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Nibs Tells Us the MO of Ron, SR.


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I did anyways:biggrin: Thanks Challenge

can you tell me where the archive is?

i found this by Ron Sr complete with the ...uh...moments dont draw attention to your error pauses

in the PDCs

I was looking thru this WTA book, and there were incidents that I didn't recognise there. The "capper" was one, for example.

It's been a long time since I have read these materials, so I am going to re-read HOM and see if several incidents were left out.

This archive is in the hands of a private party. Are you interested in visiting it?
PM me.



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Ron demonstrating his Greatest Love , Spite to All

SHSBC--274 – 28.2.63

The FDA is probably spinning itself in right now on the old book History of Man or
What to Audit.

That was one of the books they seized over there. I hope they read it.

I hope they read it and get overts – get overts on it you know

– and say, "It isn't true, this Grim Weeper. Haw-haw-haw-haw-haw," you know.

"Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo!" you know. Eyes red for the next – I hope it doesn't key out.

I don't wish them any hard luck, I just hope they get stuck there forever.

Anyhow, you could imagine it. They get overts on a book like that. See? God,
some people are adventurous.


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My name is Ron DeWolf, I live at 1401 East Long Street, Apartment 101, Carson City, Nevada 89701. My telephone number is: (702) 883-6738. I was formerly known as L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. or by the nickname, Nibs. I am L. Ron Hubbard's oldest son and by his first marriage - one of three - and I was rather deeply involved in the formation of the beginning organizations of Scientology and tech from 1950 to

November 23rd, 1959, when I left the organization.

Spell Ron .....

15 OCTOBER 1959

I am about to do a Magellan by jet in somewhat less than 80 days, so I too can yawn and say: “It’s a small world.”

The following dates exist according to Cook’s:

Leave Saint Hill 31 st October, 1959
Depart London 31 st October
Arrive Calcutta 1st November
Arrive Singapore 4th November
Arrive Melboume 5th November
Arrive Fiji Islands 21st November
(International Date Line)
Arrive Honolulu 21st November
Nibs Escape_____________________________________________________
Arrive Los Angeles 24th November
Arrive Washington 26th November
Arrive London 30th November
Arrive Saint Hill 30th November

Around the World in 30 Days.

My Question is where which org did Ron Dewolf escape from?


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If hubbard was into magick as his son says and describe him crossing gates of hell, then probably OT 3 stuff is his Chorozon madness that he did not managed, was not prepared to cross the abyss and got fucked up, as is its known in Thelemic magick (The biblical stuff he talks about, I guess he said biblical because of the qabala and the bible was first written in those terms, you know hebrew the language of qabala. And according to Qabalistic magicians the bible is just tech as some scientologist would said)

If you pass the abyss you get enlightened, loose your ego, if not you get fucked by chorozon and stuck in daath (a fake shepiroth from tree of life) AKA turn crazy and get some kind of psychosis and karma to run and get distracted from the goal of crossing the abyss.

People who get stuck are known as .babe of the abyss. or .black brothers. according to Helena Blavatsky, this people get stuck in their worst aspects and loose communication with their Guardian Angel.

There are descriptions of how Black Brothers Behave and its basically hubbard, a person controlled by his shadow, fucked up people paranoid, liars, have a lot of envy and don't want other magicians to advance either (since they got stuck).

Black brother is not the same as Left hand path is different stuff. A left hand path guy can pass the abyss and not become a black brother or babe of the abyss.

I have been reading occult stuff, and wanted to share.