbly do quite well. Which stories would be most useful is based on the answers to the e-mail I sent. However, I have one request; I know there is someone on one of the ex-forums who has been fairly high up in Denmark, which controls the Scandinavian part of the organization. I believe that this is someone they'd be incredibly interested in getting a story from, so if you are willing to step foreward it could be rather useful.

(And just as in incentive, I've already said that I'm willing to give any info they want on being a part of Anon, and going to the London protests.)

EDIT; They seem to be interested in anyone who has had close relations with the church, and the reporter in question was wondering if I knew anyone. Well, I got a forum full here so if you want your story printed and read by at least 1.5million people (which is how many people read the paper in question), now is the time to speak up

EDIT2; Ok, I had to promise the reporter that whomever was going to give their story were willing to talk to her directly (phone, or e-mail interview would work, but without mediator)
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Just posting to let people know, I suddenly remembered I did have an account here, so you can PM me on here as well.

Just give me some quick info on background you can talk about, and I'll give you the reportes e-mail address.


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SchwimmelPuckel is Danish and posts here regularly and may be interested. I suggest you PM him.



SchwimmelPuckel is Danish and posts here regularly and may be interested. I suggest you PM him.
Thanks. PMed.

Looking for any other great danes.